Saturday, 5 July 2014



Sir,tell me what’s the best title for this...

In my classroom,I saw one of my classmates was crying.Then I asked her I could I help.She told me that her lover was killed in an accident last night.The situation became complicated when she couldn’t bear with the thought of losing her partner for life.But crying wont bring him back.What done is undone.As time waits for no man,I felt very sorry for her.The lost of loved one is truly unbearable.Hollow and sorrowfulness would fill her heart if she continued like this.As a friend I could not let that happen so I consoled her as she was in great despair.I comforted and encouraged her not to lose that spirit as her boyfriend wouldn’t want her to be in same dilemma if he was still alive.She looked at me with a grateful look and went home. “There was still hope in her”,I sighed.

The next day I was busying myself with the daily chores in my house when suddenly the doorbell rang.I was pretty occupied with myself what more with this school holidays I have too many things in my head,assignments,tuition,internet and many other things.So I opened the door without expecting any guest.To my bewilderment,it was her again.I was speechless.Not because of anything but she has changed and stunt me.She was totally  different with her new look,wearing an elegant dress with black pantyhose as well.Before that her hair was blonde but now she she somehow dye her hair to dark black.But the most astounding appearance was her eyes,they were crimson red.

“How could she do this”,I thought.I stared at her  with astonishment.No word can describe her beauty.Then she smiled and pestered me to join her for a shopping.I quickly replied the word, “yes”and dashed upstair for a change.We went to one of the top supermarkets in town,The Pavillion Mall.There we spent most of our time together.We had whale of time and enjoyed every moments of it.We bought shoes,clothes and other stuffs.She even bought a few expensive jewelleries-but one thing I learnt is, this is how normally woman get themselves away from distress by shopping.Then we dropped by at the theme park.It was thrilling.We went on a roller-coaster,merry-go-round and watch horror movie.After a while then I began to ask her-why the sudden change?She said what is done is undone.So she decided with this brand new look to forget all those cruel moments that she had went through.She told me that she was a great fan of anime cartoon,so she picked up this look to reflect her new identity.I looked at her admiring her guts and how she resolved this bitter episode of her life. “This couldn’t be much more worse,right”I murmured to myself.How I wish I didnt say that.Little did I knew this maybe the begining of another new episode-maybe worse than this....only the Almighty to decide then.


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