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SPM NARRATIVE ESSAY-WRITE AN ESSAY BEGINING WITH: until today I could never forget that event..

Write an essay starting with, until today I could never forget that event.....

Untill today, I could never  forget that event. It happened last year when I wanted to be a singer.So I decided to join an audition.I felt so excited because  it was my ambition to be a famous singer since my childhood days. I was even  more excited when the contest offered very attractive prices.So my dream started...
On that very morning, I woke up late because my alarm clock did  not ring.My parents were not at home.The auditions was suppose to begin at 8.30 a.m but I woke up  rather late about half an hour later.Imagine I was panicked and searching all my personal items and rushed to the washroom..I felt  hesitated initially but I wanted to go because this was my only chance.I  knew I would be late but  still I  wanted to show up for the audition.Finally I dressed in  a simple orange T-shirt and jean.When I looked at the clock,it was already 9.30 a.m.Oh gosh! What a bad luck.How I wish I could turn the clock.

I went out of the house feeling jilted but still I built up my confidence to be at the audition centre  and wishing there would be some technical delay over there. I would like to go there with my beloved motorcycle but it was  hopeless,I could not start  my motorcycle. I made a decision to wait  for the the bus or taxi  then.I was so unfortunate after 30 minutes of waiting both neither the bus nor  the taxi showed up.I felt so discouraged  and then I made a heavy decision to use my  my old bicycle.I would feel  embarassed if I reached  the centre when other “singers” would stare at me with my old bicycle.But I could not care less.My dream is my priority and nothing could  stop me.I  would do  do anything to satisfy my desire and my ambition.

While riding my bicycle,I felt so thirsty. So I stopped at a stall to buy a bottle of drink and I left my old guitar with my bicycle at a parking lot.After  a short stop at the 7-11 outlet,I went to the parking lot and found my guitar missing.I could not express the amount of emotional  pain I had and tears flowed down my cheeks.Today is really a bad day for me when everything go wrong. This guitar means a lot to me because it was my father’s present after I scored 9 A’s in my recent PMR examination.My confidence was shattered and I was totally lost.My dream took a drastic turn.I could not perform without my guitar.So I gave up. Suddenly ,I saw my guitar on a pavement about a few yards away.I was wondering why the thief decided to leave my guitar there.

I quickly cycled  and my hope look very faint. Finally, I arrived at the audition centre.Then I looked at my watch and it showed 11.30 a.m.I guessed the audition was all over as  I was very late.Nobody was there anymore.What a disappointing morning and what an unfortunate moment for me. 'My dream'as a singer had finally dashed off.

My eyes stared at the notice which clearly read, “ The Audition will be postpone to next week due to unforseen circumstances".”Am I reading the right notice”,I asked myself. I was rather speechless.Oh  Almighty, Thank you,I still have my chance now.. With all the blessings from you,Almighty,I could still dream to be a singer.Thank you again my Almighty.
That was the most interesting experience that I had ever come across.This experience had taught me the value of patience.

Thank you Almighty.


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our beloved Principal, Tuan Hasan Mat Tamat, respectable teachers and all my fellow friends.

 First and foremost, I would like to thank our Principal for giving me a chance to present this speech on welcoming our new brothers and sisters to Sekolah Menengah Ugama Taqaddum Al-Maarif. I would also like to congratulate our new form one students for passing the entrance test with flying colors. All of you have struggled very hard to enroll into this school and believe me you are the creams from the remaining 5000 students who failed to enroll due to very stiff competition.
As the Head Prefect of this school, it is my duty and responsibility to ensure that the dicipline of this school is  maintained. Therefore, you must strictly abide to the rules and regulations stipulated by the school administration.

Firstly, you must uphold the good name of the school by instilling a good dicipline. It is not easy to be a well-diciplined student. You must adhere to the discipline of our school regulations especially your attire and conduct. To create a good impression, you must always be dressed neatly in your school, complete with white shoes and white socks. You also must always iron your shirt  before you wear them.The shoes, you must wash it, at least once a week to make it looks clean and not smelly. In addition, do not come to school late, or the teacher will be furious and give you a stiffer punishment. For instance, the principal will cane 3 times for first offence.

Demerit points will be awarded to the students who breach the code of conduct and punishment such as staying back in school, canning and suspension will be implemented. It is very crucial for our school to do that in order to make the students respect  the school regulations. If your demerit points has reached 20 points and above, you will be called by the Principal  with your parents along. Also, proper attire at all times are required  so that it reflects your high discipline.No punk hair or  coloured  hair  and  should always keep  hair short and neatly combed. No cellular phone and other banned items are allowed  in this school.Other incisive items such as knife,scissors,external disk and potraits of famous artistes are strictly not allowed and  if you bring them, they will be confiscated.

Apart from that, you all must enrol in a club, sports and socities activities. It is encouraged that  you are active in any one of these. You will be given certificates and these are useful for  your references when you go for higher studies.Besides with your talents and potentials,you will be selected to represent the school,then the district level and finally the state level.Our school name will be known by many others and many will be interested to join us  because of our fame.Joining the sports will keep your body and mind healthy. As the saying goes, a healthy body give a healthy mind and that is our priority.Moreover, this school has a good academic record.There fore you must excel in academic studies so that you help the school  to be among the top schools in Kelantan.

As a conclusion.please keep in mind  on the various things I have mentioned above.I do hope you have found my talk helpful. Thank you for listening attentively.




Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our beloved principal, Tuan Hj.Mohd.Mansor Hj.Daud, respectable teachers and all my fellow friends. First and foremost, I would like to thank our principal for giving me a chance to present this speech on welcoming our new form one students who had successfully joined  us. Once again, we  welcome our new brothers and sisters to this prestigious and glamorous,Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Falahiah.I would also like to congratulate our new form one students for passing the entrance exam with flying colors. All of you must have struggled very hard to enrol  into our school and believe me you are the creams from the remaining 5000 students who failed to enrol due to very stiff competition.

As the Head Prefect of this school,it is my duty and responsibility to ensure that the discipline of this school is maintained. Therefore, you must strictly  abide to the rules and regulations stipulated by the school administration. Firstly, you must uphold the good name of the school with good discipline. It is not easy to be a  well-disciplined student.You must show that you really are such as coming  early to school and latest to be at the school gate by 7.30a.m. For those late-comers a penalty shall be imposed such as washing toilet and cleaning litters around the school compound.Beside that your school uniform must be clean and neat.All shirts must be tucked-in and for female students,all shawls must be ironed.Anyone who does any modification,repaired or altered their trousers will be dealt accordingly by our PKHEM.Your shoes must be white too.These are our daily routine check and students will be hauled up if above rules are not adhered.Meanwhile you are reminded to behave properly and talk politely to your seniors in upper forms.Likewise you must be polite and show your best behaviours to the outside visitors.They will surely bring the good things about our school outside. For those studying in hostel,it is very good that you are close to your seniors as they will help you many things especially in the management of your time in hostel and also your daily learning process.

