Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Write an essay beginning with, “This is too much for you,somebody has to pay for this……

This is too much for you,somebody has to pay for this…I told my friend, Sidek,  when I visited him at his house. He had not been to school for four days.The whole class was curious to know what actually happened to him For any other student the school would not have bothered much but Sidek being the class favourite was the centre of attraction.He was the one who took his studies very seriously and would not be absent for so many days for frivolous reasons. All his classmates wanted to know what had happened to him. All of them thought that something very bad must have happened to him. I was given the assignment of finding out what actually  happened to him.

' I asked Sidek the question again when he did not answer me the first time.His entire body was swathed in bandages. His head, torso, arms and legs were all wrapped around with bandages. If not for the obvious seriousness of the situation, I would have pulled his leg and said that he closely resembled an Egyptian mummy. Hardly able to speak because of his swollen lips, he said with great difficulty, 'A mad road bully did this to me.'Wanting to know everything, I asked him to continue.

My friend told me this:

'I had driven my mother to market so that she could buy certain things she needed to prepare the reunion dinner that was to be held on Chinese New Year Eve. When we were at the market, we couldn't find any parking space. So, I stopped at the side of the road to wait for my mother to do her shopping. I did not get out of the driver's seat and kept the engine of the car running. I had also switched on the signal lights to warn vehicles coming from behind. I had stopped at a one-way street which was very narrow. I had left a space that was big enough for just one car to pass through.

'All of a sudden, a driver coming from behind started honking at me. I understood that he wanted me to drive off but I refused because I thought the space I had left for him was big enough for him to pass through. He continued to honk at me but I stubbornly refused to budge.'I was looking at the rear-view mirror all the time and suddenly I saw a burly man get out of the car behind me. In his right hand, he had a big baseball bat. I started to quake but it was too late to run. He strode up to my window.'He banged my car window with his right fist a few times and roared, "So, you think this street belongs to your grandfather!" After that, he raised the baseball bat and smashed my window. Then he put his hand inside to unlock the door. He caught hold of the collar of my T-shirt and hauled me bodily from the car. Then he threw me onto the street.As I lay stunned on the street, he used his baseball bat to rain blows upon me. He hit me on every part of my body. He brought the bat down on my head, torso, arms and legs again and again. It was as if he had gone berserk. I would surely have been killed if two policemen had not stopped him.
Haven't I always told you not to park at the side of the road where you're not allowed to park to wait for someone?' I reminded my friend. 'You should park your car where parking is permitted though it may be some distance from where you want to go. If you had listened to my advice, this would not have happened to you.'

My friend nodded his head and said, 'I was in the wrong. It was all my fault.I should have moved the minute when he honked the car.’
I symphatised Sidek with all those torments that he had to go through.It certainly will take months for him to recover.That means he will be missing a lot of classes.
I left his house with a very sad feeling and prayed to Almighty god for his quick recovery.

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  1. This is the second essay I've read and it's good. How is it good? Unexpectable.

    You started the story about a friend not being able to come to school for a number of days. And as I was reading I thought you were going to write the reason was because some bad incident that happened is about accidents, have to visit the hospital because of some injured/severely sick relative or have to take care of siblings/family because father couldn't work due to injuries. Instead, the reason the guy got bashed up was because he was inconsiderate parking at the side of the road.

    Keep up the efforts!