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Most Malaysian consumers are spendthrift.They overspend unneccessarily and left with little money to continue for the upcoming months.Many of them have to turn to unlicensed money lenders to make end meets.This is the current trend and should be put to a stop.

You have just attended the seminar on consumerism organised by your school,Consumer Club Association entitled: “How to be a smart consumer and save your money”.You wish to share the ideas with your colleagues in your school and decide to include this interesting issue  in the latest edition of your school bulletin.

Use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the article;

*Plan thoroughly what you want to buy and what you need before you walk in to markets,supermarkets and groceries shops.

*Buy items of neccessity only and do not be tricked with promotional items and big discounts.
  Priortise your requirement and remember not to buy unneccessary item which may
  land you in a tight budget for the upcoming months.

*Compare prices so that you get the best bargains.Buy in quantity that you really need to
  avoid wastage.

*Know your rights as consumers.In cases when you purchased  faulty items,you may report to the authorised association/ministry if you,your families and friends have encountered such incidences.

*Advisable to use cash only for purchases.Never pay on credit cards.Debit cards
  are encouraged.

*Check the expiry date,produce of the items and halal logos.(for muslim consumers)

*Never turn to unauthorised money lenders to borrow for your purchases.

Your article must not be less than 450 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.

Your readers are mostly your counterparts in lower secondary and upper secondary forms plus teachers and parents.

Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  

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