Sunday, 28 July 2013

SPM NARRATIVE ESSAY-WRITE AN ESSAY BEGINING WITH: until today I could never forget that event..

Write an essay starting with, until today I could never forget that event.....

Untill today, I could never  forget that event. It happened last year when I wanted to be a singer.So I decided to join an audition.I felt so excited because  it was my ambition to be a famous singer since my childhood days. I was even  more excited when the contest offered very attractive prices.So my dream started...
On that very morning, I woke up late because my alarm clock did  not ring.My parents were not at home.The auditions was suppose to begin at 8.30 a.m but I woke up  rather late about half an hour later.Imagine I was panicked and searching all my personal items and rushed to the washroom..I felt  hesitated initially but I wanted to go because this was my only chance.I  knew I would be late but  still I  wanted to show up for the audition.Finally I dressed in  a simple orange T-shirt and jean.When I looked at the clock,it was already 9.30 a.m.Oh gosh! What a bad luck.How I wish I could turn the clock.

I went out of the house feeling jilted but still I built up my confidence to be at the audition centre  and wishing there would be some technical delay over there. I would like to go there with my beloved motorcycle but it was  hopeless,I could not start  my motorcycle. I made a decision to wait  for the the bus or taxi  then.I was so unfortunate after 30 minutes of waiting both neither the bus nor  the taxi showed up.I felt so discouraged  and then I made a heavy decision to use my  my old bicycle.I would feel  embarassed if I reached  the centre when other “singers” would stare at me with my old bicycle.But I could not care less.My dream is my priority and nothing could  stop me.I  would do  do anything to satisfy my desire and my ambition.

While riding my bicycle,I felt so thirsty. So I stopped at a stall to buy a bottle of drink and I left my old guitar with my bicycle at a parking lot.After  a short stop at the 7-11 outlet,I went to the parking lot and found my guitar missing.I could not express the amount of emotional  pain I had and tears flowed down my cheeks.Today is really a bad day for me when everything go wrong. This guitar means a lot to me because it was my father’s present after I scored 9 A’s in my recent PMR examination.My confidence was shattered and I was totally lost.My dream took a drastic turn.I could not perform without my guitar.So I gave up. Suddenly ,I saw my guitar on a pavement about a few yards away.I was wondering why the thief decided to leave my guitar there.

I quickly cycled  and my hope look very faint. Finally, I arrived at the audition centre.Then I looked at my watch and it showed 11.30 a.m.I guessed the audition was all over as  I was very late.Nobody was there anymore.What a disappointing morning and what an unfortunate moment for me. 'My dream'as a singer had finally dashed off.

My eyes stared at the notice which clearly read, “ The Audition will be postpone to next week due to unforseen circumstances".”Am I reading the right notice”,I asked myself. I was rather speechless.Oh  Almighty, Thank you,I still have my chance now.. With all the blessings from you,Almighty,I could still dream to be a singer.Thank you again my Almighty.
That was the most interesting experience that I had ever come across.This experience had taught me the value of patience.

Thank you Almighty.


  1. sir sye nak copy tapy x taw camne.....camne ea????

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  3. a few noticeable spelling, word ommission and grammatical errors...i.e. until, prices, was suppose, was panicked, turn (back) the clock, both neither?, look(ed) very faint, will be postpone(d)and several more...

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