Wednesday, 17 July 2013


My cousin, Zarul is a special person. He is seventeen years older than I am but we grew up together.His parents died in a tragic car accident when he was ten.My mother told me that during the funeral of his parents, Zarul came to her and asked if he could stay with her.My mother,overcome with grief,hugged him tightly and said a definite yes.

                So when I was born,Zarul was already there, my cousin and brother.He was a brilliant and popular boy.He excelled in school.He was good in drawing and took painting as a hobby.My mother told me that he would take me to a nearby park, and would sketch the scenes around us in his sketchbook as I   sat on his lap.When I was two, Zarul went to a boarding school.Every time he came home during the holidays,he would bring me a box of chocolates and little gifts for mother and father. My parents loved him very much because he was a polite and humble boy.

 Zarul  grew up to become a pilot with a commercial airline.It was his life-long dream to travel and visit other countries in the world.Then a tragic accident happened.As Zarul and I were crossing the road in front of our house, an inexperienced driver lost control of his car and hit Zarul.Instead of braking,the driver accelerated.Zarul was dragged for several metres before the car stopped.He was  rushed to the hospital. The doctors had to amputate his legs.They were severely injured and if they were not cut off,they could  cause more damage and may kill Zarul.

It was  a very difficult time for all of us, especially for Zarul.In a few short moments, he had lost his legs, his job and perhaps his future. He grew quiet and bitter. Then one day, Zarul asked my mother to bring his painting materials to the hospital. He wanted to calm his mind by painting.The request changed his life. Zarul is now a successful and well-know artist. His work has appeared in many magazines.He has set his own art show for children on television and started a foundation to help other handicapped artists.He sells his watercolour paintings to various galleries in the region. They say his paintings are simple yet colourful and full of life.I asked Zarul one day,how he motivated himself after the accident.He told me when the doctors cut off his legs,he felt the whole world crumble around him. He lost his hope to live.He further said,“Then suddenly,I saw an ant at the edge of my bed. It looked confused. It had reached the end of the bed and didn’t know where to go.It didn”t turn back, so it jumped off the bed. I looked down and there it was on the floor still alive and continuing on its journey”

From then on, I realised that I was like the ant, and the only thing to do then was to move on, love myself and accept changes. I am  glad I did.



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  1. such a nice story....the moral value is we should not give up in life but be brave to overcome the obstacles in our life...!