Saturday, 5 July 2014


Sir,I am from Maahad Tahfiz.Over here we only learn English 45 minutes a week.Please Sir-give me a score for this short essay.


A very good morning to our beloved principal,respectable teachers and all my colleagues.As the President of the English Language Society I am very proud to be standing here this morning to speak on a very important and exciting issue entitled”The Benefits Of Reading”

A recent survey conducted in our school showed that majority of the students do not read.This is very saddening.Reading is something that we should enjoy to do it because  by reading,we can upgrade or improve our knowledge and also we can upgrade ourselves in many ways.Those who read more,their knowledge is abundant and those who read less,their knowledge is limited.With more knowledge we can do better in our exams.Reading also improves our command of languages especially our grammar and vocabulary.We will be able to construct and write good sentences and essays.

Not only that,reading also provides relaxation and entertainment.For example,we can read the books or magazines which contains comedy and can make us non-stop laughing.We feel relax and entertained.In addition,reading can heightens creativity too.
We can become more creative in making things,decorations and so on.

Furthermore,reading also keeps track of current issues,inventions and innovations.Reading newspapers everyday is important to keep track of current issues and reading magazines and books helps us to keep track of inventions and innovations.
Finally,reading motivates ideas and inspirations.People who read a lot have many ideas and full of inspirations.

So,friends,you now know the benefits of reading.Let us all start reading today.That’s all from me.Thank you for lending me your ears.

Muhammad Luqman,-Maahad Tahfiz

Good-keep it up Lokman.I think the other readers share my view.

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