Thursday, 11 July 2013


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An unforgettable experience in my life.

During my school holiday, I spent a few days at my village in Jasin, Malacca. On the first day, when I arrived there with my family,I saw my cousins and my relatives were  also back home at the same time as my family. It all started  when my dad suggested the idea. “How about if we celebrate with a family outing tomorrow?Everyone in the family was so excited to hear dad’s proposal.He further added, “we shall travel down to west coast  to Malacca visiting the famous “A famosa” All my siblings were  jumping with joy and looking forward  for the exciting  trip.

On the second day,early in the morning, all my family members were  so excited and cheered up.We started  the journey  by car.During our  journey, my little sister  cheered up everybody  with her funny antics.So the journey was rather exciting  and everyone stayed awake to hear more funny antics  from our little sister.My dad stopped at one of  the  R&R’s (Rest and recreation spot) along the highway.So we had our prayers ,some refreshments  and then a quick shower.After that, we continued our journey. We arrived at A Famosa about 10.00 a.m. Inside the A Famosa, we  saw many historical spots such as the writing on the wall by the portugese merchants and the famous statue of Alburquque.It was really amazing to see a historical spot such as A Famosa which is almost 500years old still standing strong in the heart of  Malacca city.    Then  we  dropped by at the famous Malacca  Muzuem.There were huge crowd,the local as well as the international tourists. We were happy and thanked to the Almighty because we could  be here.

In the midst of our enjoyment looking at  the beautiful buildings of Afamosa and the Muzuem,my mum had asked me to buy a towel at the Bestari market nearby.So I went along with my cousin,Akim.Suddenly  there was an announcement reminding the public about the  three ex-convicts who  had just  escaped from the police cell and carrying pistols with them.The  announcer told us to be  careful because these criminals were dangerous, ferocious and may shoot anytime.Then the situation became chaotic when one of the ladies screamed and claimed that she  saw the criminals hiding behind a cash counter. We saw many people screaming and running helter-skelter when the criminals were pointing guns to the public.Suddenly, the  three criminals  rushed with their pistols on their hands and ordered all the customers  to squat down and took  out all their precious thing in their pockets  including their wallets,mobile phones,credit cards and many others.
I was  so panicked but  Akim calmed me down. One of the robbers, cleaned out the cash register while the other two were busy examining  the customers’ wallets and mobile phones. Meantime,I took the oppurtunity to run away from the scene  when one of them managed to grab me.He later pushed me to the side and hit me with the pistol butt.I felt the pain and collapsed on the floor.I could hear Akim’s voice when he suddenly lost his patience and decided to act.He immediately pushed one of the criminals and managed to grab his  gun.Then he used his leg to kick  the other criminal.One of  public believed to be a police officer quickly get hold of the third  criminal and handcuffed him.Within  minutes,the police party arrived and cordoned the area.Then the police arrested and hancuffed the other two criminals.

It was a very frightening experience for me.My mum and dad were so worried that Akim and me would be hurt and killed.Thanks  to the Almighty that Akim and me were still alive and kicking.The drama ended with most of the customers in the Bestari Market complemented us for our bravery.They also  gave us a round of applause.
This event was indeed the most unforgettable experience in my life.

Masrurah binti Abdul Malek