Demerit point system will be awarded to any students who breach the code of discipline.You are not allowed to dye your hair or color your nails.Proper attires must be maintained and students are encouraged to wear their sports attires if they are involved with physical education in the morning. I would like to inform you on the strict rule of cellular phones.Nobody is allowed to bring or keep any mobile phone in the classroom,hostel or anywhere in the school compound.The usage is strictly prohibited.You may use the public phones provided by the school.There are plenty of them and most of them are in good order.Please report to the prefects if you see any of the public phones not working.Spot checks will be carried out from time to time.
Once again,if we do a spotcheck and if any mobile phones are found then,we will confiscate them.Your parents will  have to appeal if you want back the cellular phone but this is only done by year end.

For your information,this school encourage students to be active in sports,club and societies.Any students who are talented and potential in sports will be selected to represent the school to compete at district and state level.It is advisable too that you enroll in extra-curricular activities held by the school such as club and social activities.The clubs and societies in this school also conduct exciting and meaningful trips,campings,forest and mount-trekking,beach trip and many others so that students can feel the excitement and happiness during your stay here.

My dear brothers and sisters,
Our school has been in the limelight over the last 7 years achieving outstanding results in PMR and SPM.We have very good teachers here who can guide us to excel in our academic studies.So with our very conducive study environment,I do not see any excuses for us not to perform well in our PMR and SPM examination every year.For the record,our school has been the top 5 schools in Kelantan over the last 7 years.So don’t let this good reputation goes off from our hands.
That’s all I can share with you and thank you so much for lending your ears.

Laili Nadhirah
Head Girl,SMKA Falahiah.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013



Cheating in examination is a common issue. Every time when the examination is held, you hear cheating cases  among the students.These phenomena is happening among students in the last classes of any schools.But that does not stop students from the front classes to do the same.This cheating is unethical and the school authorities must stop this nonsense.Otherwise we may see unqualified students walk away with top student  awards and this is surely embarrasing.On the other hand, there are many sincere and hard working students who do not cheat.This category of students should be saluted for their ethical and responsible deeds.
Sometimes it is very frustrating to see the weaker students score higher marks than the smarter students because they have the oppurtunity to cheat or copy from resources known to them only.

I think students have their own reasons why they cheat in examination. The sole reason is they are not ready to accept failures.Although they do not slog  hard in their studies but they have strange egoes  to protect their reputations.There is a strong possibility that they want to protect themselves from getting punish by their parents.On the other hand,they also feel embarass with neighbours and friends from another schools.Some cases of students studying at the eleventh hour  having stressful moments so they have to resort to copy or cheating.

 There are couple of ways of cheating.They usually write the answers on their palms and wrist and also in their kopiahs. Also,today’s  technologies enable them to  photocopy the answers in smaller forms and they hide them somewhere at their waists or stash somewhere in the smaller pockets. Toilet walls also become their references  to cheat. They write on them early before the exam begin. Besides, they also write the answers on ringgit notes.

 This unethical habits must be prevented.I suggest the  invigilators to be more alert,attentive and strict so  that students are scared if they want to cheat. The invigilators should warn students that they are disqualified from the examination  if they are found copying or cheating. In examination hall, the students should not bring pencil cases. Only pen and  other required  stationaries to  be allowed into the hall. Going to the washrooms also must be escorted so that students do not have any chance to cheat.Ofcourse they are many other forms  of cheating that we do not know or come across.So it is better not to know them.

 Finally remember the phrase, 'Once you fail, it does not mean you fail forever'.It is good that students learn to face failures now because when they go for higher education,cheating may pose a bigger problem to them.So avoid cheating at all times.

Maahad Lelaki Kota Bharu


Assalamualaikum to all readers of our school's magazine.First of all,I would like to express my  thanks to the magazine editor for  giving me this opportunity to share my opinion on the topic entitled "How to be a smart consumer and save your money".As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shine,so we can act to be a smart consumer as it is a noble act which can be emulated by anyone who wants to save their money.If we follow all the steps addressed below,then our  lives would be smooth,systematic and would never encounter  the sufferings like those who face financial problems.

Firstly,focus on the items you want to buy.It is crucial as we must avoid buying unnecessary things as in the end it will be wasteful. So to prevent evil's trail we need to think wisely before we decide to spend outside at the supermarkets,retailing shops or warehouses.The proverb ‘cut your shirt according to your size’ is very suitable when we  talk about expenses and saving.Besides, our prophet’s teaching had emphasised that the person who preferred to waste their excessive foods, they can be catogarized as the evil"s partner.

Secondly, thoroughly check the information such as discount offer, price reduction and many others.These are vital information that can save our expenses.So buying cheaper items not only save our money but also save our journey.On the other hand, the qualities of the items  also should be look to ensure the things we bought are not easily broken or fragile. We need  to compare  things we bought with other shops or outlets so that we can get the satisfaction.

We should also not to overlook on  the most important items such as ingredients contents, expiry dates, and halal logos. We are encouraged to buy in the muslim's shop.This is because as  muslims, we must be careful about the food intake for our inner cleanliness.The authority such as JAKIM is responsible on halal logos and they are always on the move to protect the muslims.Thus the muslims are protected from consuming haram food.

Last but not least,pay cash or use debit card whenever you want to buy something.As a smart consumer you must manage and plan wisely.Usage of credit card may lend you into bigger debts and would interupt your budget,expenses and income statements

In a nutshell, there are many ways  that we can approach to become  smart consumers. So it is actually depending on us which way we want  to manage our lives.We must realize that saving money and spend wisely goes hand in hand.Even well to do people also face trouble in their lives because of financially poor planning . Hence we must be prepared  at all times  for any eventualities.


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Dear SPM students,you may please submit essay on following question and post to

You are concerned with the high incidence of cheating in examinations. You have decided to write an article entitled 'Stop Cheating!' for the school magazine.

