Monday, 16 June 2014


Sir,I am Aliza Azmi of Maahad Muhammadi Pasir Mas..I hope there are some SPM students out there who would like to share this story of mine...

She was prepared to face the music.Bella knew it from the beginning.But she was left with no other options.Bella realized that her secret could harm her new friendship with her new bossom friend who had just trusted her. ‘I should have told her’. She was scared that her secret would destroy everything that she had built. Even she hated it, she decided to tell Kate. So Bella was  waiting for the right moment.........
   ‘Back to your place everyone!’ The teacher ordered the class.‘Today we have a new friend. Come here and introduce yourself. ‘Hi guys. I’m Bella Watson nice to meet you’. Then Bella just smile and moving her head to the left and right for a few times. ‘ Oh! that was a short ‘intro’ about yourself Bella.Now take your sit beside Angel back there’.Sir Platini pointed at the spot. ‘Thank you sir’ said Bella with a sweetness on her smile’.
Sir Platini decided to start the morning class with a short reading.Then he promptly said, “Okay students let us  continue.Sam would you mind read the text!’ ‘what page sir?’ ‘45’ ‘wait… alright sir I found it. When the moon is not quite round, where can the missing bits be found? Who lights the stars, when they blow out, and makes the lightning flash,the thunder roars……Soon everyone in the class  was so engrossed.They seemed to enjoy what Sam had read and it looked like their feelings were already controlling their minds. An hour later a bell rang which meant,the class has to adjourn.
   ‘Hi! I’m Bella and you’re…..can I call you Kate?’Bella spit out words with manner. ‘Sure’,  Kate gave her polite answer. ‘Let us be a good friend?’ asked Bella. But deep in her heart, Kate didn’t like it. ‘Excuse me’ Kate quipped.Then she stood up and left the place.Incidentally Angel was somewhere near the spot and gave a short laugh, ‘Hahaha…’
Angel showed her unfriendliness towards Bella.. She then continued,. ‘Well Bella I guess you do not know anything about Kate. Let me tell you, Kate left her social life a year ago and that was the reason why she stopped talking to everyone except our teachers’.So you don’t dare getting close to Kate.Bella was strong.She couldn’t be bothered with Angel and told Angel to mind her own business.Angel was pretty annoyed and left the place.Incidentally Angel was under a gang leader protection and she quickly reported the matter.  
‘Now who’s the jerk that made Angel cry!’ ‘she’s there’. Angel pointed at me. Then the gang leader shouted at me ‘meet me at the field after school!’ What happened at the school field became the talk of the school.Bella stood up strong and said,   ‘Satisfied now? Or you guys want more than that?’ asked Bella angrily.
Then Angel approached me and gave a white envelope. ‘What is this?’ I asked her and I opened it, then I saw a cheque, ‘Well the whole school knew that you’re good fighter” Angel added,“The gang leader had learnt her lesson well”I refused to take the cheque and said,‘Could you stay away from me or you’ll have a lesson like what the gang had”.Angel left the place feeling disappointed.The next morning,everyone kept avoiding me.Then I saw Kate. ‘Hi Kate!, ‘Don’t worry about what happened,let us be good friends’ she said it  with a smile. Then we became closer.A few days later Kate came to my house.That night was an awful night to me. I had to do what I had to do.I need to betray her.Kate had to leave the country with her father the next morning..Her father was a fugitive-much sought by the authority.
 Then the bitter moments came.I told Kate, “I’m not a student but I was a detective. I came here to investigate about your father.” ‘What!’ Kate  was shocked.She dashed out to the departure lounge scurrying for her dad.But I told her,”Your father was already arrested and he asked me to look after you” ‘You! Stay away from me! I need my father not you!’. She scolded me with tears on her cheek. She left me. Since that day I never saw her  face again. I missed her so much.


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