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Dear SPM students,if you have different views on the lesson learnt,please provide your suggested answers.

Write about a lesson you have learnt in the novel you have read.Support your answers with close evidence from the text.

The themes that Catherine Macphail wanted to display to the readers are sacrifices,determination,strong passion,love and finally friendship.
How much sacrifices has the old man- Granda done for Rory.It is definitely immeasurable.The readers were brought  back to memories of old days when Jeff Macintosh walked out from the house and Granda took over the total responsibility of rasing up the baby until he became a young,educated,responsible and committed boy.Rory knew all these and reciprocated to his granda by sacrificing so many things in return.He make sure Granda is safe and sound despite bearing the mental lapses which his granda had.Rory did a couple of great things such as running back home to feed Granda’s medication.Then bought pies for his lunch.Dropping his favourite game of football just to take care of granda has proven his great sacrifice. Granda often misplaces Rory's homework. In order to protect his Granda. Rory with the help of his friend, Darren, comes up with creative stories to tell Mrs. Foley about his missing homework. Mrs. Foley tries to make him do his homework at lunchtime but Rory always runs away.
  Granda is a very determined individual.Though old and ailing and experiencing memory loss as well as physical pain. he is single-minded in his resolution to he with his only grandson,Rory.Later, when they become separated, Granda is still determined to be with Rory. Despite his sickness and need for medical attention, he agrees to run away with him so that the pair can be together. He cannot imagine, nor could he accept, a life without his grandson. In spite of his deteriorating medical condition he left the hospital and went on an adventure in order to be with his grandson.
His determination also sees him hitting a thug who wants to disclose their identity to the police for a reward. Granda also manages to steal a car by "hot-wiring" it in a bid to escape the police and those who want to separate him from his beloved grandson.
Granda's determination is also evident in the fact that he does not leave Rory orphaned. He keeps his spirits alive and is determined to be there for his grandson. Though he is later reunited with his son, Jeff, he is determined to stay with Rory though he loves his other grandchildren very much and dot on them. The extended family live very near each other. Thus the family remains intact despite the challenges.
Therefore, love a a family is important and is clearly shown in this novel.

The ending too is exciting and heart wrenching. For a moment, we think Granda  is really dead. He is not breathing. We feel angry with Norma for reporting to the police about Rory and Granda. But, later we understand that she did the right thing for Granda. She was worried about his health. But it is good that they are not caught. In a way, Rory's 'Big Escape' is successful. Rory himself gets help for Granda and finally meets his father. Jeff and his family.
Besides, this novel teaches us many moral values. For example, we learn responsibility and determination from Rory. His granda looked after him from young when his father left him and for that Rory loves Granda and takes care of him no matter what. He is not in the school football team which he loves because he has to buy Granda lunch and make sure he takes his medicine. He is protective of him. Mrs. Foley tells him off for not doing his homework but he does not tell her his granda threw it away with the rubbish. We learn that family love is important.

Mariam bte Kamaruddin -MRSM

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