Wednesday, 9 October 2013

SPM NARRATIVE ESSAY:Write a story ending with: we did not expect it to happen but it was all over….

Sir,it's me Alisya of SIS Pasir Mas.I hope my colleagues enjoy this fiction.

I am a hardworking woman, very dedicated to my work and of course I do have a complete family. I have a charming husband named Wan Muhammad Zulhafizi and three little cute princesses. I do love my job as a manager at Bank Pembangunan. One day, my husband got a call from the hospital, “ Doctor Wan, there is a patient need you to do an operation right now”. Dr Wan answered unhesitatingly,“I’ll be right away”. Since the patient was in a critical stage,my husband needed  to rush to the hospital and left me a small note with a glass of milo. In the note, he said “sweetie, I have  to go earlier because I’m on call  and have  a job to complete. Wish me luck so that this patient can be saved.” I  smiled and quickly  sip a glass of warm milo.I was in a hurry too.I dashed to the porch and jumped into my car and straight drove to work. The road was  too packed  with vehicles.Usually it was not like this,so I was wondering  what went  wrong. I waited for the traffic to be slightly eased and by that time I never realized that I started to daydream about my past. I did not know how to get rid of that  ‘person’ in my life.
The story started when I was in secondary school and that person used to be my beloved boyfriend. He was a university student. We knew each other since my big brother introduced him to me at a ball room where all the seniors were there. I did notice him at the ball room but I just wanted  to be on a  low profile. But he was one of those persons who was very eye-catching. His name,Muhammad Safuan Naiem. I remembered the time when he tried to seduce me but those were histories.The first word that came out from his mouth is “Hi, would you like dance?” I was melted  with his sweet voice and without hesitation, I obliged. 
Since that ball function, we were officially couples.Many of my colleagues commented that  we both had  the same connection in our interest.I was thinking that those things were mere coincindences.Our relationship blosoomed and years flew by, he proposed to  me in front of my parents. He said that he wanted to live with me for the whole life and to have kids. I was too touched and I accepted  his proposal. My parents knew that he could be a good husband for me because he used to study in a tahfiz school. With such background,my parents and I  were assured that everything would be alright.It made me so confident that he could take care of me and to be a good daddy to my children. 
He is very caring, patient, responsible and the most I like about him are  his humorous characters. He loves to joke when I am in a sad situation. Not only when I am sad, but he is always around when I need his company. I love him so much because he knows what is the best for me and for my future. Currently, we always talks about marriage, having kids, and many other things. We have prepared a lot of things then about our upcoming wedding such as theme, dais,catering of food,decorations,guests and many more. I knew that he was sent from the Almighty to be my true love.
But one day, while I was on my way to campus, I saw him with another girl. That girl was quite familiar to me,maybe of the  same age as me.I knew her name is Lina. She also took the similar course like me and Naiem in the university. Naiem did not realize that I saw the whole episode. The next day,I bumped into Lina and asked her,“Hey, I understand that  Naiem and you are getting married soon-is this rumours or truth?” Then Lina confidently replied, “ Yes,of course I do! He is infact my my fiancee and we will be getting married next month.” As soon as I heard about that, I felt like the whole world tumbled down.I wanted to scream at the top of my voice  and cry as loudly as I can.
 But I remembered about my mom’s words who always  have this patience and reminded me of this truly good advice, “don’t judge a person by his  appearance-you have to give more time to see the real colours of him”.So I did not bother and told myself  let bygones be bygones.The next morning, he came to my house to pick me up and we went  together to fit the wedding dress. I could not  stand anymore so I made a decision and said “I want to break up with you right now.”  I never thought it was said in a haste and   I knew he would not be shocked.Then as quickly as lightning,he said “Well,if you insist,I have another girlfriend who is even better than you” I quickly told myself that this relationship should end now and there  was no way we could continue.His words were too deep for me.
Years flew by, he came to my house.He was totally a change person.With his jubah,he said “ I am so sorry for ignoring you. I shouldn’t do that to you.let us start all over again”.Again I melted and fell to him in pieces. I smiled and walked to him, “you are serious that you are coming back to me?” He nodded.The rest was history...
Then suddenly a  car  behind just  horned at me.I was truly  awakened from this sweet daydream and drove straight to office.Oh gosh! I quivered. I do hope that “the person” in my daydream just now must have enjoyed his life. Then a call came over my phone, “ sweetie,the operation is over.I am on my way home.”That was my beloved hubby,Wan.I guessed I was too choosy then.To me Wan is definitely better.
Thanks to Almighty, I had this loving husband but one thing for sure I am very confident that my daydream with Mohd Safuan never happened but both of us agreed , we did not expect it to happen but it was all over.



  1. This was a fun read. I actually thought it was from real experience.Then again, you said it was fiction. Thanks for taking the time to write this. I enjoyed it.

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    tq for upload it. now i can write my on essay......this give me many idea rather writting aboutt a ghost story. <(")

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