Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Directed Writing-Article

You are requested by your class teacher  to submit an article entitled, “Spending  leisure time correctly” to be included in the school newsletter under the section on lifestyle.

Use the following points to assist you in the preparation of the article:

1)improve grammar,vocabulary skills and techniques of wriring.
2)improve general knowledge.
3)oppurtunity to learn many things about other countries,cultures and people.
4)exposed to many new innovations,ideas and inventions.

1) Reduce stresses.
2)Make  the body healthy.
3)Building circles of friends

C)Charity work.
1)At the homes for the diabled/blind/aged parents/orphanages.
2)Community work-cleaning drains/hall/beach cleaning

You may add two more interesting points of your own.

Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  

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