Use the following notes to write your article:
1)The causes of cheating
*Not ready to accept failure in the record book.
*Do not want to disappoint parents
*Feeling embarrass/shame with fellow friends/neighbours/teachers

2)Multiple forms of cheating
*On palms/wrists.
*Hide notes in smaller pockets or stashed somewhere.
*Toilets/toilet walls.

 3)Suggestions to stop cheating.
*Invigilators should be more alert/attentive/strict.
*Only pen/pencils/erasers allowed in examination hall/no pencil cases.
*Escorted to washrooms.

You may include any other relevant points on the causes,form of cheatings and suggestions when writing your article.
When writing the article,you should remember:
to give your article a title
to use all the notes given
to write in paragraphs.


Dear SPM students, You may please post your essays to on the following question.

You are the school head prefect and your principal is asking you to prepare a welcoming speech in conjunction with the enrolment of  800 new form 1 students to your school Prepare a welcoming speech and use the following points to assist you in the preparation of your speech:

*To ensure the discipline of school is strictly adhered to.

*Demerit points awarded to students who breach the code of conduct.

*Behave properly and talk politely with seniors and other visitors.

*Proper attires at all times,no punk hair/coloured hair.

*Get active and enrol in club and socities activities

*Strictly no celullar phones and other banned items.

*Maintain and uphold the school acdemic achievements

Your speech must follow the proper format.Higher marks shall be awarded on language,presentation and clarity.


SPM Model question:

Write an article entitled,

 “Truancy and How to overcome them”.

Use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the article.

Causes of truancy:
*Disinterest in learning.
*Peer influence
*Lack of parents’ attention.

How to overcome them
*Counselling for problematic students.
*Close cooperation between teachers and parents.
*Motivational talks.
*Warnings and stern punishments.

Marks shall be awarded accordingly on contents, language and presentation.


How to Be a Smart Consumer and save your money

Being a consumer is a part and parcel of our lives. Therefore, it is of utmost important for us to spend wisely and save money. Most of the consumers nowadays spend too much money on products that are not worth their money. They are prompt buyers and spending unnecessarily. We must educate these consumers to be smart and spend wisely.

Firstly you have to focus on items that you want to buy.It is good if you can prepare a list of what you are suppose to buy before you walk in to any supermarkets or retail shops. Buy only the necessary items. Buying too much on things that you do not really need is not a good way to save money.Wherever possible be a smart consumer by not getting attracted to things that you do not need even when they are offered at higher discounts of 70% to 80%.You can save your  money if  you can instill this  strong discipline.

Thoroughly check the information and compare prices between retailers, wholesalers, and supermarkets. We may never know that these small amount  of money that  you save can lead to a bigger saving.Sometimes the goods are of different qualities and that is the reason for price differences.So you decide on the quality that you want and match against the price that you can afford to pay.So buy within your means so that you do not get cheated with those profit hungry and irresponsible traders.Many discount tags are purely business tactics and  actually they are recycled from one branch to another branch.So be a smart consumer by not buying those things which actually you do not need.

In addition, you should choose items of competitive prices with good quality. This is very important step especially when you are buying clothes. Do not get fully attracted to huge discount tags but focus on quality of that clothes. Do not get fooled by those discount tags and always check the quality first  rather than going back home and regret on it.

You also have to ensure the expired date and halal logos. That is right! We have to be careful when it comes to such things. For example, dairy products cannot be kept long. Therefore, always check the expiry date regardless of how cheap the items are. We have to make sure that there are halal logos on the items especially foods and drinks. The ingredients too are very important so it is advisable if you can thoroughly check the ingredient contents.

Furthermore, you must know your right as a consumer. Supposingly you are involved buying half-baked or defective products then you can lodge an official complaint to the Ministry of domestic affairs by filling up the relevant forms.In Kota Bharu,the office is located at Billion Shopping Complex,6th floor.
Your rights as consumer is protected if you feel the traders are cheating you on defective products.Sometimes the sale promoters will tell you that particular product is good, energy saving and and many other  promotional tricks. Try asking them few more questions before buying it. Then  check the products thoroughly.You  may never know that you may  bring home  a defective product.So a smart consumer will certainly save money by taking neccessary actions first before paying your money.

Lastly,it is advisable to pay cash or use debit card.Never get involve with credit card.Using credit card will ruin your entire budget and expenses.Worst still,you may end up with problem of paying the bills towards month end.So why use credit card when actually you can pay cash or debit card.

So if you are a smart  consumer and really want to save your money,act like one.A lot of  people are  trying their best  to be smart consumers  but many failed.So you dont get carried away and join them.Instead build up your own  discipline so that the money that you save can be used for other important and  neccessary things.So stop making wrong choices. Be a good consumer and know how to take advantage of it.


Monday, 22 July 2013


Gangsterism in school has worried many parents and the school authorities.

Write an article on ,“How to prevent gangsterism in school”.

Use the following points to assist you in your writing.You are encouraged to elaborate the points given and state examples wherever applicable.

a)School organising motivational talks and call relevant party to emphasise the danger of gangsterism in school.

b)Regular campaign to be conducted preferably by the parents and teachers association to keep the students informed-pamphlets and brochures distributed ands close cooperation between teachers and parents-close monitoring

c)Participation by students in club and society activities.

d)Counselling sessions for students who are already involved.

e)Stiffer penalties by the school authorities.


Salam Sir, I'm Amirah Aqilah from PTD 22, KB. this is my second e-mail. somethings going on with my first e-mail, but i have read your message. thank you Sir for fixing my narrative essay. i really have a problem with my grammar. yeah i always mix the past and present. sorry Sir, i'll try to fix it. By the way, this is my article. Hopefully you can edit it and fix my grammar.

                                   Accidents:Causes  and How to prevent them
   Lately, the issue on accidents often featured in the newspaper and hotly debated among the community. This is a serious problem as it has involved the loss of many lives. Thus, all parties must take further action to address this problem before it is too late. There are many factors that caused an accident to happen.

   One of the causes on accidents is the driver's attitudes. Some drivers are extremely impatients.They beat the red traffic light and do it without thinking their risk of losing their lives.They think that stopping at the red signal is wastage of time and fuel.The red light beaters  not only jeopardize their  lives  but also the safety of other road users. Other than that, the carelessness and recklessness of a driver also can cause an accident. Most of the young drivers usually drive while talking on phone, chatting, eating, joking or any other misbehaviours. They are not focussing  on the road and driving carefully.

