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                                               How to manage your stress
                                             By:Zulhilmi Yamin,Form 5 Abu Bakar..
Being stressful is so common among the SPM students especially when the examination is around the corner.Whatmore when you want to achieve the desirable results to please your parents and teachers.Therefore it is definitely risky to carry on your stresses as the examination is getting closer.So we as SPM students must avoid this habit of carrying these unwanted stresses and must be smart in managing our stress.I would like to  suggest the following ways of overcoming these stresses.

Firstly it is very important to plan your study schedule.Ofcourse you want to give proirity for every subject but you must weigh them according to the University requirement.So I suggest you focus on the entry requirement of every University where they have stated clearly  English language,Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah as their basic requirement for entrance.In short the planning of your study must include the above three core subjects which means you must get excellent results in these subjects.Next if you have plan to continue at medical faculty at  any one of the University,then your science subjects such as Physics,Chemistry,Biology and addittional mathematics must be given one hundred percent focus with regular revisions and reviews.Only after achieving good results in these science subjects,then you may be accepted as matriculation students in any of the matriculation colleges in the country.On the other hand,if you opted for non-sciences courses such as business,architecture,hotel catering and many others,then other subjects such as in modern mathematics,general science and pengetahuan agama islam(PAI) may help to push your entrance in the university apart from getting good results in the core subjects(BM/BI/Sejarah).For those who plan to study overseas such as Egypt,Jordan and other West Asian countries,then you must have good results in your SPM(U). So basically, you decides what subjects you want to focus and where are your  priorities.Apart from that,it is advisable for you to manage your time effectively such as when to take a break and what to do during your short break.Many students will use this valuable time to read Bahasa Melayu and English essays so as to enhance their grammars and vocabulary.Secondly it is worthwhile if you can conduct study group among your close friends.Research have proven that students who learn through grouping are achieving better results than those who study alone.But the rule here remains, that no-nonsense things take place along the line.This means the time spend on group study must  be really discussing on the focus subjects not doing other things such as chit-chatting on general issues such as gossiping about your friends,discussing about your favourite soccer players or singers and then later extending to current soccer matches and results or other issues which may distract your study schedules.On top of that,it is also practical to take turn conducting the study group among your friend’s residence.This make every parents happy to see their children focussing on the study as the examination is getting closer.

Thirdly many SPM Students are so stressful because they complain of not having enough rest and sleep.Whatmore with their food intake which is not regularly checked and take care of.This may create adverse effect on their overall performances which may distract their focus,attention and mood.So give priorities to these factors by telling yourself that you must have enough sleep and rest.By doing so,you are gearing yourself to achieve more in your study.Then watch out for your food intake as this is very important to give you strength,mood and determination.Normally well balanced diet food keeps you awake,focus and you are achieving more in your knowledge.It is good that you spend some time doing a short exercises such as jogging around your house compound or at the recreational parks over the weekend.This will keep you healthy all round. Are you also  thinking of taking a short break such as picnic at a beach with your family?This is a good way of relaxing and giving you the oppurtunity to sort out whatever personal problems you may have at school,home or your sorroudings.You can feel your stresses will be much reduced and having good time with your siblings will at least make you open,cheerful and relax.Apart from that,try to catch up with your teachers after classes on subjects that you are weak at which require more explanation.Certainly the short time that you sacrifice after school hours will be worthwhile as it helps you to understand the subjects in details.

Whatever that you go through in a day will never be complete if you never recite holy verses and perform special prayers.This kind of deed is encouraged to give you the mental strength and physical power for you to wade through the day.Do ask for the Almighty fulfillment in your prayers so that you can perform well in your routine study and subsequently help you in achieving good grades in your SPM examination.

In a nutshell,by all means avoid yourself from getting stressful.You should be thankful that you are not like others who slog out day and night but fade out when the examination starts.So follow these simple rules and do not get entangle with other unneccessary problems such as having affairs with your classmates or  having too much time spend on social networks such as facebook.Remember,it is you who decides what is better for you.So keep the stresses  out and enjoy your life as student.          


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