Wednesday, 9 October 2013


This is Ashraff of Maahad Pasir Mas.I hope you can tell me whether this essay really good.

Write a story ending with:I was so happy to see her again.

  One fine day while I was reading my favourite story book,all of sudden my beloved mother had asked me to buy her some sour plums.My mother was actually pregnant,about six months.She had this  sudden crave so she pleaded me to go to the hawker’s  stall which was quiet far away from my home.As usual,I took the short-cut which was lined with shady trees.It was a perfect choice for a hot blazing day like this.I felt a bit nervous when I walked along the narrow and deserted path but my guts feeling told me,my mum’s crave is more important than anything else.So nothing to scare me and I walked ahead.The atmosphere was tranquil and serene.Therefore,I whistled away as I gradually  walked to uplift my flagging spirits.
Suddenly,I heard a faint,feeble cry for help.The cry aroused my curiosity.I stood rooted to the ground.My heart was palpitating wildly and I could feel the  adrenaline was rushing  through  my veins.Beads of  cold sweat formed on my forehead and I tried to calm down.After a while,I decided to investigate and searched around.To my surprise,I saw an old woman with grey hair and her  face was crisscrossed with wrinkles.She was lying in a deep,filthy and smelly drains.I guessed she must be a victim of hit and run. I panicked when I saw an ugly gash on her right leg.The wound was bleeding profusely and blood was gashing out like a fountain.I dragged her out of the drain using all the strength I  had.Without wasting time,I administered first aid to stop the bleeding .I tore my sleeves and bandaged the wound up from bleeding.She was still in agony and I could hear she was muttering a few words.This  old woman needed immediate medical attention.So  I dashed to the main road with all my strength.When I reached at the main road I was totally exhausted.I quickly  raised my hands and tried to stop the passing cars.But,none of them were paying attention to me and just zoomed past me.I felt very frustrated with the selfish attitude of the drivers.As a last resort,I rushed to the middle of the road.I waved frantically to stop one incoming  car.The driver applied the emergency  brake and his car was screeched to a halt.He got out of his car and walked toward me with his anguish face.I knew I had to do this and  explained to him about  my predicament.He felt sympathy with the old woman and agreed  to send her to the hospital. On the way to the hospital,the old woman was screaming in pain.I tried to console her that everything would be fine.
Then I asked her any  phone number that she could remember.She muttered a number which I could faintly hear then I borrowed the  hand phone from the driver to call the number.Her grandson answered the call.He was aghasted and shocked beyond words.He just could not believe each word that came out from my mouth.
Soon we  reached the hospital,the old woman was immediately rushed to the emergency room.I waited at entrance of the hospital.I was hoping the old woman’s grandson would show-off.I was lucky then when I noticed a young man who was walking  briskly.I braved my heart and called him.Then  I accompanied him to the emergency unit.He cried his heart out.The touching scene reduced me to tears too.A nurse walked in a told us that the old woman needed rest.So we adjourned to the canteen hospital.He thanked me for umpteen times.
Meanwhile I remembered about the sour plum that my mother had craved for.It  was quite late to walk back again  to that narrow path so I gave a call to my mum and told her on what actually happened.Before I left the hospital,I quickly peeped at the emergency unit.I told myself that I had saved somebody’s life and I  was so happy to see  her again.....



  1. Such an excellent written essay! Just that part "umpteen times". It should be "umpteenth times".

  2. i like ur essay . so gojes :) congrate for an excellent writing .

  3. This is an excellent reference for spm students on good composition writing :) well done

  4. asal ko disable copy...aduhhh

  5. perfect.. your essay so good .. :)

  6. quiet in the third line should be quite i guess;)

  7. No doubt...this is one of the best essay that I have ever read

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