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The SPM examination is just around the corner.Many students are feeling stressful and decided to burn the midnight oil to achieve flying colour results.This habit is so streesful and do not benefit the students on the long-term.Students may probably face black-out and may not have any chances at all to sit for their SPM Examination later.

In view of the coming SPM examination,you are requested to write an article for the latest edition of your school bulletin entitled “Managing your stress” for the benefits of SPM students. You may use the following point to assist you in your preparation of your article:

1)Plan your study time effectively.Know when to take a break and what steps to take.

2)Conduct group study preferably with friends that you are comfortable with.

3)Ensure that you have good rest,enough sleep and well-balanced diet.Perform light exercises to stay healthy.

4)Have more time with family especially your  mum and dad to ask for their guidance.If there is any personal problems,tell your parents.Refer to your teachers if you need further clarifications on topics that you have problems.

5)Recite holy verses,perform special prayers.Ask for Almighty fulfillment to excel in the examination.
When wtiring your article,
Give a title
Use the article format.
Use all the points given

Your article must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.
Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  

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