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This is from Amiera-MAAHAD PEREMPUAN.

                                      WAY  TO CURB BULLY AND GANGSTERISM CULTURE
                                      BY:AMIERA BT AB WAHAB

The issue on bully and gangsterism is becoming an important and serious issue nowadays. This culture creates a disturbance and causes troubles like cat among the pigeons in most of the school. Bullying and gangsterism must be prevented  immediately before it becomes worse. When it becomes worse it will be hard to stop it from happening. The school administrators must take immediate action and stop the culture from spreading like a wind. The innocent students who becomes the victims may live in fear and they tremble like a leaf. It will effect their process of studying. This issue will causes terrible consequences. If this culture  increases in our country it will effect our country’s image to the  other countries. The main point is how we want to curb bully and gangsterism so,the students  can  live in peace and they don’t have to live in fear. anymore.

In order to curb this problem is we must report to to the school administrators if we see bully and gangsterism happening  in front of  our eyes . We have to take a quick action by telling the disciplinary teachers because they know what they have to do. Most of the students just close their eyes and pretend that they don’t see anything. But as a student we must help someone in need  because if we help people one day, people will help us. Besides,the school administrators must also take action by making a counseling  session for problematic students. Usually a problematic student  come from a broken family and they don’t have enough attentions from their parents. They start making troubles just to get attention. They are also students who came from rich families. They lived like a lord. They thought that they can do whatever they want because no one will prevent them from doing something. It also because their parents are too busy with their works as busy as a bee and they don’t have much time to know about their children’s activities. They comfort their chlidren like  bed of roses.

On top of that,teachers and parents must also have a close cooperation to prevent bully and gangsterism among the students because they are all in the same boat. They have to share their views and think how to curb this activity so,bully and gangsterism can be curb.For example,parents should control their children’s activities so, they won’t spend their much time outside. Parents should know with who their children befriends. But ofcourse they must be a limit where parents can’t also control their children too much.They should give them appropriate time to enjoy themselves. Futhermore,teachers should play their parts by giving some advices to their students so, they will know what is right and what is wrong and they will be more careful in something that they want to do. Moreover,the school administrators can also take an action by organizing a motivational talk to the students. Teachers can call the experts who have experiences on how to handle this problem. So,they can help the teachers and also the students by reducing bully and gangsterism.

On the other hand,more programmes for students during holidays should be organize with beneficial activities such as jungle trekking and beach outing. With these activities,students can foster relationship among themselves so,they can get to know each other well. Beside that, they can spend their leisure time during holidays correctly by doing some interesting and interesting activities with their friends and teachers.Thus they can have some unforgettable and sweet memories. With this lively activities, bully and gangsterism culture can possibily be curb.

 Last but not least,the diciplinary teachers should impose  heavier punishments for repeat offenders such as suspend  the students who are involve in bully and gangsterism activity.This is to make them realize what they do are wrong.and they won’t repeat their mistakes again.

In a nut shell,everyone has their own responsibilities.So it is mandatory  to curb bully and gangsterism culture because the next generations will become the one who are going to raise our country’s image to the world. Bully and gangsterism culture must be prevented no matter at what cost. I hope that this culture will be under control  and do not  spread among our students.


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just a thought...from one of the trainee teachers

I would rather be a teacher than a salesman. Though a salesman makes a lot of  money than I do. I would not change places with him.. For he sells washing machine,fountain pens, chairs and other materials but I sell ideas.

I would rather be a teacher than a stenographer, even though a stenographer may have a mahogany desk in the magnificent office of some great chief of industry. For she helps to write letters, but I help write to careers. She touches keys, but I touch lives.

I would rather be a teacher than an architect, satisfactory as the programme of large construction might be. For an architect helps build offices but I help build character.Offices endure like a tree but character endures throughout eternity.

I would rather be a teacher than an artist, fascinating as that subject  might be in its wealth of beauty, colour and symmetry. For an artist paint's pictures on canvas. but I  make impressions on the the tablets of the soul..

I would rather be a teacher than a bookheeper. For he balances accounts, but I help balance lives.

I would rather be a teacher than a great business executive. For he works with facts and figures and lifeless coins, but I work vitth minds that open, and futures that unfold and principles that grow.

I would rather be a teacher than an accomplished musician For musicians play violin on strings and piano strings  but I play on the heart strings.

I would rather be a teacher than an orator. For an orator  stirs an  adult to applaud and admiration  but I stir little children  to right choosing and noble thinking.

I would rather be a teacher than a decorator. For he deals with perspectives harmony and lines in  buildings and in rooms. But I deal with perspective and harmony and line in temples not made by hands.
I would rather be a teacher than a potter. For he shapes  vessels of clay, but I shape destinies

I would rather be a teacher than an interpreter. For he interprets words and ideas, but I interpret motives and purposes and endeavours.

I would rather be a teacher than an archaeologist. For he unearths buried treasures, but I unearth talent.

1 would rather be a teacher than an explorer. For he explores uncharted seas  but I explore uncharted minds, and discover treasure islands and continents of untold possibilities.

I would rather be a teacher than a statesman. For he deals with finished citizens but I deal with future citizens.

I would rather be a teacher than a scientist For though he studies the wonders of the rocks, and the beauty of the stars, and the miracles of the plants, and the glory of the skies, I deal with that which is still more miraculous in the throbbing human hearts, unfolding human lives, and the formation of lifetime characters..


A very good morning to our beloved Principal,respectable teachers and fellow friends.This morning,I am honoured to be given this great opportunity to speak on a very important and interesting issue entitled, “The Benefits of Reading”

How much time do we actually spend on reading?What do we gain from reading?As we all know that we can enhance our knowledge by reading various sources of books.For instance we can use our free time to read many books on different genres such as fiction,thriller,horror,love story  and humour.So the more we read,the more we know.When we read,we can explore of many valuable knowledge inside the book.Therefore gaining knowledge from reading many books can help us  to see the world from many different  aspects. Regular reading will pave way for new and bombardstic words that may help us in essay writing.These words read from many different genres such as thriller,fiction,horror,love story and comedy may enhance our writing style.The techniques of writing improves and so are the grammars.So as our reading widens,our standard will improve by leaps and bounds

Another exciting point about reading is we feel relax and entertain.We need not be stressful.Just as we need balance diet,we also need balance reading.For instance reading science fiction only limit us to to one kind and it is the same as eating one type of food only.So imagine if we read various articles from varieties of background,this is certainly like eating on a lot of menus.One way or another,we have  nothing to lose but so much to gain.Reading is real entertainment.When we read on humorous article then we will be smiling and laughing all alone.Thus we make up for our cheerful day.Likewise when we read magazines of  our  adored  artists,surely we will feel enjoy and relax.On the other hand,reading portal news on internet or the newspapers from the stand ,keep us on track with the current issues.For instance we are aware of political havoc in countries such as Myanmmar,Palestine,Syria and many others.  As for the inventions and innovations,reading an up-to-date  Samsung magazine will provide us on the latest new technology of  mobile phones produced in the market.    

