Monday, 16 June 2014


  I could see that she was very unhappy. Anna didn’t talk to anyone, even with me, her best friend. She acted very weird, and it really shocked me. I could not stand it anymore.The bell rang  and it showed the time to rest, she didn’t eat anything. “Anna, what’s wrong? Why you’re so moody?”, i asked her. “Nothing Sven, i just lost my appetite, nothing wrong”, she replied with a fake smile. I could that see she had so many problems, but i was scared to ask her.I was scared  that she would become even worst when I keep on pestering her.

Days flew by, she became so pale, she really worried me, at last i asked her,
”Anna,why did you look so pale, what is wrong Anna? There is something you didn’t tell me? Just tell me Anna, if you’re having a problem, i can help you,”. After i asked her repeatedly, she finally told me. Her father Dato Dolhi acted very weird, he didn’t had  dinner with Anna and family like always, he was very weird lately. She always heard her father talked to someone on the phone secretly. “I think there is something fishy with my father” she continued her story.
After hearing the problem, Anna and I made a decision to investigate. We also  made a coalition with Anna’s eldest brother, Aniq. Aniq is a very brave and dedicated brother.We had planned to check Dato Dolhi’s phone. Anna sneaked into her father’s bedroom when her father was taking a bath. She checked the call log of the phone, and she saw someone who was named by his father “money” called his father regularly. She was very dumbfounded and speechless, Aniq and i also were shocked with the news. We kept thinking of that thing and that make us very uneasy. We could not solve what the meaning of  “money” was on their father ‘s phone.
  Aniq, Anna and I were having a conversation in a Mokmu cafe, after a while, a black van parked besides our table. Two men were wearing  black jackets and masks came closer to us, the men were burly and mean and they quickly pulled Anna into the van.This incident really shocked us. I was baffled and dumbfounded, but Aniq quickly grabbed my hand and we dashed into his BMW car. Both of us trailed them. About half an hour later, we arrived at a secluded area.We saw a huge deserted factory right in front of our eyes. Aniq parked his car behind the bushes, and he said “you wait here, anything happen just call the police.”. “i am scared Aniq, you cant go alone, it’s better if we go together.” I replied bravely.
  Aniq took his baseball bat in his car’s boot and gave it to me. We sneaked in the factory and saw Anna was tied tightly on the chair like a hostage and besides her were two tough guys and their boss, a well-dressed guy. “You want your daughter? Come to Corn Flake’s factory at Jalan Ajai.” The well-dressed guy was talking on his sophisticated phone. Aniq and i were dumbfounded and we looked at each other. “Do you think he talk to my father?” Aniq asked me.
“ Yes and we should call the police now?”. “No Sven , if we call the police, Anna would be in danger.
After 10 minutes, we heard someone coming towards the three guys. “it’s my father! Our prediction was right. Now we must make a move”. Aniq told me quietly. He then rans towards  the guy who was off guard on that time and Aniq fought with the guy.Aniq with his taekwondo skills and techniques managed to bring them down.. I determined to follow suit , and with my baseball bat i knocked out the other tough guy. I was baffled with what i did. The two tough guys were already knocked out by Aniq and I.Then we saw their boss reached out his revolver in his pocket and shot Anna on  the shoulder, the blood was gushing out profusely from Anna’s shoulder. Without a tinge of doubt Dato Dolhi dashed towards him and punched him.I quickly rushed and smashed his face with my baseball bat.

After a critical five minutes, police swop in and saved the situation. Aniq and I collapsed  because we didn’t expect of going through this tough and havoc situation. Anna was brought into the ambulance with blood scattered all over her shoulder....


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