Tuesday, 24 September 2013


In my classroom,I saw my classmate was crying.Then I asked him how could I help.He told me that............
He received a call from his relative that his father was involved in an accident.Now he is admitted in an Intensive care unit.(ICU)The thought of fatherly love immediately filled my chest.I remembered how my dad had sacrificed so much for us.I couldn’t wait any longer to see my dad and hugged him.The school bell rang and I was ready to go.Immediately I dashed out of the classroom and ran straight to the school bus.How I wish the bus driver could press the accelerator pedal to the bottom so that I could reach home fast.The bus then stopped right infront of my house and I saw dad’s car. “What a relief!”I told myself.I called dad and he was at the door so I hugged him tightly and said, “I love you so much dad and dont ever get involve in the accident”.I told him I still need him to be with the family.My dad smiled sweetly much to the amusement of my mum who came out from the kitchen.

The next day on the way back home,I was on dad’s car when suddenly an aged and sickly women knocked at the glass window of the front door car where I was sitting My dad was chatting with his friend across the road.I looked at the sickly woman  with an open heart and wondered  how  I could help her. She was some what murmuring but I could understand her body language that she needed help.She carried on her feeling of despair towards her two married sons who failed to give her their monthly commitments.She had to survive by seeking symphaty from the public.I was touched and vowed to help her.When my dad arrived,I told him about this woman’s predicament.Dad promised to contact the Welfare department through his old friend to help this aged and sickly woman.

When I reached home,I hugged my mum tightly and told her that I would not allow her to seek symphaty from the public for her survival.Worst still sending her to the old folk’s home.I was wondering to myself with the current trend of too  many successful working sons and daughters are neglecting their old and sickly parents.If this trend continues,the country would end up with many more old folk’s home being catered to fulfill this phenomena.Again I hugged my mum and whispered to her, “ mum you are not going to go there at least when I am still alive and kicking”.

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