It is without doubt that reading heightens our creativity very good example is some local producers produce the movie or drama based on some popular books and novels.A good example is a book written by  the famous writer ,J.H.Howling which was later made into a mega movie, “Harry Porter”.Thus it enhances our creativity when we read the novel and then watch them.It has been proven that reading motivates ideas and give us total inspiration.A famous book entitled,“The power of positive thinking” written by Norman Vincent Pearle inspires the readers to build and have self confident whenever they  are faced with whatever trials and tribulations.The positive thinking will divert them to the right path.Indonesian novelist,Sheikh Habibur Rahman in his book entitled, “Tasbih Cinta” had inspired and motivated many of his readers with its good contents and  moral values.Thus a good book really provide the tonic to avid readers.

Conclusively the benefits of readings are useful and informative.You are practically charting your successful ladder with this good habit.So continue reading.With this I bid to say thank you for lending your ears on this very interesting issue.      

ain -smk wakaf bharu


2:14 PM (17 hours ago)

                           How to  prevent bullying and gangsterism culture in your school.
Bullying and gangsterism culture is one of the major problems faced by school nowadays. Bullying and gangsterism among students has become a menace due to its violent nature. Gangsterism involves bullying and even physical assault. The victims are mainly fellow students and there have been a few cases where the act of bullying and gangsterism had been fatal. Why do they involve in this culture? Lack of parental guidance and love, influence of peers, subtle messages of the mass media and feeling of boredom with life and its pressure all play a part in creating an environment that gives rise to bullying and gangsterism culture. So, all of us should cooperate and work hand in hand to curb and prevent this culture from keep spreading in our country.

     First and foremost, as a friend and a student, you must take a responsibility to report as quick as lightning to the school administrator if your friends were being bullied or your own friends involved in gangsterism and bullying. At the same time, do not forget to do the same action if yourself being bullied. You can report to the principal, your school counselors or your teachers. Do not be afraid to report it because you are doing a right action. But you have to remember not to take any action by yourself. This will put you in a dangerous condition. Besides, the school authority must make sure that the school counselor play their crucial role in giving counselling to the problematic students. The students are usually from a broken families where their parents had divorced and they are lack of parental love. Some students who involve in bullying and gangsterism come from a family which has financial problem. They do not want to being bullied so they decide to involve in bullying another students. Both parents who hold full-time jobs, tend to leave their children in the care of babysitters and foreign maids. In this situation, the children will just do as they please. Therefore, they are also exposed to the bullying and gangsterism cases.

     Another important tip to prevent bullying and gangsterism is to have a very close relationship and great cooperation between the teachers and parents. Parents should always ask their children's teachers to know about their behaviour and attitudes in school. This is because some students may have different behaviour when they are at home and school. They are not brave enough to show their real attitudes at home because they are afraid that their parents would punish them. Actually the act of bullying and gangsterism is one form of rebellion. By asking the teachers, parents will know their
children's behaviour, so they can take an earlier action to prevent their children from being involved in bullying and gangsterism. Apart from that, school can also organise motivational talks regularly. From the talk, they will know the effect when they involve in bullying and gangsterism. They will also know how to avoid themselves from being bullied. A good talk will affect their values, behaviour, thought patterns and  xpectations. School can also play a vital role by inviting the experts to make sure that the talks given will give a good affection to the students.
 Parents can also send their children to any religious classes  during weekend.The best one is when parents can spend time attending the class together with their children and not only sending them.
Moreover, organising more programmes for student during holiday is one good methods to curb the bullying and gangsterism culture. There are so many programmes that can be held that give benefits and advantages to the students. For example, they can enjoy their leisure time with their friends by participating in jungle trekking and beach outing that are organised by their school. So, these activities will help the students to foster closer relationship among themselves. This enables the students to instill  good manners when dealing with their friends which will help them to avoid from being involved with a group of friends who give bad influence to them. This is because another critical factor which make the students involve in bullying and gangsterism is the influence of friends or known as peer pressure.

Last but not least, heavy punishment should be imposed on those who repeat the same offenders. In that case, students will not repeat the same crime because they feel ashamed by their own action. The schools has the authority and right to call the parents to school to inform them about their children. Senior students who bully their juniors have to be taken action by giving them a heavy punishment such as suspended them from school. By doing this, the other students will obey the school laws and they will feel afraid to go against the school laws.

     To sum up, eliminating the bullying and gangsterism culture among the students completely is impossible, so it is important to keep it in a minimum level. Teachers,parents and all the community members have to take the responsibility to ensure that this culture in our beloved country is not going to be increased and arised. I am sure, the student's hope is to live in a safer environment,peaceful surrounding and harmonious condition in the school. So the gangsterism and bullying culture should be reduced to minimum or perhaps zero level.

                                      How to curb bully and gangsterisme culture
                                      By:Siti Sufiah bte Abdul Razak.(SMKA FALAHIAH)

  The issue on bully and gangsterism culture are frightening and effecting students badly especially when they are the victims. Bullies are not usually from the largest kid in the class. They may also come from popular kids that always think that they are the best. Bullies might also acted out so that they will gain an acceptance from the popular group that they wanted to join. Students become bullies for many reasons. They wanted to impress their peers. They were once bullied themselves and now feel big in bullying others. Some even do it as retaliation of being punished in school.

  Bully and gangsterism can be curb if every party cooperate with each other. Students who get information about bully cases in their school must report immediately to the school administrator. The school administrators must take an immediate action and stop the culture from spreading otherwise students may lose interest of going to school. Sometimes, students who are bullying other students are facing family problems. They come from broken homes and lack of parental love. The parents are too busy and did not put much attention to their children. That is why, counselling really needed for problematic students. Apart from that, we need a close cooperation between teachers and parents. Parents must not leave everything to the teachers about their children. It calls for concerted effort, beginning right at the pinnacle down to the staff base, students and parents. Everyone has a role to play because of the dynamics situations. Adult needs to know about what happen to their children. They should teach their children how  to defend themselves. The teachers or the counsellor should organize a motivational talk or maybe call the experts in need to motivate the students.
Teachers can also handle more programes for students during holidays such as jungle treckking or beach outing. This is useful for the students can foster relationship among themselves. With these, the bullies will know that everyone has their own role. There is  no one that is not important. But, the most effective ways are giving heavy punishments for repeat offenders.
In the course of growing up from a child to an adolescent teenager to an adult, some forms of physical horse play and innocent emotional teasing are inevitable. The ‘so-called-bullies’ should know their limits when to stop “fooling around” and should be less sensitive and accept such “name calling” as “part and parcel” of growing up.The culture of  bullies and gangsterism are not the acceptable cultures in school and it has to put to a definite stop.


