Sunday, 28 July 2013


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our beloved Principal, Tuan Hasan Mat Tamat, respectable teachers and all my fellow friends.

 First and foremost, I would like to thank our Principal for giving me a chance to present this speech on welcoming our new brothers and sisters to Sekolah Menengah Ugama Taqaddum Al-Maarif. I would also like to congratulate our new form one students for passing the entrance test with flying colors. All of you have struggled very hard to enroll into this school and believe me you are the creams from the remaining 5000 students who failed to enroll due to very stiff competition.
As the Head Prefect of this school, it is my duty and responsibility to ensure that the dicipline of this school is  maintained. Therefore, you must strictly abide to the rules and regulations stipulated by the school administration.

Firstly, you must uphold the good name of the school by instilling a good dicipline. It is not easy to be a well-diciplined student. You must adhere to the discipline of our school regulations especially your attire and conduct. To create a good impression, you must always be dressed neatly in your school, complete with white shoes and white socks. You also must always iron your shirt  before you wear them.The shoes, you must wash it, at least once a week to make it looks clean and not smelly. In addition, do not come to school late, or the teacher will be furious and give you a stiffer punishment. For instance, the principal will cane 3 times for first offence.

Demerit points will be awarded to the students who breach the code of conduct and punishment such as staying back in school, canning and suspension will be implemented. It is very crucial for our school to do that in order to make the students respect  the school regulations. If your demerit points has reached 20 points and above, you will be called by the Principal  with your parents along. Also, proper attire at all times are required  so that it reflects your high discipline.No punk hair or  coloured  hair  and  should always keep  hair short and neatly combed. No cellular phone and other banned items are allowed  in this school.Other incisive items such as knife,scissors,external disk and potraits of famous artistes are strictly not allowed and  if you bring them, they will be confiscated.

Apart from that, you all must enrol in a club, sports and socities activities. It is encouraged that  you are active in any one of these. You will be given certificates and these are useful for  your references when you go for higher studies.Besides with your talents and potentials,you will be selected to represent the school,then the district level and finally the state level.Our school name will be known by many others and many will be interested to join us  because of our fame.Joining the sports will keep your body and mind healthy. As the saying goes, a healthy body give a healthy mind and that is our priority.Moreover, this school has a good academic record.There fore you must excel in academic studies so that you help the school  to be among the top schools in Kelantan.

As a conclusion.please keep in mind  on the various things I have mentioned above.I do hope you have found my talk helpful. Thank you for listening attentively.


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