Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Write an essay beginning with,Are you sure this is really yours?
Are you sure this is really yours?' I asked Peter.Peter's father was just a petty trader at night markets and I did not think he could have bought such an expensive car for Peter. In fact, his father, himself, drove only a ten-year-old mini-van which he used to transport his goods and also his family everywhere.'Of course, it is,' Peter answered proudly.

'Your father just sells clothes at night markets,' I said. 'How could he have afforded it. Or,  
 is it selling things at night markets brings in a lot of money?'vYou would be surprised,'
 Peter said. 'Selling things at night markets does bring in a lot of money. My father gets
 about RM300 per night. A simple calculation will tell you that it is RM9 000 a month.
 Isn't that enough to buy a Mercedes on a hire-purchase basis?'

'If your father really makes that much money per day, then it is possible,' I said. 'He can pay the 10% deposit of about RM30 000 and settle the loan by monthly instalments of RM5 000. It'll take him only five years to finish paying for the car.''My father did not take a loan to buy the car/ Peter said, seemingly offended by the suggestion that his father could only have bought the car with a loan. 'He paid cash!'That's really great!' I said. 'I never knew that your father so much money. He doesn't look rich, you know, being dressed in an old T-shirt and shorts all the time. Now I know that the saying that we cannot judge someone by outward appearances is true.''Would you like to ride in the car?' Peter invited me.'Of course, I've never ridden in a Mercedes before,'I accepted his invitation with alacrity.I opened the door and sat in the front passenger seat. The seat was covered with pleasant-smelling leather and I sank into its luxurious padding. The padding in the seat formed a contour of my body and hugged it with just the right amount of pressure. Peter turned the key in the switch. The car came to life almost instantly. I had to listen very hard for the sound of the effortlessly tuning engine.Peter put the car into gear and we drove off. The ride was heavenly. The powerful engine was very quiet and willing, the air-conditioning was really cool and the absorbers were really fantastic. We felt nothing even when the car was driven into potholes. The ride was really smooth. When we took sharp bends at high speed, the car was still on an even keel. It did not roll.

Suddenly Peter said, 'We've to go back now. My father wants to'use the car.'I noticed fear in his face and I thought it strange. Peter turned the car to drive back to his house. After a few minutes, we reached it. Peter's father, shiftless and dressed only in shorts, was waiting outside. He seemed very angry.'You good-for-nothing boy!' he shouted at Peter as soon as he got out of the driver's seat. 'My "towkay" from Kuala Lumpir who supplies me goods had parked his car for hardly five minutes and you drove it off! Where did you go? If you have damaged the car in any way, who's going to pay for it? I don't have enough money even to buy one of its headlights!'Peter threw me a sheepish glance. He must have seen my smile although I had tried very hard to hide it. Peter's father had bought a Mercedes for him? That was the biggest lie Peter had ever told.

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  1. The story was realistic. I thought the father must have suddenly became a secretive gangster that could afford a Mercedes for his son. And later be found out by his son and friend. Then again it wasn't.

    Keep up the imagination!