Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Write an essay with the ending :Behind the good look was the most evil person I have       ever known”

Eric was very handsome. In fact, he was the best looking man I had ever met. Like most other girls who had met him, I was very attracted to him. However, I went a step further and became his girlfriend. He took me everywhere and treated me like a queen. Of course, I fell more and more deeply in love with him. I felt that I was very lucky to have found a man like him -kind, generous and very good-looking.
When our relationship deepened, I left my rented apartment and went to live with him at his house. Life with Eric was heavenly. He was very attentive to my every need. He always asked me whether I was hungry and what I wanted to eat. He took me to posh restaurants and did not seem to mind the cost. Eric must be rich for he could afford to buy me expensive clothes and jewellery. He went on holidays to resorts which I could not have afforded to go on my own. However, there was one thing about him that irritated me a little.Whenever I mentioned marriage, he would say that we did not need a piece of paper to affirm our love and that we still needed a lot of time to discuss the matter.

One day, he told me something very strange. He said, There is a woman who comes here occasionally. She'll ring the bell at the gate and refuse to go away until someone opens it. She's of unsound mind. Don't open the gate for her. Being mentally unbalanced, she may do something to harm you. Remember that?'
I nodded my head but was very intrigued by what he had told me. I became very curious and wanted very much to see who the woman was!

One day, the woman made her appearance at the gate. She rang the bell at the gate and I parted the curtains of one of the windows to see who the caller was. I did not go straightaway to the gate to open it. Instead, I waited to see what she would do next. As Eric said she would ring the bell again and again. I looked at the woman but she did not look crazy to me. In fact, she was well dressed and appeared very normal to me. The only thing unusual about her was the look of extreme distress on her face. When she rang the bell for the seventh time, I went to the gate and opened it. Then, I invited her into the house. I knew I was acting against Eric's wishes but my instinct told me that I was doing the right thing.

The woman seemed familiar with the interior of Eric's house. Without being invited, she sat in an armchair and looked over the living room.
'Nothing much has changed/ she said, 'except the TV. Previously, it was a 29-inch Panasonic. Now it's a 34-inch Sony.'Then she looked curiously at me and I did the same thing to her. I was surprised that she was very pretty. In fact, I found the fact hard to accept but I thought that she was much prettier than I!
'You must be his latest victim/ she said pityingly. 'I was the victim before you. There were other girls before me.'Alarmed by her words, I asked her to explain.

'Eric is a playboy and I think you must have suspected that long ago/ she began. 'He plays with girls like other men play with motorcycles or cars. He changes girlfriends like other men change motorcycles or cars. At the beginning, he will treat the girls like queens. However, when he tires of them, he will discard them like a toy which does not interest him any more. He has done it to many other girls. He did it to me and he's going to do it to you.'Now I realized why Eric always avoided the question of marriage. He just wanted to play with me and when he was tired of me, he would just discard me like a piece of soiled tissue. He had done it to other women and he would certainly do it to me.

Behind the good looks was the most evil person I have ever known

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  1. You should have written about what happened next. May be hard-core revenge from the latest victim? Playboys (and playgirls) should have some horrible consequences for doing such things (using other till they become soiled tissue) to innocent people. Thanks again for taking time to write/type this composition out.

    Keep up the good work, they are appreciated :)