Dinamis:Kota Bharu
Name: Siti Sufiah bt Abdul Razak

                                               Aedes And Dengue
                                              By: Siti Sufiah bte Abdul Razak

 As we all know, aedes is a type of mosquitoe that brings  the deadliest disease ever . Dengue fever is an infectious disease caused by aedes’s bites.From ages until today, there was no finding of  remedial  medicine to treat dengue fever.So the public is  expected  to do remedial measures and take precautionary  steps.The doctors in particular have to work extra time as the rate of dengue victims are increasing day by day and at a very fast rate.Even the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) rooms are not enough to cater for dengue victims.That shows the seriousness of dengue fever at the moment in Kota Bharu main hospital,The Raja Perempuan  Zainab 2.

    We can actually know about mosquitoes behavior as it is very easy but deadly. Aedes is  very different from other mosquitoes because it is one special breed. Aedes can be identified from the white and black stripes on it legs. It is quite colourful than other mosquitoes. Do you know why our parents always remind us to come home before dawn? One of the reason is,aedes bites during morning and dust hours. As parents, they do not want us to get infected by dengue.

Aedes breeds only in clear and stagnant water. Such a choosy insect for a mosquito, don’t you think so? Aedes breeds in stagnant water inside  and outside the house. So, don’t feel too relief if you have  already clean the house compound. Death might be waiting inside. Life cycle of aedes from egg , laevae, pupa until adults mosquito stage lasts only one week but, their eggs can last 3 to 6 months without water.
The symptoms of having dengue can be known by a sudden and continuous high fever. A normal fever usually last for 3 to 4 days only. Another visible symptom is the appearance of red sports on the skin. Severe ache in joints, bones, muscles, eyes and head are also signs of dengue. A sudden loss of appetite, vomiting and stomach ache is also  signs of dengue.Other instances like having haemorrhage of mouth, nose and body.If you have these symptoms of dengue fever, quickly seek treatment from doctor. Do not hold it until tomorrow, I repeat, do not hold it until tomorrow.
Yes, dengue is one of the deadliest disease but there are some ways we can control and prevent it from happening. There are two types of situation. The first situation is about eliminating aedes mosquito breeding grounds. We must close all containers with water to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. We also have to change water and clean all vases, bathings tank and drains like once a week. Because, mosquitoes can lay eggs even is a small amount of water. We also need to clean all rain gutters to prevent water stagnancy.  Apart from that, we need to ensure all materials which collect water such as old tyres, glass or empty cans are properly disposed off to eliminate aedes breedings grounds. It is better if we can do the burring to all vessels and materials which can collect water. We also should use larvae killing insecticide such as ABATE according to the given instructions for example, 10 gm for every 20 gallons of water.
The second situation is eliminating adult mosquitoes. It is a little bit hard in doing these, because adult mosquitoes can fly away. We should use sprays insecticide like aerosol. We can also fix mosquito net to the windows. The fogging part will be undertaken by local authorities. They will spray the fog along 200 metres far. It is because mosquitoes can fly only 200 metres with their small wings.

  For the conclusion, prevention is better than cure. The steps written are there to save and protect you and help you to protect the people you love. Everyone must play their part indeed to prevent dengue from spreading and kill many  innocent people.

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A pleasant morning to the honourable principal of the school, the lovable teachers and my wonderful audience! I as the President, on the behalf of the English Language Society are very proud to calibrate on an urgent and essential issue in public life, entitled `The benefits of reading. Now you all probably wondering on your head , Books! Who need them? Well , that’s where you are wrong, let me get your mind out of the gutter. Reading have many beneficial properties to human especially the mind and brain. Allow me to elaborate more on this issue.

Firstly, reading drastically improve the knowledge that we have so little in our brain. What is knowledge? Everyone ponders on that word , it is something that chain us  from the beginning of our life. Without it,we  will be nothing but an empty shell that solely purpose just to live and die, in other words.. a life without meaning! We need knowledge to help us on our daily life, especially the young generation or the generation y . Their mind is in the development of growth so by reading will allow to dramatically increase the brain cells in our brain , which is good! Aside that, reading will also improves command of language, grammars and vocabulary. By indulging themselves at least half an hour in reading , one can expose oneself to new type of language, numerous type of writings and new vocabulary. Students with all of these will definitely enhance  improvement.This is the most obvious outcome of a strongly established habit of reading. Furthermore , reading helps one to keep track of current issues, inventions and innovations such as global wide knowledge about the world.For those who like entertainment, the latest news of k-pop songs and artists may bring them better mood and energy. Keeping track of this is essential for a person may not  be left in the dark.

Further note to ponder is, reading is indeed giving us the relaxation and entertainment .One good example is when we read comedy magazines and article. We will be laughing non-stop as the magazine is providing relaxation and  entertaining moments. You may proceed and read a top entertainment magazine of your choice and see what difference in you. You find that what you are actually looking for are all available in that superb magazine. Apart from that, reading a book particularly on `Do-it yourself heightens our creativity, we can fix and assemble any smaller parts of the things and create them within a specific time. Hence our skills and creativity develops.

Lastly, reading motivates ideas and inspirations. Now, we ask ourselves how does reading motivate us? Most of us especially those who have personal problem are usually down  and playing with their moods,so  life have no bearing and pulling them away from joy. By reading,it  allow them to have inspiration and motivates them .Even many renown scientists used to read books to help them motivates ideas and searching for more.

That is all for my speech this morning. I hope you all can acknowledge the benefits of reading in life . With that , I thank you all for lending me your ears .



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Dinamis:Kota Bharu
Name: Siti Sufiah bt Abdul Razak
Sir, this is the homework you gave me last Friday(20th Jun 2014) please check it for me.
Accidents: Causes and Possible Prevention
By: Writer-sama

  These days, accidents happen almost every day in our country. We can read about these tragic accidents in the local dailies. This issue has caused great concern to our government. It is heart breaking to see our loved ones dies to due to the driver’s carelessness and their inconsiderate attititudes. Past records have shown that most drivers are young and unexperienced. Mostly like to speed on the roads and highways. The motorcyclist too are young and inconsiderate are also adding to the fatal figures. Are we letting that figures to swell day by day? Let us have a closer look at the causes of the accident.

  As told in paragraph one, speeding is the main problem for an accident to happen. Yes, people in modern life has become busier and they will always be at high speed whenever they are on the roads. Some people will accelerate even faster when seeing the orange traffic light that will cause them to beat the red one. This reckless attitude happen because of their selfishness.People these days can hardly think about ‘prevention is better than cure’ until it happens.