   Besides that, many drivers do not take a good care of their vehicles condition. Most of the accidents due to vehicles that are not serviced regularly and not in proper condition such as brake does not work, broken signal lights, defective  clutches or leaking tires. Other causes are unsatisfactory roads and highway conditions. Maintainence of roads and highways not carried out regularly cause to uneven roads and potholes.The broken traffic light or signboards that cannot be read also the most dangerous that can lead to many innocent people die.

There are many ways and possible preventions to avoid this big problem. Firstly, drivers must try hard to change their attitudes and do regular services on their vehicles.Drivers supposed to check on vehicles before they start their journey and drive carefully on the roads. One must follow the traffic rules whenever he is in hurry or rush for works as a saying goes, "Better late than never".  The drivers should avoid talking on phone while driving or they should stop by the roadside to answer a call.

Furthermore, the regular enforcement by authorities are highly recommended as the best way to prevent accident.The Road transport and police must carry out their responsibility in this problem by suing the drivers that not follow the road rules and driving dangerously. Apart from that, the Government should pay more attention to the maintainence of roads and highways. The damaged roads or potholes must be repaired immediately to avoid a possible fatal accident.
   In a nut shell, accident is not a simple issue that can be ignored and avoid. Everyone must pay good attention to this problem and put the road laws ahead as an important priority  before start driving. Drive courteously and throw away the bad attitudes as casual attitudes about safety can result in a casualty.


Accidents: Causes and How to Prevent Them

   Nowadays, many tragic accidents happen everyday and everywhere and this situation is alarming.The rate of accidents keep on increasing from day to day not just in the cities but also in rural areas.These accidents  caused many people losing their families and loved ones. It is very tragic when we get news about accidents and innocent people die due to the faults committed by some reckless and inconsiderate drivers.Many people who lost their loved ones  are  in grief for a longer time and this is very pitiful.

The major cause of accident is speeding. Many reckless and inconsiderate drivers like to drive at high speed especially those who are driving heavy vehicles like lorries and express buses. Some of these drivers are very selfish and do not care about other road users.They simply speed up  on the road and highways and  they do not realize that their action may  harm other road users.If a driver is speeding and overtaking recklessly,it is highly risk that the vehicle may  skid,causing accident and probably deaths.They will ram  other cars from the opposite direction. There are also irresponsible drivers who drive at high speed and hit the red traffic light.Their unbecoming attitude is inconveniencing the  other road users and may cause death to innocent people.Most of the accidents happen  due to the driver’s fault. Some drivers are not in stable condition when they are driving.They are sleepy,tired and possibly drunk.Usually we can track these phenomema from the buses,lorries and other heavy vehicles drivers. They are sleepy and tired after driving for long hours  causing them  to lost their focus hence causing accidents and death.                              

Apart from that, vehicles which are not serviced for a long time may not be in the best condition to be on the road.A car which is not serviced may have problems like the brakes and clutches which cannot work efficiently and may cause accident. The bad condition of our  roads and highways is also another contributing factor which is causing accidents.The authorities take a longer time to repair the bad conditions of the roads thus many innocent motorists were trapped with potholes,uneven roads and landslides.

 I think there are many ways to  overcome accidents.Firstly,all drivers and motorcyclists must change their attitudes. They should follow all the traffic rules and speed limit. They should never drive or ride at high  speed and accelerate further at  traffic light when the light turns red.
They should give signal when they want to turn at the junction so that other drivers know where they are heading. If the drivers follow speed limit and not speeding, their journey will be safe and convenience the other road users.Next,the cars and vehicles must be serviced regularly to maintain their best condition. Failure to service the vehicles  may cause many technical problems and can injure the driver. The Works department(JKR) also must do maintenance of roads and repair damage on roads immediately before more accidents happen.Then, enforcement of traffic rules must be tighten.Officers from Road Ttransport Department and Police Traffic should always patrol and take action on any person who break the traffic rules.Heavier fines should  be imposed so that they will abide the traffic rules.Apart from that ,it is vital that the present ruling on licensing procedures to be changed.It is advisable to raise the minimum requirement for holding a valid licence from existing 17years to 21 years old.Usually motorcyclists and drivers who are 21years old and above are more matured and considerate.Thus we can cut down the  accidents rates.

In conclusion,majority of the accident cases begin from the drivers themselves. I think from now on, drivers should be more responsible and careful while driving vehicles. All people must take heed of ways to overcome accidents. I hope the rate of accidents will decrease as it is so sad to see many tears flowing especially losing their loved ones when accidents happen.We can change the situation.Let us behave nicely on the roads.

Mariam bte Adam
SMK Panji
Kota Bharu


Sir,I am Fatin from SMK Kedai Buluh.My teacher sending her regards and requesting you to post this question in your blog.

Write an article entitled,

 “Accidents and How to prevent them”.

Use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the article.

Causes of accidents:
*Speeding at normal roads and highways.
*Tired,sleepy and drunk drivers.
* Poor maintainence of vehicles 
*Poor roads and highway conditions.

How to prevent  them
*Revise licensing procedures to 21 years and above instead of existing 17yrs.
*All drivers and riders to follow strictly traffic rules and regulations.
*Periodic maintainence and services of vehicles and maintainence of roads and highways.  
*Regular monitoring by enforcement officers,RTD and Traffic Police.
*Stiffer punishment and penalties for drivers causing death.

Marks shall be awarded accordingly on contents, language and presentation.

Sunday, 21 July 2013


Well students-If I pick this question as possible spot question Paper 1 -Directed Writing -Article.What do you all think?I am inviting interested SPM students to submit your essays based on this question.
Please post to 


You have attended a talk  on consumerism. You find the talk interesting and informative and wish to share with all your friends at your school..Write  an article for your school magazine  entitled:


Include the following points  to assist you in your preparation of the article:

*Focus on the items you want to buy/prepare a list of items to buy/Buy only neccessary items/do not spend unneccessarily.

*Thoroughly check the information such as discount offer and price reductions.Compare prices between retailers/wholesalers and supermarkets.

*Buy items of competitive prices with good quality.

*Ensuring the expiry dates/ingredients content and halal logos.

*Know your rights as consumers.

*Use debit card /cash.Never use credit card

When writing the article, you should remember:
*. to include all the points given
*add any other relevant points
*write in paragraphs.
Marks will be awarded with good language, ideas and presentation.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Sir,this is real-life story about my parents. 

Describe an unforgettable experience in your life.

