Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Sir,this is real-life story about my parents. 

Describe an unforgettable experience in your life.

Everybody in the world has experiences. Experience or moment is something that happens in our life. With experiences, people learn to be more matured person. There were sad, happy, sweet and bitter memories in our life.
       Being a young girl of merely four years old, I really never understood the meaning of death nor the purpose of death. All I could understand that not only uninvited death but it also inevitable. Death took something too precious away from me, so priceless, that even words cannot describe it. It took away my parents from me.
       It was tragic when I was four years old. My father had passed away because of heart attack. As I remembered, when I slept  one night, I heard a woman’s crying. I rushed to the voice to observe what had happen. I saw my mom was crying beside my lying father. I asked my mom what had happened. It was the miserable moment when my mom said that my beloved father had  passed away and left  us forever. When I heard that, I rushed to my sister’s room to tell them about it. That night had become a nightmare to my whole family when the living room was filled with the sound of cries and  tears. That was the moment when I came face to face with death and how much I despises  it. I cried myself that night and many nights that followed. Becoming  an orphan in the young age was something that was never dream for any children.
       I thought of all the good time we had together. He was such a bubbly, energetic, funny, charming, responsible and awesome man that I had ever known. He is my idol in my childhood. He is a good teacher for his student and gorgeous man in my world. His life seemed perfect. But I know that I had to accept his death and go on for my life.
       In 2002, something happened that changed my entire life. Unfortunately, my mother got an accident when she was on her journey with my auntie to the town. I can still vividly remember when I was in my house with my sisters, a cousin of mine came to our house and informed us about the accident. We were very shock and rushed to the ICU unit  in Jeli  hospital. It was very bad moment when the doctor said that my mother could not be saved anymore. When  dawn came, the villagers took my mother’s corpse home. The moment that I really could not  forget was  when my mother’s body was bathed by the villagers. But it was the saddest moment when I saw  my mother’s body being buried.I saw them with my own eyes.

It took quite sometime for me to get over it. Now, I am learning to accept the ups and down in life. God, the Almighty has His own plan for each and everyone. And, I guess that whatever happens, it is fated.I praised to the Almighty for all the gratitudes that has been blessed over me. 

WAN NUR SYAFIQA BT  WAN ABDUL RAHMAN                            

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