  Accidents also happen during Aidilfitri  celebration. At that period of time, families will travel for a long way in reaching their hometown. Some people might forgot to check their vehicles specially on the servicing of brakes,signal lights,tyres,clutches and many other simple items.This is because of the excitement of going back hometown. It is really dangerous when the brakes, clutches and signal lights are not working. Next, indeed to reach their destination even faster, drivers are exposing themselves on the   unsatisfactory roads and highways.They have to bear with potholes,uneven roads conditions and sometimes even landslide.These are risky and may cause accidents and probably death.

  Every disease got a way to cure and in this case, there are some possible preventions to decrease the numbers of these fatal accidents. Firstly, drivers must change their attitudes. They need to get on with their with a sense of integrity. They must not think it is always about them. Secondly, drivers should do regular service for their vehicles. They have to change important parts such as brakes, signal lights and clutches.These items are prone to wear and tear and failure to change them may cause them life.

  The government also have to take part in this accident’s prevention. They must maintain the road condition like new. They have to repair the damage roads so that it will be easier to drive. Government should also repair and put up  proper signboards to alert motorists.Regular enforcement by authorities such as massive operations done by the road transport officers and  the police traffic.The  government too can raise the eligibility of driving license from present 18 years old to 21 years old. This is because to avoid the unexperienced  and immature drivers  on the road.

  Conclusively , as a concerned  citizen,it is advisable for us to take precautionary measures to ensure cases of accidents to be reduced. Of course the task seems impossible but we hope the government and the public will work together to make Malaysia’s dream of decreasing accidents, a dream come true.


Sir ,this is my first time I am writing narrative essay and I must admit this essay is nothing extraordinary-it is my first experience and I hope to improve.


I pulled out my duvet. Then my cellphone sounded.I was awakened by this beautiful song exactly at 6.30 a.m ."Demi Lovato's song is real rock!” I whispered. I dashed to the restroom and after a quick and cold shower, I  put on my school uniform.Then I glanced at the mirror and told myself, today is gonna be another good day.Without hesitation, I  quickly walked down the stairs.

My mother greeted me, "Good morning, dear". I replied her with a charming smile.Then I took a piece of sandwich.As usual my mom gave me the morning kiss and went over  to  my birthday’s car.This car,a stunning red, Honda swift, 2014 model was a birthday  present from my beloved parents.Yes, I drove myself to the school. As usual, my mother advised me to drive the car carefully.I turned on IKIM's station which is my favourite.The journey to school is only less than half an hour but  I must passed several traffic lights to avoid the jam.So I drove carefully and this morning a small mishap happened  at Jalan Hang Tuah and  the road was slightly jammed.Luckily  a beautiful melody from Maher Zain's song entertained me whilst I was caught in the jam.I reached my school at 7.55 am and guess what,the prefects were getting ready at the gate to record the names of latecomers.I explained what happen to them and it was  a close shave.I was let go this time.

My best friends, Anna and Maria searched for me during  recess time. As usual, we laughed out loudly, gossiping about many things.Then Anna sounded,"Girls, I am going to go to Mid Valley today". Anna  was serious about her plan.Then she quickly suggested, "Why don’t today we let our charming princess to take us round the KL city ?” I said, “Why not but everthing has to be on dutch” Anna agreed and she prepared to bear all the expenses.
In the evening,everything was well set and Anna and Maria were waiting anxiously." Come on, Dania, We are in a hurry!"So I quickly drove on and  turned on  the hot 'Fly'station.We started to sing along and  enjoyed ourselves."Jammed again!, girls, you should know how much I hate jam!" I told them. Anna just looked at me,and told me that she had to  be in a  hurry as her boy friend was waiting, and she asked me to take a shortcut. " You can go through this short-cut  and will meet a junction connecting the  Mid Valley about 500 metres from here".I swerved  my car and turned right  suddenly, a lorry came and 'Banngg'!! I could not control the car and it went up the divider.

I opened my eyes slowly, and I found I was in a hospital.I turned my head  and saw my mom and my family were surrounding  me.They were all sobbing. I asked my mom, "Anna and Maria,where are they ?” “Today is the fourth day and  thank god,you make it.”My mum refused to answer my question.I pleaded to  my mum again and asked her, “Where are Anna and Maria?” My mum with tears in her eyes  replied softly, “ They have gone my dear, Anna loss too much blood while Maria was seriously injured and she could not make it until yesterday.”.I could not control myself and tears rolled down my eyes.I had lost my two  best friends in just seconds.Thank god, the nightmare is over.Yes, "this was the worst day in my life and  I shall never forget it"

  Nasuha Ezani -Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan kota bharu

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                                              How to Prevent Snatch-Thefts

Nowadays, many cases of snatch-thefts are happening in public places such as at shopping complexes and railway stations, night markets and other crowded places. These news are very disturbing as it affects our safety. Snatch-thieves walk happily because it is so easy for them to snatch and the public is not bothered and giving their cooperation. Based from the findings by the City Police crime unit, many deaths have occurred due to these crimes committed by ruthless snatch-thieves. Therefore, we have to take precautionary measure to prevent snatch-thefts from happening rampantly.
Firstly, the public is reminded not to carry access money in public places such as shopping complexes, night markets, bus and railway stations and other crowded places where public is expected to gather in big numbers. This is because snatch-thieves can escape easily and the authority having difficulty to track them. On top of that, the ladies in particular must not use longer straps for the handbags. This is to prevent snatch-thieves to snatch the victims from behind may cause injury to them. Besides, the ladies are advised to wear minimal jewelleries. They must not show-off and keep the valuable out of sight. If the ladies still want to wear them, then it gives the golden chance for the snatch-thieves to do their work easily. The wallet too must be buttoned and kept in front pocket. Thus, the snatch-thieves will find it tough to snatch.
In addition, never try to fight back if you are the victim of snatch-thieves. If you fight back, you will be in a hazard condition. You must record whatever particulars you can remember about the snatch-thieves for example the vehicles registration number, the face of snatch-thief and observes whether they have scars or tattoos. When you do the police report, it would be easy for police to track them. It is safer for ladies to walk at open places. They must avoid taking shortcuts through deserted or secluded areas. Do not take risks otherwise you will be the victims. Remember to walk in group or friends. Then you may feel safer whenever you go because your friends will help you if you are in danger.
Never give a chance for snatch-thief to strike. Try best to walk against traffic route. You know who is coming towards you therefore you can avoid the snatch-thief. If someone asks for direction, be polite and keep a safer distance. You may never know whether these people are pretending or for real. So, always take precaution. When snatch-thieves are caught, do not take law in your hand. You must inform to the police immediately. If you decide to hit the snatch-thieves with helmets, iron-rods or sticks then you may be charged for causing injury or death. So, leave to the police to settle  them.
In a nutshell, there are many effective ways on how to prevent the snatch-thefts from happening. So, I want to stress here that preventing snatch-theft is very crucial and necessary in order to ensure that our community can live peacefully without any problems. Let’s make some changes or transformations because via these ways, we can save many lives.Please bear in our mind that, ‘one change will save everybody’s life’.

