Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Dear SPM students,you may please submit essay on following question and post to sirrosdi@yahoo.com

You are concerned with the high incidence of cheating in examinations. You have decided to write an article entitled 'Stop Cheating!' for the school magazine.

Use the following notes to write your article:
1)The causes of cheating
*Not ready to accept failure in the record book.
*Do not want to disappoint parents
*Feeling embarrass/shame with fellow friends/neighbours/teachers

2)Multiple forms of cheating
*On palms/wrists.
*Hide notes in smaller pockets or stashed somewhere.
*Toilets/toilet walls.

 3)Suggestions to stop cheating.
*Invigilators should be more alert/attentive/strict.
*Only pen/pencils/erasers allowed in examination hall/no pencil cases.
*Escorted to washrooms.

You may include any other relevant points on the causes,form of cheatings and suggestions when writing your article.
When writing the article,you should remember:
to give your article a title
to use all the notes given
to write in paragraphs.


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