Tuesday, 24 September 2013


                                                                                            Lot 1371,Lorong Masjid Al-Amin,
                                                                                            Batu 2,Jalan Pengkalan Chepa,
                                                                                           15400,Kota Bharu,
Dear Faizul,
               How are you doing?How's your life lately?Are you happy?I really hope that you are always cherished with the best moments in your life.How about your poem writing?Still going smoothly?Have you sent certain of your poems to the magazines?I should say that your poems are really good and interesting.By the way,I really miss Sarawak,Oh gosh!That land made me want to fly there as often!I love to visit especially Bandar Raya  Kuching and Kota Samarahan.Thank you so much for inviting me to your hometown.Come over to Kota Bharu then.I am sure you love to see many places here.I was also busy lately  that I had to attend my guitar classes every weekend.Also  I had to cope with  my driving lessons.Stressful,wasn't it?
 I want to share with you about my participation in a seminar this week.It is called the Career Guidance Seminar.The seminar is organised by the Kelantan State Education Deaprtment. The seminar is held in Negeri Sembilan as the organiser  wanted to make bring new ideas and innovations for  participants from  all over the country.I am so glad that I had attended such a  good programme in a such a good place like Golden Strait Villas Resort,Port Dickson.It is a beautiful resort.The seminar is held for two days.Most of the participants are the SPM and STPM holders like us.The speakers comprises of 4 great personalities.They are Dr.Hm Tuah Iskandar,Dr.Shukri Abdullah,Prof.Madya Hamedah Wok Awang and Prof.Stephen R.Covey from the United States.They were all fantastic.
        There,I found the content of the seminar very informative and useful.On the first day,two speakers presented  the programme.It was divided into  two sessions.The first session was taken over by Dr.Hm Tuah Iskandar,from Ministry of Higher Education.Dr.Iskandar spoke about the minimum qualifications on the entrace to local universities.It seemed that it is compulsory set good results in Bahasa Malaysia,English Language and Sejarah.He also spoke about many male students who failed to register themselves in universities due to the monopoly by the female students.So,take your part guy!Make them wrong!And the most interesting part was  the announcement of the  lacking of Bumiputera students in the field of language,engineering and medicines.So this is good for you and me as we are going to pursue our education in language faculty,aren't we?
The next speaker is Dr.Shukri Abdullah.He is the Head of Linguistic Department,University Malaya.His talk was about the various challenges that one has to pursue.Hmm,interestng was't it?Perhaps,it would be more fun if you were able to sit there with me since I know you may have a lot of questions to ask them,don't you?Anyway,the question and answer sessions were most interesting.We had the oppurtunity to ask many questions regarding course fee,soft skills studying overseas,scholarships,loans,internships and many more.
The next day,we had two more presenters.The first speaker was a female speaker.She is Prof.Madya Hamedah Wok Awang and she is a Kelantanese.Prof.Hamedah is from Human Resource Department of UITM Shah Alam.So,she was just more like an educated motivator.She gave us very interesting talk as much as her knowledge could deliver.One of her best parts was how she motivated us to achieve our dreams,compete and beat the rest!I felt like I had the spirit to start to a career.The last speaker was Prof.Stephen R.Covey.Well,he is the most good-looking and very fashionable guy there.No wonder everyone was very focus and concentrate when he was giving the talk.Anyway,Mr.Covey talked about the scholarship for Malaysian students studying  abroad.He briefed us that lots of bodies from government and  private sectors offered scholarship to excellent students who manage to score straight A's in SPM and STPM exams.Among them are MARA,JPA,Bank Negara,Sime Darby,Petronas, TNB,PNB and many others.This information and knowledge of scholarships inspired me to study harder to get straight A's and hoping to be offered scholarship to study abroad.That is my big dream.Those are all the most exciting activities of the seminar.Certainly I am over the moon andI have no complaints.I felt yet the lacking of time to communicate more with the speakers.But,I did make a lot of friends there and they were really fun.
I look forward to hear from you then.
                                                                                                                     Yours sincerely,                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                     Alya Nasuha

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