 IzzatNajman, SMU(A) BUSTANUS SAADAH MORAK, PALEKBANG TUMPAT (class of sirrosdi)

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Sir,tell me what’s the best title for this...

In my classroom,I saw one of my classmates was crying.Then I asked her I could I help.She told me that her lover was killed in an accident last night.The situation became complicated when she couldn’t bear with the thought of losing her partner for life.But crying wont bring him back.What done is undone.As time waits for no man,I felt very sorry for her.The lost of loved one is truly unbearable.Hollow and sorrowfulness would fill her heart if she continued like this.As a friend I could not let that happen so I consoled her as she was in great despair.I comforted and encouraged her not to lose that spirit as her boyfriend wouldn’t want her to be in same dilemma if he was still alive.She looked at me with a grateful look and went home. “There was still hope in her”,I sighed.

The next day I was busying myself with the daily chores in my house when suddenly the doorbell rang.I was pretty occupied with myself what more with this school holidays I have too many things in my head,assignments,tuition,internet and many other things.So I opened the door without expecting any guest.To my bewilderment,it was her again.I was speechless.Not because of anything but she has changed and stunt me.She was totally  different with her new look,wearing an elegant dress with black pantyhose as well.Before that her hair was blonde but now she she somehow dye her hair to dark black.But the most astounding appearance was her eyes,they were crimson red.

“How could she do this”,I thought.I stared at her  with astonishment.No word can describe her beauty.Then she smiled and pestered me to join her for a shopping.I quickly replied the word, “yes”and dashed upstair for a change.We went to one of the top supermarkets in town,The Pavillion Mall.There we spent most of our time together.We had whale of time and enjoyed every moments of it.We bought shoes,clothes and other stuffs.She even bought a few expensive jewelleries-but one thing I learnt is, this is how normally woman get themselves away from distress by shopping.Then we dropped by at the theme park.It was thrilling.We went on a roller-coaster,merry-go-round and watch horror movie.After a while then I began to ask her-why the sudden change?She said what is done is undone.So she decided with this brand new look to forget all those cruel moments that she had went through.She told me that she was a great fan of anime cartoon,so she picked up this look to reflect her new identity.I looked at her admiring her guts and how she resolved this bitter episode of her life. “This couldn’t be much more worse,right”I murmured to myself.How I wish I didnt say that.Little did I knew this maybe the begining of another new episode-maybe worse than this....only the Almighty to decide then.



Sir,I am from Maahad Tahfiz.Over here we only learn English 45 minutes a week.Please Sir-give me a score for this short essay.


A very good morning to our beloved principal,respectable teachers and all my colleagues.As the President of the English Language Society I am very proud to be standing here this morning to speak on a very important and exciting issue entitled”The Benefits Of Reading”

A recent survey conducted in our school showed that majority of the students do not read.This is very saddening.Reading is something that we should enjoy to do it because  by reading,we can upgrade or improve our knowledge and also we can upgrade ourselves in many ways.Those who read more,their knowledge is abundant and those who read less,their knowledge is limited.With more knowledge we can do better in our exams.Reading also improves our command of languages especially our grammar and vocabulary.We will be able to construct and write good sentences and essays.

Not only that,reading also provides relaxation and entertainment.For example,we can read the books or magazines which contains comedy and can make us non-stop laughing.We feel relax and entertained.In addition,reading can heightens creativity too.
We can become more creative in making things,decorations and so on.

Furthermore,reading also keeps track of current issues,inventions and innovations.Reading newspapers everyday is important to keep track of current issues and reading magazines and books helps us to keep track of inventions and innovations.
Finally,reading motivates ideas and inspirations.People who read a lot have many ideas and full of inspirations.

So,friends,you now know the benefits of reading.Let us all start reading today.That’s all from me.Thank you for lending me your ears.

Muhammad Luqman,-Maahad Tahfiz

Good-keep it up Lokman.I think the other readers share my view.



TO:                        The Prinicpal, Tuan Haji Muhammad Shafie b. Tuan Hj Yaakob
FROM:                  The Head Prefect,Nik Muhammad Firdaus b. Nik Syazali.
DATE:                   June 2nd,2014.
SUBJECT:             Fracas in the library

On June 28th,2011 at around 10.30 a.m while I was walking along the corridor of the library,I heard a serious commotion inside the library.I quickly dashed into the library and saw two rivalry groups were having serious arguement.I reminded them that they were making extreme noises thus breaking the library rules and regulations.They did not bother and continued quarelling until the chief librarian had to rush to the staffroom and called for assistance.I stayed on and told them to behave and shut up but my instructions fell on deaf  ears.
The group headed by Maniam of form five Alpha with five of his followers were believed to negotiate on protection money that they had collected from the juniors of form 2 and 3 with another group headed by Seli of form five Beta with three of his followers.They were actually talking about  which group should be given the lion’s share and their next plan is to extort the new form 1 group suppposed to report at the new hostel next Sunday.
The situation became worst when both Maniam and Seli withdrew their weapons believed to be short,sharp screwdrivers and Taiwan made folded knives.Maniam quickly shove the weapon towards Seli and it hit the latter’s face and arms.Seli retaliated,withdrew his folded knife and hit it on Maniam’s face.The followers of both sides yelled at each other and started throwing plastic chairs.The window panes were broken and some tables were upside down. Situation then became chaotic when some boys who were studying  in the library tried to break up the fight.A few girls started screaming and became hysteria.There was blood everywhere.Two of Maniam’s followers were seriously injured while Seli’s followers dashed out of the library in attempt to escape.I used the library’s phone extension and alerted the security guard to close the gate and  nabbed the boys.At the same time,I immediately alerted Cikgu Iskandar,our discplinary teacher.
The two injured boys together with Maniam and Seli were taken to the nearby hospital by the teacher on duty,Puan Kamariah.Meanwhile the rest of the boys were escorted by Cikgu Iskandar and another male teacher,Cikgu Alias to a special room for interogation.The chief librarian and I were also summoned to the room to narrate on why and how the incident took place.Meanwhile the Principal who was attending a meeting at the office of State Education officer was informed of the fracas by Cikgu Iskandar.
The parents of the students who were  involved in the fracas were duly informed.

