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Assalamualaikum sirrosdi. aisyahsufian here-Smua taqaddum maarif. This is my essay for the title of AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. I sent u this a little bit late because I fell  asleep earlier than I thought. i just got up this morning n typed it as fast I could.

 Today is  July 16th, 2012. Exactly a month later, it will be Leman’s birthday. That means we will be celebrating Leman’s birthday on August 16th, 2012.. Jali,Seli,Setopa and I were best friends  since our good old days in form 3.Now we have  just finished our secondary school and all of us did very well in our SPM examinations.We were on cloud nine at that moment and celebrated our flying colours results at  one of the well-known restaurants in town.Oh gosh! that was the best moments in our lives  having the chances to celebrate the occasion  with our female classmates,Siti,Aisyah,Murni,Tipah and our most glamorous girl in the school,Syafiqah.

I recalled three years ago when  Jali,Seli,Stopa and I  were the new students in  this prestigious secondary Arabic school in town,SMUA Taqaddum Maarif which is located in Pasir Tumbuh,Kelantan-the so called Satellite City of Kelantan by the year 2020.Leman was already here until we were introduced  by the five sweeties above in the class.We were all 15 years old then.Leman an active and smart student among the third formers was appointed the leader for all students in Form 3. He excelled both in academic results and extra curricular activities.He managed very well in many clubs and societies and is well known not only among the students but also among the teachers.So Leman was praised by most of his colleagues in form 3 for his hard work and good supervision.Sports is in his blood and he represented school,district and state in soccer matches.He has won many prizes and trophies.We usually met after school and discussed on school homework,assignments and extra- curricular projects.Since then, we became good friends.Leman had suggested we call our group as 5A’s.We agreed with Leman’s suggestion.One day Seli told us that in his village, there was an old dilapidated house which could be our meeting place.Every single day,when we had our free time, we would hang out and did anything there. We also decorated the house and painted it like a new one.It was very fantastic. The house was beautiful as the sunset. We captured all our moments together inside the house.There were full of photos of us inside.It was like our very own home. We would lock it up if we were not there.

Years flew by and now we just  turn 18 in a blinking of an eye.We did not realized about it.So with our outstanding results in SPM,we went separate directions and were chosen to study overseas, in different countries.We were grateful to the Almighty that we could fly overseas and  continued our study. But, our friendship was not over yet like many other dramas and movies as seen in the television.We maintained our friendship and always keep in touch with each other even though we were in the hustle and bustle of our own activities.So for every semester holidays,we would assemble in our so-called “club” and hang out till wee hours in the morning.Finally a long semester holidays came and as usual all of us would come back and assemble  in our secret club.Except for Leman,he had to stay back a week longer due to his incomplete project paper.Leman was scheduled to arrive exactly on his birthday.So this time we had planned a grand celebration and would call our female ex-classmates Kiah,Aisyah,Tipah Murni and Syafiqah.So we collected some money together to celebrate the occasion.We did everything such as car wash, cleaned residents’ backyard, painting, and many more in order to buy things for the birthday party such as decorations lights, candles, cakes,chocolates,tit-bits and many others.We wrapped a special present for Leman.On the other hand,Jali who was rather closer to him  bought him a big surprise, a car, because he knew that Leman wanted this long time ago. It was just a second-hand car, but it looked like new.Incidentally Leman would collect his driving license by end of this month.

Then  we decorated our so-called “club” as beautiful as we could.Our secret place was full of  decorations and we added some nostalgic photos,trophies cardboards and many others to make it a real memories during our nostalgic moments  in school.omorrow shall be a big day for us. Leman knew next to nothing about all of this. While we were waiting for the day,we recorded vividly our school’s memories when we looked at those pictures hanging on the colourful wall.

Days flew by, so finally August 16th, 2012 is here.Leman touched down at KLIA International Airport exactly 12 noon.So in two hours time he would touch down at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport,Kota Bharu.We gave him a call and asked him to come to the club house first before he stop anywhere. We were waiting eagerly for  Leman to arrive.The thing which we never expected to happen but it  did.Leman took a taxi from Kota Bharu Airport when suddenly the taxi skidded and hit a divider.The  driver was travelling at high speed of 160 km/hr and failed to apply a brake when a motorcycle was seen making a u-turn. The driver hit a big shady creepy tree and the car just blew up in  seconds. According to the investigating officer, the driver and the passenger of the vehicles were found dead in the taxi under the creepy tree. We heard the bad news from his parents. Our happiness had  just turned  into a  worst tragedy. We never had the chance to celebrate the party anymore.

Now,we can only see tears flowing down and celebrate Leman’s birthday for the last time at his grave.So this remain as my most unforgetabble experience.


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  1. Your storyline would be more realistic if you could address where Leman further his studies and his other four friends.There was not enough flashback especially the good and exciting times at school.What happen to the female friends-where have they gone to?