Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Sir,this is syafiq of Maahad Lelaki ,Kota Bharu.Does this essay meeting the criteria on the question,HOW TO CURB BULLY AND GANGSTERISM CULTURE FROM SPREADING IN SCHOOL.
I hope the SPM readers give their comments.

                    How to curb bully and gangsterism culture from spreading in school.
What do we do when our colleagues are being bullied in the school compound?Worst still when we see some of our junior students in lower secondary forms are threatened  to pay protection money to their seniors who act as bullies and gangsters.So do we want this cultureto spread in our school?
Certainly not because over the long term when the parents are informed of this situation,they will  withdraw their children from the school.Then,the school’s  name will be tarnished and the public will lose their confidence.The chain reaction will continue when the press put as headlines on their  daily newspapers.Ultimately,  the Ministry will  then  conduct an inquiry.So at the end of the day,the school will end up losing its name and reputation.Hence the culture of  bully and  gangsterism  activities are serious offences and must be dealt seriously by the school administration.The students who commited such offences  must be given stern warning ,suspended or at worst expelled.

If you notice incidences of bullying and gangsterism activities are happening right in front of your eyes,have no fears.You must quickly take action by reporting to the discplinary teacher,counsellor or even walk  in  straight to the Principal ‘s office.It is mandatory to act swiftly otherwise there will be elements of fears  among the students.Then,these  students will feel insecure and they  are no longer feeling  school as a conducive place to study.Apart from that  students who are directly involved in bullying and gangstrism  must be given counselling and consultation.Normally these students come from broken families and poor background.These students actually need attention as they do not have parental love.The counselling must be done regularly until the school is satisfied that the effected students have repented and ready to be together again with their other colleagues.The school administration must also punish offenders if they decide to turn back to these activities.They may either be transffered out  or expelled if the offences are too serious and heavy.  

Furthermore,the parents and teachers must work hand in hand and monitor their movements .The teachers will do their parts in school by making sure what these students do during recess time  and after school when they are coming back for the extra-curricular activities.At the same time,they can inquire through their colleagues who stay near their homes,what they normally do  at nights.On the other hand,the parents and guardians are also required  to monitor closely the activities of  their children especially during  school hours.Some play truant and absent themselves from  the classroom and instead loitering at other places such as snooker centres,shopping complexes and other vice places. Parents and teachers can also cooperate through PIBG.This can be finalised at meetings between the teachers and the parents which is held  normally once a month.

Close door dialogue such as motivational  talk is another good form of  curbing bullying and gangsterism.The experts can express their views for example  the head of police department  can speak about  topics related to  gangsterism in school and how gangsterism activities can destroy a student’s life.Thus the students will be exposed to the many facts,figures and knowledge of these cultures.So they will  have fears of  joining any gangster groups outside the school.Bullying and gangsterism are usually connected to drugs activities.So,it is appropriate to invite the experts from the drug agency and highlight to the students about the bad implications of getting involved with drugs activities.Maybe the personnels from the prison department can also brief the students what they expect to get when they are imprison for offences related to gangsterism and drug activities.
Having seen many pictures or even videos on the life in prison will make the students having second thought of getting themselves involved with  bullies  and gangsters.

In addittion, the students  must be encouraged to spend their time on recrational activities through their clubs and societies. Activities such as rock climbing, jungle trekking,beach outing and many other  forms of recreational activities help the student to get closer with their colleagues.Thus the fostering of friendship through these activities  make them flexible,understanding and patience. Students are taught to be independent,mentally strong  and building closer relationship.Hence, they have no time to be involved with gangsterism. In addition, weekend activities like football,netball and futsal  matches can be organised. I can also suggest that teachers who are  in charge of clubs and societies such as Tourism Club, Adventure Club to get their members involved with the community work. They can spend time visiting villages and conduct  gotong-royong.

I hope the measures that I have mentioned above remind the students  not to be involved with this negative activities. Remember to use our valuable time at its fullest.Focused  on  our study, maintain our good names, the school reputation, the teachers and of course our parents. Let’s join hand and say a ‘DEFINITE NO’  to the  activities of bullies and  gangsterism.