Submitted by:
Nik Muhammad Firdaus b.Nik Syazali.(signed)



                       How To Curb Bully And Gangsterism Culture In School
Of late, it is quite worrying to see bully cases happening in the school and the appropriate authorities must monitor the development. This gangsterism culture is spreading in school like wild fire and this trend is dangerous. Some students are reprimanded and arrested by the police. Therefore proper and systematic steps have to be taken up to prevent this unhealthy activities from spreading. Both the teachers and parents need to work hand in hand to curb gangsterism in school. The schools reputation is at stake and the public will lose their confidence. Some may withdraw their children from those affected school and enroll to another school which is crime-free. There are many ways to curb bully and gangsterism culture in school.

Firstly, if you see some senior students using aggressive or provoking methods toward junior students, do not hesitate to report to the displinary about this matters. But make sure there is enough evidence of bullying and gangsterism before you make a report. Normally those who lie to bully and mix around with gangsters are those whose family background are broken or parents passed away. Probably the bully themselves have their personal problem. In such circumstances, the counselor or displinary teachers have to be very sensitive in dealing with them. Moreover they are living with a very uncomfortable life, poor and depressing.The counseling must be done regularly until the school is satisfied that the effected students have repented and allow to mix together again with other students.

Furthermore, Parents and teachers must work hand in hand to update on the development of the problematic students such as checking attendance record , academic record or personel assesment by the teachers themself. This is to ensure boths side can monitor on the students behavaviour  and  tantrums.
Some students tend to slack off during class activities and absent themselves from the classroom by loitering at other places such as the shoping mall , the cyber café and vice versa. So , monitoring these actions would quickly put a stop on all these.

Indoor activity is another efficient way in curbing bully and gangsters. Calling the experts to present their views and using power point presentation with video clips and others are very effective.This motivational presentation are geared for those bullies and gangsters. Video clippings of latest issues  on gangsterism may effect bring a lot of information and knowledge for these groups.On top of that, Personnels from the prison department should also be called to present a video- clip on life in prison and other situations that the prisoners face in their day to day life routines. Thus, the students are exposed and understand the reality of life that those faced in prison.This prisoners may include those involved with bullies and gangsterism.

 Majority of the students will start develop this fear naturally.They may have second thought then to get involve with bullies and gangsterism.

In addition, the school got to think fast and organize activities for students so that they can get involve with club societies or school authorities. By ensuring the students be preoccupied with plentiful activities, the lesser the risks of them to be involved with gangsterism . Activities such as jungle trekking. rock climbing , beach outing and other recreational activities will help in improving the friendship between students.These activities make them more flexible, strong ,understanding and patience.

I hope the measures that I have mention will suffice for the students to avoid these negative issues.Remember to use our time to the fullest potential. Let say no to bully and gangsterism culture.



How to curb bully and gengsterism culture in school.

There have been many reports in the newspapers about the increase of bully and gengsterisms cases  nowadays. It is quiet worrying to see bully cases happening in the school and the appropriate authorities must take stern action and then monitor the development thoroughly. The school’s reputation is at stake and some parents  may withdraw their children from those affected school and enroll them to another school which is bully and  crime-free. Every cloud has a silver lining, so every problem,there must be a resolutions.Thus,there are many ways to curb bully and gengsterisme culture in school and it is up to the authorities on how they see the problems and settle them without any hesitation.
First and foremost, parents and teachers must work hand in hand to update on the development of the students. For example, checking their attendance record, academic records and then  most importantly the  personal assessment by teacher himself. This will help their parents to know more about their  children’s attitudes and performances in school. Normally, those who like to bully and mix around with gangsters are those from family backgrounds which are  broken or their  parents passed away. In such circumstances, the counsellor and the disciplinary teacher have to be very sensitive in dealing with them. Moreover, they are living under poor,uncomfortable and depressing situations.
Other than that, the school needs to call the experts to present their views.Power points presentations and video clippings on repercussions of being involved with gangsters. Personnels  from the prison department should also be called to present their side of the story.  For example,a video clip On life in prison.
In addition, parents and teachers must organize activities for students over the weekend and school holidays so that they can get involved in the programme. The activities such as bowling, playing badminton or other friendly games need to be done by the club, societies and the school authorities. This will help students, teachers and parents to build an excellent teamwork,fostering their relationship  and strengthen up their ties.
Moreover, the school should organize closed door dialogue in school calling the experts to express their thoughts. Last but not least, the school also should impose  heavier and stiffer punishments such as referring  to Juvana court and higher penalties for the serious and repeat offences.
In a nut shell, bully and gengsterisme culture cases should be curbed. Proper and systematic steps have to be taken up to prevent this unhealthy activities spreading.The saying, there’s a will, there’s a way. Keep in mind that prevention is better than cure.

Nurin Syazwina bt Mohd Zawawi-SMK MELOR


Sir,I would like to share this very good story which my friend took from one of the blogs,I believe it was from SMK Tumpat.Thanks to the teacher,Puan Ainul Mardhiah.
Fatin Salwani,SMKPC 1.      

Write a story ending with '' i was not the same after the incident''            

During the last school holidays,my very close friend Abu and I went to the Cyber Cafe to play some internet games and to watch videos from Youtube.  After playing for quite a while, my friend asked me to see one of the videos, he said that it was a good one. Without wasting any time I rushed to his computer to watch the video.It was about, Do it-Yourself kit on “how to make home made explosion from black powder”.  After watching the whole video Abu and I had the same idea in our mind to try out this exciting Do-It Yourself Kit.Then  we decided to make our own explosive black powder so that we could blow-up everything in our neighbourhood.
The next day, we started to purchase the ingredients that we had listed from the  video.We had all the ingredients ready except for one which is KNO3 or otherwise known as potassium nitrate.  We went to all shops in town to find this deadly KNO3, fortunately we managed to find it in a gardening shop located two miles away from Abu’s home.At about noon, after we had all of the ingredients, we began to build our own laboratory.I remembered my mum reminded me to take care of the backyard and everything must be clean and tidy.Abu and I quietly planned the “invention” without dirtying the compound.We brought two refrigerator’s boxes in the junkyard.  We  also brought some boxes which contained the ingredients to the backyard.Later we combined the two boxes to make a spacious laboratory perfect for our magnificient experiment.After punching some holes to  ‘the lab’ for ventilation, we brought in the materials needed to make the black powder.
The mixture of composition began and we started to mix all of the materials together according to their ratios such as 15 parts of sulphur, 30 parts of charcoal and 55 parts of potassium nitrate.  After mixing all of the materials together, we were left with a chuncky powder.  If the black powder is not fine enough, it will only burns slowly and it would not create an explosion.So,we put the powder into the blender and grinded them to make a fine powder.  After that, we filled the black powder in a small barrel.Abu asked me to get old newspapers from my house to wrap the barrel, so I quickly ran to get it.

