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Dear SPM students,Please suggest other suitable answers.

Would you recommend this novel to your friend? Give reasons and support your answer with close reference to the text.

The plot of this novel is very interesting with a lot of suspense. The story is great and exciting.This story is about a teenager, Rory who lives with his granda, Mister McIntosh in a flat. Granda (Rory's grandfather) is old, forgetful and partially senile.He puts a chip pan on the fire and forgets about it. This causes a fire. Granda is sent to the hospital because he inhales too much smoke. Val Jessup, a social worker takes Rory to the children's home at Castle Street. Later, Granda is put in Rachnadar, a hospital for the old people. The adventure starts when Rory runs away from there with Granda. The authorities are after them.

 Granda. the old man is very funny and lovable. Rory's friends simply love him and his adventures. Granda  is in trouble and causes trouble because he is very forgetful. He causes a fire two times at Dr. Nicol's clinic and at Rory's school because he does not put out his pipe properly. After that, he looks innocent and finds it exciting like a small boy. The fire, Granda causes in his flat separates him and Rory. Their neighbours are angry. He throws Rory's homework away with the rubbish, microwaves his shoe and puts the potatoes in the cupboard. These incidents are funny but some forgetful old people do them. We are happy when people like Sammy, Ruby, Rab, Annie and Norma help them all the way.

Many characters like the lady in the train, the boy at Perth station and the cold policemen who want to catch Rory and Granda annoy us. But without them, the story will not be interesting.The ending too is exciting and heart wrenching. For a moment, we think Granda  is really dead. He is not breathing. We feel angry with Norma for reporting to the police about Rory and Granda. But, later we understand that she did the right thing for Granda. She was worried about his health. But it is good that they are not caught.
 In a way, Rory's 'Big Escape' is successful. Rory himself gets help for Granda and finally meets his father. Jeff and his family.

Besides, this novel teaches us many moral values. For example, we learn responsibility and determination from Rory. His granda looked after him from young when his father left him and for that Rory loves Granda and takes care of him no matter what. He is not in the school football team which he loves because he has to buy Granda lunch and make sure he takes his medicine. He is protective of him. Mrs. Foley tells him off for not doing his homework but he does not tell her his granda threw it away with the rubbish. We learn that family love is important. When Rory is with his family, he is ready to accept that Granda will go one day but he will not be lonely like Tess at Castle Street. Rory is determined not to be caught and his 'Big Escape' succeeds because nobody catches him and Granda. He makes sure the staff at Rachnadar do not spot them and is alert all the time helping and guiding Granda.

Rory's best friend, Darren is full of  loyalty and has strong feeling of friendship. Darren suggests Rory to hide in his mother's caravan and gives him the spare key of the caravan. He keeps this as a secret. Through Rory and all the helpful people in this story, we learn that we cannot judge others by just a few nasty people in the world. It is because of kind and generous people that the world is a beautiful place to live in. It is a 'wonderful world', as Granda says. The interesting words and vocabulary used in this novel  make us feel like we are part of the story.
For all these reasons, 'Catch Us If You Can' is a novel I will recommend not just for my friends but for everyone else too.

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