Tuesday, 24 September 2013



Bullying and being actively involved in  gangsterism are considered serious offences in school.Many students felt insecure and depressed whenever they were confronted with such situations.Those involved with bullying and gangsterism would be given stern warning,suspended or at worst expelled.

Write AN ARTICLE describing on how to curb bullying and gangsterism culture from  spreading in school.Suggest  on how to assist affected students so that they will feel secure and happy hence the school can be  a conducive study environment.

Use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the essay.

*Report to displinary/counsellor if there is evidence of bullying and gangsterism.
*Consultation/counselling for those commiting offences.
*Close cooperation between teachers and parents.
*Organise closed door dialogue in school calling the experts to express their thoughts.
*More programmes for students interactions over the weekend and school holidays.
*Heavy punishments  for serious/repeat offenders.

Your article must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.
Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  

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