Suddenly,I heard a big explosion. It was too fast The explosion was so large that it shattered all of the windows in my house.Many houses that were one mile in radius were badly damaged from the blast. A few moments later, I was up on my feet,I felt a little dizzy, at the same time my eyes were blury and my ears were deaf. I then quickly ran outside through the back door to check on Abu.  As I just stepped out of the door, I was shocked to see that our box laboratory was disintegrated due to the massive explosion.I tried to find him but with my blurry vision it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Then I called out for him, after a few shouts I heard a faint coughing.  I rushed to find the source of the coughing, as I was crawling on the ground.Finally, I found him under the debris of the boxes.  He was covered with blood and both of his arms were gone.I held him on my lap and said, “It’s going to be alright,you just hold on’’.  I yielded for help a few time as tears were flowing through my eyes. As he was dying, I tried to talk to him but my words just stuck at my throat.  I just hold him tightly hoping that he would hang on until helps arrived.Soon,the paramedics arrived.They put Abu  and me on a  separate stretcher and took both of us. At that time I barely remember what  had happened.I had passed out.
 The next day when I opened my eyes, I was in a hospital bed.  The doctor said that I would be fine.  I tried to ask the doctor about Abu but the doctor just ignored me and told me to rest. Later, I then found out that Abu didn’t make it.He died due to massive lost of blood and a severe head injury Abu died because of our blatant mistake.
 I had made a decision that had killed my best friend.I know that I would never escape from the guilt of killing my own friend.  I had made a full recovery from the incident but the trauma remained.Now, when I heard a “bang” I could recall the incident liked it happened yesterday.  For what its worth, Abu was a really good friend.I was never rhe same after that horrible incident.


NARRATIVE ESSAY:STORY ENDING..I shall never forget it.

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Sent: Thursday, 29 May 2014 3:39 PM
Subject: Narrative ESSAY.

Write a story ending with:"...... I shall never forget it."

I have a brother. He is my only brother in this world. he is my hero, my ultraman, my spiderman, you name it. Yes, he is my one and only brother in my fairy tale. He is an unpredictable,awesome,handsome,responsible and hilarious person in my life. Yes, he is Farizal Marlias.

He might not be stylish or handsome as the models adorning Aaroon Aziz advertisements. But for me he is above them all. I would not trade him even that anyone would offer me a wealth beyond of my imagination. That is how much I love him.because he is the person that could me happy. If anyone could make me smile when I'm crying,he could. When I'm insanely mad and throwing tantrums and nobody dared to tell me to be more matured or thinking rationally he would. When I'm bawling my heart out and no one could lend me a shoulder to me to cry on. He will.I love my brother. A philosophy said that LOVE is NOTHING, a typical Malay said that LOVE is BLIND. but for me LOVE is Farizal Marlias. 

My parents was involved in a car accident when I turned thirteen. On that day,I got the worst news, from my teachers.I was at school. My brother took me home. My school is far away from the  house.I stayed at the  hostel.Since that fatal accident, I moved and stayed  with my beloved brother. This year, I shall face a big examination in my life. I'm SPM candidate. Becoming  a form 5 students makes me half dead. It's lot of homework to do,so many name them.Honestly  I'm not a hardworking student. Yes. I admit it. seriously, I am not.
One day of my life, I had made my brother’s blood boiling all over me. I made his day with a bad news. The most severe news. I guess!  He was so furious. He looked at my report card.Nothing in this world can save me and my fingers were trembling.I knew that I deserved whatever punishment. I looked at his furious face.He was gripping his teeth  me. I  hope there will be a miracle here to save me from this stressing moments.

 "Looks you only get 29 marks for your Chemistry?". Seriously I can not put my eyes on his face right now. oh my gosh, I don't want face it right now. Then, suddenly his voice sounded again and again. “Why can’t you score like what you had in your addmaths”?Why my dear?"The anger scared  every nerve in my ears.He stood up and came towards me. Right now, no words can describe what I feel. My heart is beating very fast. Dap dup dap...  Then, one slap came onto my faces."Pangggggggggg..." "That is what you should get for your bad result".

Seriously, every nerves in my face was groaning in a pain.My eyes tried not to let the tears slipped out.I dashed to my bedroom. Dumn.Dumn and dumn. I opened my door and I get in. Then, locked the door.I was crying like a baby.It was totally hard for me to accept a 17years old girl being slapped by an elder brother for failing in just one subject.My dad and mum never did this to me. Seriously, he is the first person in my life that really had the guts to put his palm on my face.
I vowed to show him that I can score better than 29 marks.I left a note on his table telling him that I wanted to shift school and stay in the hostel.

Months went by,so SPM shall be tomorrow.I didnt waste much time anymore except flipping through my notes.Guess what?I had a visitor.My eldest brother dropped by with my sister in-law.I thanked my brother for that painful and “nice” slap which he put on my face few months ago.I am a better person now.I told him that time has changed ,so am I.Then I confidently hugged him and told him that my results would be nothing less than 10A’s.He was sad in tears but he realised without that nice slap,I wouldn’t have changed.

Soon the results was announced.I became the top student in my schoolThis lesson I have gone through taught me so many things.I  shall never forget it...



Write an essay begining with: She was very sure that she did not do it....

Use “she” to choose any name of your choice.

Faiqah was very sure that she did not do it. “Mum,I did not break your lovely vase,this is Amin’s fault”.Faiqah was trying best to convince her mum.But as usual her mum always gave face to her brother,Amin.She refused to listen to Faiqah’s explanation and always blamed Faiqah for Amin’s mischief.True enough,Amin being the youngest in the family is the blue eye boy of the family.So Faiqah was punished indiscriminately.She had enough of Amin’s mischievous.Again she was asked to do the household chores in a week.

Her heart sank into her boots when her mother further added, “You don’t ever try to make Amin cry otherwise I shall double your punishment”.Faiqah really felt miserable and wanted to throw her revenge on Amin.She had totally lost her patience.To her this mischievous Amin must be taught a lesson otherwise Amin would grow up as a spoilt brother.So her plan worked very well.

The next morning after breakfast,she placed a tiny thumbtack on the sofa where Amin used to sit down and called Amin to watch a special cartoon programme.So what happened next was full of scream and cry.Blood was seen coming out and this time Faiqah was panicked.Her fingers trembled and she could feel the drumbeat of her heart.Both of her parents have gone for a wedding ceremony.Luckily she did a quick thinking and stopped the gushing blood using coffee powder.She learnt this when her mum was cooking at the kitchen and accidentally cut her finger.Her mum applied coffee powder to stop the gushing blood.

So Amin’s injury was not that serious.The blood stopped  and Amin also stopped crying.Faiqah could imagine what will happen to her when her mum return home in the next hour or so.Definitely she would be penalised and this time after knowing what happened Faiqah could guess a stiffer punishment.So she is feeling the heat now.