Everybody in the world has experiences. Experience or moment is something that happens in our life. With experiences, people learn to be more matured person. There were sad, happy, sweet and bitter memories in our life.
       Being a young girl of merely four years old, I really never understood the meaning of death nor the purpose of death. All I could understand that not only uninvited death but it also inevitable. Death took something too precious away from me, so priceless, that even words cannot describe it. It took away my parents from me.
       It was tragic when I was four years old. My father had passed away because of heart attack. As I remembered, when I slept  one night, I heard a woman’s crying. I rushed to the voice to observe what had happen. I saw my mom was crying beside my lying father. I asked my mom what had happened. It was the miserable moment when my mom said that my beloved father had  passed away and left  us forever. When I heard that, I rushed to my sister’s room to tell them about it. That night had become a nightmare to my whole family when the living room was filled with the sound of cries and  tears. That was the moment when I came face to face with death and how much I despises  it. I cried myself that night and many nights that followed. Becoming  an orphan in the young age was something that was never dream for any children.
       I thought of all the good time we had together. He was such a bubbly, energetic, funny, charming, responsible and awesome man that I had ever known. He is my idol in my childhood. He is a good teacher for his student and gorgeous man in my world. His life seemed perfect. But I know that I had to accept his death and go on for my life.
       In 2002, something happened that changed my entire life. Unfortunately, my mother got an accident when she was on her journey with my auntie to the town. I can still vividly remember when I was in my house with my sisters, a cousin of mine came to our house and informed us about the accident. We were very shock and rushed to the ICU unit  in Jeli  hospital. It was very bad moment when the doctor said that my mother could not be saved anymore. When  dawn came, the villagers took my mother’s corpse home. The moment that I really could not  forget was  when my mother’s body was bathed by the villagers. But it was the saddest moment when I saw  my mother’s body being buried.I saw them with my own eyes.

It took quite sometime for me to get over it. Now, I am learning to accept the ups and down in life. God, the Almighty has His own plan for each and everyone. And, I guess that whatever happens, it is fated.I praised to the Almighty for all the gratitudes that has been blessed over me. 

WAN NUR SYAFIQA BT  WAN ABDUL RAHMAN                            


My cousin, Zarul is a special person. He is seventeen years older than I am but we grew up together.His parents died in a tragic car accident when he was ten.My mother told me that during the funeral of his parents, Zarul came to her and asked if he could stay with her.My mother,overcome with grief,hugged him tightly and said a definite yes.

                So when I was born,Zarul was already there, my cousin and brother.He was a brilliant and popular boy.He excelled in school.He was good in drawing and took painting as a hobby.My mother told me that he would take me to a nearby park, and would sketch the scenes around us in his sketchbook as I   sat on his lap.When I was two, Zarul went to a boarding school.Every time he came home during the holidays,he would bring me a box of chocolates and little gifts for mother and father. My parents loved him very much because he was a polite and humble boy.

 Zarul  grew up to become a pilot with a commercial airline.It was his life-long dream to travel and visit other countries in the world.Then a tragic accident happened.As Zarul and I were crossing the road in front of our house, an inexperienced driver lost control of his car and hit Zarul.Instead of braking,the driver accelerated.Zarul was dragged for several metres before the car stopped.He was  rushed to the hospital. The doctors had to amputate his legs.They were severely injured and if they were not cut off,they could  cause more damage and may kill Zarul.

It was  a very difficult time for all of us, especially for Zarul.In a few short moments, he had lost his legs, his job and perhaps his future. He grew quiet and bitter. Then one day, Zarul asked my mother to bring his painting materials to the hospital. He wanted to calm his mind by painting.The request changed his life. Zarul is now a successful and well-know artist. His work has appeared in many magazines.He has set his own art show for children on television and started a foundation to help other handicapped artists.He sells his watercolour paintings to various galleries in the region. They say his paintings are simple yet colourful and full of life.I asked Zarul one day,how he motivated himself after the accident.He told me when the doctors cut off his legs,he felt the whole world crumble around him. He lost his hope to live.He further said,“Then suddenly,I saw an ant at the edge of my bed. It looked confused. It had reached the end of the bed and didn’t know where to go.It didn”t turn back, so it jumped off the bed. I looked down and there it was on the floor still alive and continuing on its journey”

From then on, I realised that I was like the ant, and the only thing to do then was to move on, love myself and accept changes. I am  glad I did.




Sir,this was a real expereince I when I was in USA with my family during last holidays.

Unforgettable Experience
  Whenever somebody asks to me to relate an experience that I can never forget,millions of different experiences come into my mind.But there is one experience which I would consider to be the most unforgettable and most scary.It was the first time I rode on a  roller coaster.Why? The fear that I felt was  beyond one’s imanigation.Let me recalled  the whole incident.
It was a sunny day.I woke up early in the moning . The room that came into my view was unfamiliar.``Weird’’!I thought to myself .``Why couldn`t I recognize my own room ?’’After a while,I remember.``I’m in the United States of America’’
``We are going to Disneyland today.’’My sister’s voice interrupted my thought.I could sense happiness in her cheerful voice.
The moment we reached there ,my sister suggested,``let’s go for a ride on a roller coaster.I’ve heard so much about the roller coaster in Disneyland and I’m dying to try it.’’
``No way,man.I woudn’t want to be scared to death!’’I protested,shaking my head from left to right as hard as I could.
``Come on !Mom,can we go ?’’my sister asked
``No ! No ! No ! ‘’ I answered. But my sister didn’t give in . She begged my mother until my mother said,``Okay why not,both of you should try out .’’
Without wasting a second,my sister dragged me to where the roller coaster was.I was really nervous.
``Wow!’’ my sister cried out loudly,She could not hide her surprise . ``This is the biggest roller coaster I have ever seen.’’I agreed with her in my heart.The big roller coaster that stood in front of me did amaze me.
``Hurry up !’’ urged my sister . I followed her uwillingly.I was even more nervous when I saw the sign CAUTION . My sister led me into a small room where the person-in-charge showed us our seats. I sat  on my seat reluctantly.
``Relax and take it easy !’’ my sister tried to comfort me but it did not help.I sat obediently and managed to flash her a chilly smile.
  After a while,I heard a siren that hurt my ears . The siren warned us that the scary trip was about to begin.I shut m eyes tightly.Both my hands seized the sit so tightly that they ached. I guess I was panic. I tried to calm myself down but in vain.  I heard  people shouting excitedly.They were panic too. They were so eager to begin. Finally , I  felt the roller coaster was moving. It started slowly at first,then faster,faster,and faster as it began  to pick up speed. I felt my stomach turning upside down. It moved so fast that I nearly fell from my seat. I felt my  seat streaming down my face from my forehead. My heart was  pounding loudly.I   regretted taking a ride on this scary thing.

