Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Sir,It's me Hajar of Maahad Muhammadi Pasir Mas.This story I extracted from a book and it's interesting.I would like to share with my other colleagues.Would you mind Sir?  

Write a story begins with “I did not like the look of him from the moment I first laid my eyes on him”

   I did not like the look of him from the moment I first laid my eyes on him. I did not recognise him but my instinct told me that man was not a good person. But what could I do, I did not have the guts to say no.

   My mom and dad were divorced since I was ten years old. My mom took me with her when she moved out from matrimonial house. Since then, my mom worked as a salesgirl in a shopping complex to support us. Life was hard and I was not able to finish my studies. I never thought that my mom would find another man to replace dad. Before this, I realised that my mom had always been going out with the old man but I thought they were just platonic friends until one day my mom brought him home. She dropped the bombshell and introduced him to me as my prospective father. Though I was surprised, dumbfounded and speechless, I merely nodded and managed a faint smile.
   “Elsa, mom hopes that you will accept Mr. Simon as your own father. I know he is a good guy, only a little old but I’m very sure that he will make our family happy and rich”, said my mother, her eyes glittering with hope.

   I had no choice but to comply with her wishes and so I pretended to be happy. After they were married, we moved to a stately mansion. My stepfather was a successful entrepreneur. He was always busy with meetings and went overseas regularly to meet his business associates. It was truly a blessing for me and his absence was not felt at all. My mom stopped working as a salesgirl and she was now perpetually busy with her club and other charitable pursuits. As such she was rarely at home and I only had the housekeeper for company.

  One night, my father came home drunk. There was no one home as the housekeeper had gone back to the village to attend to some personal matter and my mom had gone to her friend’s birthday party. I had no choice but to help him to his bedroom. As I was about to place him on the bed, he suddenly grabbed me tightly. I struggled and shoved him but to no avail as he was quite strong for his age. I screamed at the top of my voice and he smashed his fist down on my mouth. Tears rolled down my cheeks and I begged him to let me go but he would have nothing of that. He proceeded to violate me and satisfied his lust.

  That night, my mom came back and found me alone in her bedroom, sobbing my heart out. The “animal” beat a hasty retreat after the dastardly act. I remembered my first impression of him and my instinct told me he was has a sinister disposition. My mom was shocked beyond words reluctantly brought to the police station to lodge a report.

   After a lengthy trial in which I was humiliated and tormented, the judge eventually found him guilty and sentenced him to ten years in prison but was spared the caning due to his age. He truly deserved to be incarcerated but it did not help much to soothe the pain, agony, hurt and mental anguish I suffered.

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