Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Write an essay ending with,I never realized that I had shot him….

We live in a housing estate that is normally quiet and peaceful. The residents are not actually rich but they have a fairly good income working as government servants or as supervisors and managers in private firms. The houses here are fairly big and most households have two or more cars.Suddenly the housing estate became the target of robbers. The robbers were believed to be foreign workers from nearby housing projects. Every night, a household would be robbed. So, my father took precautions. He had strong steel grilles put on all the doors and windows and he bought stout locks for all of them. So, we thought we were safe but it was not to be.

One night, my parents were watching television. My sister and I were doing our homework. Without any warning, there was a loud banging on our front door. My father opened the wooden door to see who it was. He thought with the strong grille locked, he could not be harmed. When the door was open, he saw a man pointing a gun at him.

'Get a member of the family to open the door for us or I'll shoot you!' the man outside hissed.My mother took the key from the altar and opened the door. Immediately, three men rushed inside. The man holding the gun kept pointing his gun at my parents. The other two were unarmed.'Search the rooms,' the man with the gun ordered the other two. He had to be the leader because the other two men did what he told them.

The two men ransacked the whole house. They did not find anything in my sister's room. They found only a few items of jewellery and a small sum of money in my parent's bedroom. My parents, especially my father, was aware of the risks of keeping a lot of money or jewellery in the house. So, they kept most of their jewellery and money in a safe deposit box at the bank.The leader of the robbers shouted angrily at my father, 'Where do you keep the rest of your money and jewellery? What we 'have found is too little! Rich people like you have a lot of money and jewellery! Tell me where you're keeping the rest?'
My father replied, 'I'm not rich and that's all the money and jewellery we have in the house. We keep most of our money and jewellery in the bank.''You're lying!' the robber chief snarled and slapped my father.'It's true, I don't have any more money or jewellery in my house my father insisted.The robber slapped my father a few more times. Blood was coming out of his mouth. My mother screamed with fright.'Stop screaming!' the robber chief shouted at my mother.
However, my mother was in hysteria  and so could not stop screaming. The robber chief turned towards my mother and raised his hand to slap her. Seeing this, I found the strength to act. I picked up the stool beside me and hit him on the head. He crashed to the floor and dropped his gun. Blood was pouring from the injury on his head. Seeing this, the other two robbers fled. The robber chief slowly got up and came towards me with arms outstretched.
Stop!' I shouted at him. 'Please go away. I'm giving you a chance to escape.'The man still came towards me. His face was black with rage. Then I saw the gun he had dropped. So, I took the gun and I never realized that I had shot him.

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