 ``When will this big,stupid caterpillar stop moving? Please slow down ,slow down or I’ll get a heart attack.’’ I pleaded in my heart but the roller coaster refused to listen to my plead. I heard people screaming crazily. It was driving me nuts . The roller coasters shifted  to the left and then to the right. It swayed  so hard that my head knocked against the front seats. When the roller coaster slide down from the highest peak,it was the most frightening part of the whole trip. My eyes were wide open . my heart stopped beating. I screamed at the top of my voice and my shawl was``flying willy in the air’’.
The fifteen-minute rode on the roller coaster was like fifteen years to me.  My  face was as pale as a corpse when I came down from the roller coaster. I buried my face in my hands because I felt the world was spinning. My father and mother rushed towards me when they sensed something was wrong with me. My whole body was  trembling  and my hands were  icy cold. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. From that moment on,whenever people mention roller coaster, a chill runs through my spine. I think that ride on the roller coaster was the most unforgettable experience in my life.

4 ibnu sina ……..

Monday, 15 July 2013


Assalamualaikum sirrosdi. aisyahsufian here-Smua taqaddum maarif. This is my essay for the title of AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE. I sent u this a little bit late because I fell  asleep earlier than I thought. i just got up this morning n typed it as fast I could.

 Today is  July 16th, 2012. Exactly a month later, it will be Leman’s birthday. That means we will be celebrating Leman’s birthday on August 16th, 2012.. Jali,Seli,Setopa and I were best friends  since our good old days in form 3.Now we have  just finished our secondary school and all of us did very well in our SPM examinations.We were on cloud nine at that moment and celebrated our flying colours results at  one of the well-known restaurants in town.Oh gosh! that was the best moments in our lives  having the chances to celebrate the occasion  with our female classmates,Siti,Aisyah,Murni,Tipah and our most glamorous girl in the school,Syafiqah.

I recalled three years ago when  Jali,Seli,Stopa and I  were the new students in  this prestigious secondary Arabic school in town,SMUA Taqaddum Maarif which is located in Pasir Tumbuh,Kelantan-the so called Satellite City of Kelantan by the year 2020.Leman was already here until we were introduced  by the five sweeties above in the class.We were all 15 years old then.Leman an active and smart student among the third formers was appointed the leader for all students in Form 3. He excelled both in academic results and extra curricular activities.He managed very well in many clubs and societies and is well known not only among the students but also among the teachers.So Leman was praised by most of his colleagues in form 3 for his hard work and good supervision.Sports is in his blood and he represented school,district and state in soccer matches.He has won many prizes and trophies.We usually met after school and discussed on school homework,assignments and extra- curricular projects.Since then, we became good friends.Leman had suggested we call our group as 5A’s.We agreed with Leman’s suggestion.One day Seli told us that in his village, there was an old dilapidated house which could be our meeting place.Every single day,when we had our free time, we would hang out and did anything there. We also decorated the house and painted it like a new one.It was very fantastic. The house was beautiful as the sunset. We captured all our moments together inside the house.There were full of photos of us inside.It was like our very own home. We would lock it up if we were not there.

Years flew by and now we just  turn 18 in a blinking of an eye.We did not realized about it.So with our outstanding results in SPM,we went separate directions and were chosen to study overseas, in different countries.We were grateful to the Almighty that we could fly overseas and  continued our study. But, our friendship was not over yet like many other dramas and movies as seen in the television.We maintained our friendship and always keep in touch with each other even though we were in the hustle and bustle of our own activities.So for every semester holidays,we would assemble in our so-called “club” and hang out till wee hours in the morning.Finally a long semester holidays came and as usual all of us would come back and assemble  in our secret club.Except for Leman,he had to stay back a week longer due to his incomplete project paper.Leman was scheduled to arrive exactly on his birthday.So this time we had planned a grand celebration and would call our female ex-classmates Kiah,Aisyah,Tipah Murni and Syafiqah.So we collected some money together to celebrate the occasion.We did everything such as car wash, cleaned residents’ backyard, painting, and many more in order to buy things for the birthday party such as decorations lights, candles, cakes,chocolates,tit-bits and many others.We wrapped a special present for Leman.On the other hand,Jali who was rather closer to him  bought him a big surprise, a car, because he knew that Leman wanted this long time ago. It was just a second-hand car, but it looked like new.Incidentally Leman would collect his driving license by end of this month.

Then  we decorated our so-called “club” as beautiful as we could.Our secret place was full of  decorations and we added some nostalgic photos,trophies cardboards and many others to make it a real memories during our nostalgic moments  in school.omorrow shall be a big day for us. Leman knew next to nothing about all of this. While we were waiting for the day,we recorded vividly our school’s memories when we looked at those pictures hanging on the colourful wall.

Days flew by, so finally August 16th, 2012 is here.Leman touched down at KLIA International Airport exactly 12 noon.So in two hours time he would touch down at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport,Kota Bharu.We gave him a call and asked him to come to the club house first before he stop anywhere. We were waiting eagerly for  Leman to arrive.The thing which we never expected to happen but it  did.Leman took a taxi from Kota Bharu Airport when suddenly the taxi skidded and hit a divider.The  driver was travelling at high speed of 160 km/hr and failed to apply a brake when a motorcycle was seen making a u-turn. The driver hit a big shady creepy tree and the car just blew up in  seconds. According to the investigating officer, the driver and the passenger of the vehicles were found dead in the taxi under the creepy tree. We heard the bad news from his parents. Our happiness had  just turned  into a  worst tragedy. We never had the chance to celebrate the party anymore.

Now,we can only see tears flowing down and celebrate Leman’s birthday for the last time at his grave.So this remain as my most unforgetabble experience.


