Monday, 16 June 2014


Sir,this is my version of the story.I hope all SPM students like the story line.

I could see that she was very unhappy. She acted very weird that day, she seemed dumfounded and frustrated. These bothered me a lot because I am her best friend, a true friend must share her happy and sad moments together. She seemed did not like the situation.On normal day usually she used to be a cheerful and talkative student but  on that day she seemed a bit different in her character and action. She began to give me cold shoulder and to other colleagues too. So, I encourage myself to ask her why she acted very nerd that day. I sat beside her and started a conversation by greeting her first.

 “Hi Elsa, how are you getting on now?”, “I am fine Azam, thank you for your concern”. She replied. Her answer made me shocked and speechless.Without a tinge of doubt, I started to ask her why she seemed frustrated that day. Then, she started to tell me her story.

 The story began last Sunday when she and her family went to Johor Bharu for a great vacation. They planned to stay at Wakloloq Beach Resort for a week, but her father who worked as a government officer has been called by his officemate for a duty. So, they had to come back to Kelantan as soon as possible. Due to that, they only had to stay in Johor Bharu for two days. After having a whale of time vacating in Johor Bharu, They had to come back to Kelantan albeit the holiday still left a week. They started their journey from Johor Bharu at half past ten in the morning.Soon they arrived  Kota Bharu at midnight.

     When they arrived at their big and luxurious bungalow gate, her father asked her to open up the gate. As a filial  daughter, she followed her father's instruction willingly. Suddenly they stood rooted on the ground.They saw the house main door was tampered.There was something amiss. They could smell a rat. They found out that the door knob was broken by a hard object. Without any hesitation, they encouraged themselves to dash in to the house and made their way through the darkness heading to the switch board. They were shocked, dumbfounded and speechless as they found out that their house was in a hell of a mess. Soon, they heard the sound from the upstairs. Her father took some precautionary steps.He took out his revolver from his black metallic Mercedes and asked Elsa and the others to wait outside the door.He then instructed Elsa to call the police while he  proceeded to catch the intruder.Her mother asked was worried that her beloved husband would  be injured but her mother’s instruction seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.Instead the father went into the house bravely.

     Minute flew by and then they heard deafening gunshot sound that came out from the upstairs of their house. They were shocked and speechless. They started to get a Goosebumps. They kept their fingers crossed.They hoped the intruder would be dead and waited eagerly for their father to come out.Then the police arrived and Elsa’s father was still inside. A few minutes later, they could see that their father came out from the house without any wounds or scars. They thanked the Almighty as  nothing happened to their father. But truly it was just an imagination.The intruder who had just been shot came out and believed plunged a long knife into her father’s neck mercilessly. That man was burly and mean. They could see that the blood was gushing out profusely from her father neck’s vessel.

    Elsa started to burst into tears and her voice was choked. She left me and dashed out of the classroom to make her way to the toilet. I followed her to the toilet to calm her down. Then we gave her time to calm down and we did not talk about that tragic incident anymore although we still did not know what happen to her father.

Was her father  dead or in right now hospitalised? Was that murderer caught or was he shot dead by the police?. There were many thoughts lingering in my mind….

 ry.I hope all SPM students like this story-line..

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