Soon her parents arrived home and to make matter worst,Faiqah overheard that her mum and dad were at loggerhead on Amin’s mischievous. It seemed that her dad had expressed  his unhappiness towards Amin lately and he was not happy at all.Amin had infact getting spoil.He said that his wife had given too much face to Amin.When Faiqah heard this conversation,she felt a bit relieved,at least now she knows that she is having the same opinion as her dad.So Faiqah built up her confidence and acted as brave as a lion.She told the truth.

 Guess what happened next. She was shocked when her mum said, “Well Amin deserved to get that punishment after what he had done to you”.Faiqah was really happy and relieved when her mum had  finally opened her eyes and had second opinion on Amin.

Days flew by and it was exactly the six days after that “thumbthack incident”.So everybody thought that Amin had changed.Everybody’s guess was wrong when Amin was at his usual term being mischievous and tried to take revenge on his sister infront of his mum and dad.Amin was frustrated when his parents ignored him and instead Amin received three strokes of cane from his dad.Amin was devastated.He never expected to get this caning and worst still his mum was not doing anything to protect him.So he dashed outside the house gate thinking that his mother would stop him.Suddenly,there was a loud bang!Amin was rammed by an oncoming van.He was indeed unconscious and blood was seen spurting from his face and forehead.

He was quickly sent to the hospital.His parents and Faiqah were dumbfounded and speechless.So they waited almost few hours at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

The doctor came out from the operation room and quipped,“En Hanafi and Puan Khatijah,your son is still lucky to be alive but he has to be warded for at least a month as he suffers from serious head injuries”.Nothing could express the hapinees of Amin’s parents.Months flew by,Amin was discharged.He has changed and turn into a better person.At least now Faiqah could be proud of her “new” filial brother.So are their parents.....
Muhd Arsyad Bin Azizi-Maahad Lelaki KB  


Write a story beginning :His mother smiled when she heard the news….

His mother smiled when she heard the news. Daniel too, was grinning, showing his good white teeth while holding up a piece of parchment. This was the moment he was waiting for. “Finally, after nearly half a decade, you’re employed,” said his mother. Her smile had not yet vanished. “And I’ll be the best despatch ever,” exclaimed Daniel, as he scurried up the stairs. “And a great despatch needs a nice night’s sleep,” he continued as he nearly tripped over one of the steps.
His mother just shook her head watching her only son in action. Daniel was not a bright person, but he sure was very nice and that employment was a feat indeed. Meanwhile, as he crouched upon his cosy single bed, Daniel secretly imagined himself coolly, riding his good old scooter, going here and there, delivering mails to companies, big and small. He had an exciting feeling as he waited for the next fabulous day.
Light was flooding into Daniel’s room as he woke up. He stretched a little as the birds chirped and sang their melodies. Then, with a gush of thought, he remembered it all. This was his first day in office and he must make this the most perfect day in his life. Then, he wondered, “Why did I hear no alarm?” It was then that he was frightened to death. It was five minutes to nine and he was so late. Cursing underneath his breath, he grabbed his shirts and working attire, not bothered to even take a little shower. Within a few minutes, he grabbed his helmet and rushed downstairs. Mother had gone to the town, as usual. “Typical mom! Why didn’t she wake me up first?” he muttered slowly. Then, he grabbed a nice piece of sandwich and went outside.
“Thinking positive yields positive results,” The words from the all-famous motivator, Sir Rosdi came to him as he rushed to his good blue scooter. He told himself to relax and stay calm as he got on the scooter. But another tweak came as he went to start the engine. The scooter made a rumbling noise. He tried to start the engine again but that noise came again. Then, he remembered something. He went to the back of his scooter and checked the oil tank. “Oh goodness, silly me! Why did I forget to fill up the tank?” cried Daniel as he banged himself in the head. A glance at his wrist-watch told him that it was 9.12 a.m. and that he was super-late. Well, Daniel had two choices; either pushing his scooter to the nearest petrol station, which was a couple of miles away or running to the nearest bus-stand and catch the 9.20 bus.
He chose the latter and within a second, he was already speeding his way to the bus-stand, leaving his old blue scooter lying down in the corner. He kept glancing at his watch and constantly missed to say hello to a few villagers he passed by. He did not have the time to care. Then, he came right to the bus-stand and fortunately, he had not yet seen the bus. He sat down, panting to catch his breath and spent a few minutes being satisfied. But that was not after a young man came to tell him that the bus was unusually early that day and of course, he had missed the bus. Surely, truths were hard to swallow and Daniel was forced to take the second option; taking his scooter to the petrol station. Daniel was totally devastated. He could never imagine how this could happen in his first day of working.

The Superjaya Office had always been quiet and cosy, though the silence was sometimes broken by the ringing of the telephones and facsimiles. That day however the usual silence was unusually crushed by the exclamation of late Daniel, “SORRY I’M LATE!” Everyone stared at him as he burst into the main door, all-sweaty and dirty. It was already 10.30 and a short, chubby man came, looking very furious and told Daniel to enter his office. Naturally, Daniel knew that he had to face the babblings from the fuming boss, what with his lateness and dirty office attire, and on his first day too. After a half an hour inside the crammed office, Daniel went out, frowning but with a new spirit. “I must fix this situation. This will still be the best day ever,” he repeated to himself.
Then, he went to his desk, where there was a huge pile of mails, waiting to be delivered. Daniel grabbed a half of them and set to his scooter. He was spirited high in the air at the sound of his scooter engine, which roared like the lion in the movie ‘Narnia’ he watched a few weeks ago. Then, he went off to his destinations.
His problems and sufferings had not ceased. On the way, he was caught in a massive traffic jam, which cost him hours but he went on and on. It was half past one and he had not finished his works. So, he planned to skip his lunch and went to continue with his works. Well, his first day of working surely was dreadful. Precisely at 3 in the evening, he went back to his office, grabbed the other half of his mails and continued. It was already dark as he delivered the last mail. It was hectic and Daniel looked pale, paler than ever. “Ah, that was the last one!” He muttered as he sped off into the night, eager to be home.
Even so, there were still problems wanting to hurt poor Daniel. There was a sudden road block on the way towards his home but Daniel was confident, over-confident in fact, that he was all perfect. His turn came and he realized suddenly that he left his helmet at home. But the police caught him first and he was forced to pay the due, but not before a long, tedious interrogation.
Daniel was totally running out of stamina as he staggered towards the front door of his house. The fatigue on the other hand, was running high. It was nearly midnight and as he entered his home, his mother was waiting at the dining table with dinner. Daniel rushed towards his bedroom, clearly unwilling to stop for a chat. Apparently, his mother had understood and left him unbothered. Daniel on the other hand, was quite glad. He jumped to his bed, eager for a nice sleep, but not before setting up the alarm clock. This time, he was determined to get himself awake as early as possible. As he went to the brink of his dreams, he secretly wished that that day would be the worst day ever in his history of life.