Thursday, 11 July 2013



 Last holidays, my friend and I went to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our journey took about 7 hours by flight from Kuala Lumpur. We departed  at about 2.00 a.m. and arrived at about  5.00 a.m. local time at Dubai international airport. The time difference between Malaysia and Dubai is 4 hours. We arrived at Dubai International Airport which  is located in Al-Garhoud, Dubai.
 At the airport, I rang my pen-pal, Syeikh who lived in the heart of  Dubai City.Later he fetched us and brought us to his home.We took a short rest about  20 minutes at Syeikh’s  house.Then  we started our first visit to The Dubai Grand Mosque,Syed Zayed Mosque which is located at Abu Dhabi.The mosque was of  Moorish design and architecture.Iit is one of the most expensive mosques in the world. The mosque was built from white marbles which was imported from  Italy and Greece. The architecture was so amazing similar to that of  Taj Mahal in  India.This mosque had about 88 domes and also several poles.The walls and floors were decorated with white marbles from various designs of the  beautiful and stunning  arcade stones, jade, amethyst and crystals. There was a big chandelier hang at the centre  of the mosque and decorated with Bohemian glasses and crystals. From the outside of the mosque, it was so beautiful where it  was surronded by crystal clear shallow water.At one glance ,it seemed  that  the mosque was  floating  on a surface of water.
After that, we continued our journey to Burj Khalifa which was the tallest building and the most amazing. In  Burj Khalifa,the complex  was  surrounded  by many kinds of exhibition centres, warehouses and various  shopping complexes.One of the most famous store chain here is the  Zouk where it is the shopping haven for most foreigners from Europe and rich middle east countries. We  can see countless numbers of  hotels, offices,apartments and the like in this rich building of Burj Khalifa. Among the most expensive hotels  to stay here  even for  only one night is Armani Hotel which  is charged  about USD1000 per person.It is very expensive hotel accomodation  for people like us but not really  expensive for those rich Arabian millionaires.

Then  Syeikh  took us to a luxurious hotel located at Dubai where most customers  have to make a reservation for lunch or dinner. This hotel is  called Burj Al-Arab.This hotel is  located on a man-made island  where it is about  280 metres from a beach at Parsi Bay. Hotels at Burj Al-Arab are  rated  as 7 stars hotel because the hotels are so classy,sophisticated and affluent. The price ranges from Emirates Dinar(ED) 380 to ED 1000 per person and these prices did not include drinks.The exchange rate is USD1.00=ED2.50. Oh Gosh ! We really ran out of our money spending too much on food,taxi fares and tickets. At 6.00 p.m in the evening, we went home and took a short  rest.
On second day, we had our  breakfast at home and  there was no itenary arranged for us.So  we did nothing until 2 p.m.. After that, we went to Dubai Museum at Bur Dubai.The musuem was  built nearby a pier which the local called it as  Dubai Creek. The fees charged for entrance is ED3.00 per person but the exhibit items  were  so attractive.At least we had a first hand knowledge of Dubai which  was practically  built since the tenth century. Then, at 5.00 p.m, we went to Jumeirah Beach which is  the most popular in Dubai. This beach unites  Jumeirah Park and Wild Wadi. Wild Wadi is  a water park  located at Jumeirah Beach. We felt like we were somewhere  in a tropical region because the sand is  absolutely clean and  the water is crystal  clear. After an hour at the beach,  we went home to get some rest.  We had our dinner at home.
Our third day in Dubai, Syeikh took us to the famous restaurant nearby known as Lebanon Restaurant. We ordered  kebab ala Arabians and that was so scrumptious and delicious. The Kebab is served with  6 lumps of beef and small bread. The price is  ED109.00 per plate. After we had our breakfast, we strolled along a busy and popular lane which is regularly  visited  by the local and international  tourists.I like this place and the local people  called  it Ferrari Theme Park. Here they displayed the latest models of  mostly Ferrari cars followed by other expensive and classy cars like lamborghine and mesarati..Later late in the evening, Syeikh  took  us to visit  Abu Dhabi.This city is second largest city in Dubai. We were so engrossed watching the tallest hotel in the world which is located here.The hotel was built up  with 2 towers and well known locally as JW Marriot. This hotel  is one of the most attractions  in the country.Then we stopped by at   a beautiful Emirates Twin Tower. We  continued  strolling at Souk Medina where the famous Gold  Souk  is  located. The market is  located at Deira. We spent our time at Souk Medina until dusk. Then we went home.
On the  fourth day, we stayed  at home  in the morning as there was no programme arranged for us.On top of that we were too tired.So we decided to skip and stayed back.At 3 in the evening, Syeikh  asked us to join him at Candylicious.It is the biggest and the famous sweet shop in the world. Syeikh  bought me a Canopy –a kind of  lollipop. This sweet shop also prepared "pick and mix" wall, so we can take any sweets or chocolates on the wall as we like. After that, we went to Dubai Mall which is  the biggest shopping mall in the world and also a part of Burj Khalifa complex. Syeikh  told me the second biggest mall in the Middle-East is  Mall of the Emirates. Then there is  a place called Tere which is a big aquarium inside Dubai Mall.Later we walked outside of  Dubai Mall to watch another Dubai attraction.It is a  water spurt show  which is located  in front of Dubai Mall. The show started at 6 p.m. daily  and continued  until late  night. The water spurt is really amazing and I love this place.

The fifth day,we made our preparation to go back to Malaysia. Syeikh  sent us to Dubai International Airport at 1.00 p.m. Our flight scheduled departed  at  around  3.00 p.m.We arrived  7 hours later at  Kuala Lumpur International Airport.It was a very lovely trip back home bringing all those sweet memories that I had in Dubai.

This vacation was indeed the greatest moment of my life.

~ NUR ~ ..


Sir,this is Nor Fatihah Wahidah Salleh from SMUA TAQADDUM MAARIF.I checked your blog and so far I did not see anybody doing an essay on,My mother is my inspiration.I am trying this and I hope your readers like them.

