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Cheating in examination is a common issue. Every time when the examination is held, you hear cheating cases  among the students.These phenomena is happening among students in the last classes of any schools.But that does not stop students from the front classes to do the same.This cheating is unethical and the school authorities must stop this nonsense.Otherwise we may see unqualified students walk away with top student  awards and this is surely embarrasing.On the other hand, there are many sincere and hard working students who do not cheat.This category of students should be saluted for their ethical and responsible deeds.
Sometimes it is very frustrating to see the weaker students score higher marks than the smarter students because they have the oppurtunity to cheat or copy from resources known to them only.

I think students have their own reasons why they cheat in examination. The sole reason is they are not ready to accept failures.Although they do not slog  hard in their studies but they have strange egoes  to protect their reputations.There is a strong possibility that they want to protect themselves from getting punish by their parents.On the other hand,they also feel embarass with neighbours and friends from another schools.Some cases of students studying at the eleventh hour  having stressful moments so they have to resort to copy or cheating.

 There are couple of ways of cheating.They usually write the answers on their palms and wrist and also in their kopiahs. Also,today’s  technologies enable them to  photocopy the answers in smaller forms and they hide them somewhere at their waists or stash somewhere in the smaller pockets. Toilet walls also become their references  to cheat. They write on them early before the exam begin. Besides, they also write the answers on ringgit notes.

 This unethical habits must be prevented.I suggest the  invigilators to be more alert,attentive and strict so  that students are scared if they want to cheat. The invigilators should warn students that they are disqualified from the examination  if they are found copying or cheating. In examination hall, the students should not bring pencil cases. Only pen and  other required  stationaries to  be allowed into the hall. Going to the washrooms also must be escorted so that students do not have any chance to cheat.Ofcourse they are many other forms  of cheating that we do not know or come across.So it is better not to know them.

 Finally remember the phrase, 'Once you fail, it does not mean you fail forever'.It is good that students learn to face failures now because when they go for higher education,cheating may pose a bigger problem to them.So avoid cheating at all times.

Maahad Lelaki Kota Bharu

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