Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Write a story ends with “.... I never want to come here again”

   She held a knife in her hand. She pointed the knife at me. There was a devilish looked on her angelic face. She walked towards me “No, no..!”  I screamed.

   I was awakened from my deep slumber. It was the same old nightmare that had haunted me since the incident. I tiptoed to the window, it was a beautiful night, millions of twinkling and sparkling diamonds could be seen in the black sky. The queen of the night made it appearance adding to the beauty of the backdrop of stars in the far reaches of space. The night was beautiful too when incident happened. Memories came flooding back before my eyes.

   That was the night a couple months ago. I was alone at home because my daddy and mummy went overseas for their second honeymoon. I was burning the midnight oil as the examination was round the corner. It was an ideal night for my revision as it was tranquil and silent. All of my neighbours were fast asleep. The insects were chirping happily.

  Suddenly, I heard a strange sound. It was a sound of crying. I tiptoed to the window and observed the surroundings. My attention was drawn to deserted bungalow a stone’s throw away from my house. According to the neighbours, it belonged to the Lee’s family. Mr. Lee committed suicide four years ago and Mrs. Lee who became mentally deranged moved away after that. She never came back to the house again.

  My curiosity was aroused. I decided to pay a visit to the house at the unearthly hours. I left house and walked slowly towards at the haunted house. The cool night breeze brushed over my face and I felt my hairs stood on ends. It was indeed a fearful visit. Actually, it was my ardent desire to visit that house for years but my parents forbade me. I was sure that it would be an unforgettable night.

  Soon, I reached the bungalow. I opened the door and it creaked. The bungalow was dark. I felt eerie inside it and I heard a whimpering cry. I was sure that there was a woman sobbing bitterly. I walked forward and suddenly my eyes were glue on a shadow. I stood riveted to the ground and I felt that my legs could not longer hold the weight of my body.

  A woman appeared before my eyes. She was Mrs. Lee. I recognised her as she always gave sweets to me when I was a child. My legs quivered and my mouth grew dry, I bit my tongue to stifle a scream when I saw she held a knife in her hand. Tiny drops of tears were trickling down on her cheeks.

  “You are not my darling”, she muttered. “You are the woman who caused his death. I want revenge!” She let out a blood-curdling scream that sent chill down my spine. The insane woman was fuming anger. She pointed the knife at me. There was a devilish grin on her angelic face. Without a second thought, I rushed to the door and left the bungalow. I hurried home. I never want to come here again.

Hajar Maahad Muhammadi Pasir Mas.

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