Describing a person your admire: My mother is my inspiration….
Everyone must have a source of inspiration and encouragement in their lives. The  famous  idols like  famous singer Dato Siti Norhaliza ,footballer  like Khairul Fahmi  Che Mat and  World number one badminton player like Dato Ling Chong Wei are some examples of famous idols giving inspiration and positive lives to many.As for me ,my source of inspiration is none  other than my beloved  mother, Che Safiah B. Noh. I  called my mother, mom at home and everywhere. Now my mother is 56 year old but her  look belies her age as most people  are fooled into thinking that she is 10 year younger.Talking about mother,I would like to throw this question to the readers. What does the word ’mother’ means?Literally it means  a lady who give birth to a baby ?That baby is the son or daughter of that loving and caring mother. Ofcourse that baby is the mother’s own flesh and blood? 
 I could still remember how she embraced me, the soft smooth, hand stroking my hair .Everyday I  can  still smell her perfume, I can still remember how she gently kiss  me on the cheek leaving pink lipsticks marks. I could remember how  she always tucked me  in a  bed, telling me ”happily-ever-after” tales singing and humming my favorite lullaby, whispering words of wisdom into my ears as lay under the covers.
  My mother is not a well know politician   or famous performer.S he is  just a plain working mother who devotes her life to  me that is what makes her so special in my life.My mother is about five feet and two inches in height and rather plump . She never fail to wear a radiant smile that is  able to lighten   up the room  whenever she walked in.My mother is always by my  side during  good and bad time.She has always  lend her shoulder for me to cry on during the bad time. she takes  good  care of  me and other siblings too.Since I was a little kid, she  nursed me when I was sick and had brought me up to be well-manered and well-educated person. My mother is one of  the most important  motivators  in  my life.It is because she always encourage me to study hard and make sure my homework always finish so that I can excel in my examination and get good education.The most important of all is I can score  flying colours in my coming  SPM  examination next year.
   My mother has always  been very patient with me and to other sibling.She  always give me advises and support whenever I need them.She has done a lot to boost  my self confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes she made me realise the  importance of praying especially when I am  too lazy performing my prayer.
  My mother works very hard day and night.It is because she wants to  ensure  that my little brother and sister can study comfortably and have good  and comfortable lives.That makes her a gem which very rare and hard to find.
Here  I would like to thank the  Almighty for creating her in my life.No amount of money I can repay for all the kindness and love that she had showered on me.I  shall always cherish the sweetest memories of her  for as long as I live. I hope this memories shall  always remain fresh in  my mind.My  mother is  truly a source  of encouragement  and inspiration.


                                                                                         Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics,
                                                                                         Universiti Teknologi MARA (Uitm),
                                                                                         4000 Shah Alam,
                                                                                        Selangor Darul Ehsan,
                                                                                         25th June 2013

Dearest sis,
                   Thank you for your letter which I received this morning.As usual I am fine over here and at the moment very excited making my preparation for the Mount Kinabalu expedition next week.I guessed you are fine too of course feeling nervous and jittery for the coming SPM examination.Thank you for your complements on me but as your sister, I think both of us are of same standard.Remember we came from the same breed so practically I think what I can do,you can do too.Please do not be too nervous on the coming SPM examination, I remembered I had faced this before so as you said ,you must build up that spirit and determination to bring you to the top.

                 Firstly, you must plan your study times thoroughly.Time is an essence so you must be wise in planning your timetable daily and weekly.Slot in on your weaker subjects,example allotting two hours English Language on Sunday and Thursday. The other critical subjects Sejarah and Bahasa Melayu you can do on any other days.Similarly for weekend, you can plan for other subjects.I wish to point out on the importance of not to procrastinate.When you have plan your study times thoroughly, you must not procrastinate to any other time or any others day.I  always discipline myself when it comes to planning because good planning make a good system which then produces good results.

                Next, when the teacher is teaching ,you must be attentive and focus.If you lose your focus then it’s hard for you to score high  mark for that subject as you are not able to follow the lesson properly.Moreover, you will lose your spirit and as time goes on you will be left behind.Definitely, you will lost interests in that  subject.The next class when the teacher comes in with a new topic then it will be worst for you as the new topic may relates with the previous one.Besides, you are advised to ask questions on certain topic that you are not capable to understand it.This way may improve your skills.You may also ask your teacher for your personal reference after the school hours and for sure your teacher will give the best explanation for you.In addition, you should go for tuition for weaker subjects such as Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.As for me, I prefer to form a study group that consisting of 3 to 4 friends.It helps you to discuss and clarify on things that require proper and lengthly explanation.

             It is imperative for you to go through past year questions to get familiar with the format of the actual SM questions.Doing regular practices also help you to review all the things that you have learnt.As a saying goes, practice makes perfect.Through this way, you can memorize all the important notes by jotting down all the earth-shattering points.

             The most important thing is you must take a good care of your health by doing regular medical check up.Taking a good rest and having sufficient sleep may help you to keep your mind fresh and ready to learn mew things during the lessons in your class.Doing exercise frequently not also keep your body as fit as a fiddle but also help you to overcome depression and stress with all the school stuffs.As a saying goes, a healthy mind comes from a healthy body.
      Well, I would like to pen off.Please convey my regards to our lovely parents. Hope to hear from you soon.I wish you all the best.

                                                                                                                         Yours sincerely,
                                                                                                                         TIRA ZAINAL


Sir,I am not sure whether this essay is meeting the criteria.Hope you can edit and let me know.Thanks

An unforgettable experience in my life.

During my school holiday, I spent a few days at my village in Jasin, Malacca. On the first day, when I arrived there with my family,I saw my cousins and my relatives were  also back home at the same time as my family. It all started  when my dad suggested the idea. “How about if we celebrate with a family outing tomorrow?Everyone in the family was so excited to hear dad’s proposal.He further added, “we shall travel down to west coast  to Malacca visiting the famous “A famosa” All my siblings were  jumping with joy and looking forward  for the exciting  trip.

On the second day,early in the morning, all my family members were  so excited and cheered up.We started  the journey  by car.During our  journey, my little sister  cheered up everybody  with her funny antics.So the journey was rather exciting  and everyone stayed awake to hear more funny antics  from our little sister.My dad stopped at one of  the  R&R’s (Rest and recreation spot) along the highway.So we had our prayers ,some refreshments  and then a quick shower.After that, we continued our journey. We arrived at A Famosa about 10.00 a.m. Inside the A Famosa, we  saw many historical spots such as the writing on the wall by the portugese merchants and the famous statue of Alburquque.It was really amazing to see a historical spot such as A Famosa which is almost 500years old still standing strong in the heart of  Malacca city.    Then  we  dropped by at the famous Malacca  Muzuem.There were huge crowd,the local as well as the international tourists. We were happy and thanked to the Almighty because we could  be here.

In the midst of our enjoyment looking at  the beautiful buildings of Afamosa and the Muzuem,my mum had asked me to buy a towel at the Bestari market nearby.So I went along with my cousin,Akim.Suddenly  there was an announcement reminding the public about the  three ex-convicts who  had just  escaped from the police cell and carrying pistols with them.The  announcer told us to be  careful because these criminals were dangerous, ferocious and may shoot anytime.Then the situation became chaotic when one of the ladies screamed and claimed that she  saw the criminals hiding behind a cash counter. We saw many people screaming and running helter-skelter when the criminals were pointing guns to the public.Suddenly, the  three criminals  rushed with their pistols on their hands and ordered all the customers  to squat down and took  out all their precious thing in their pockets  including their wallets,mobile phones,credit cards and many others.
I was  so panicked but  Akim calmed me down. One of the robbers, cleaned out the cash register while the other two were busy examining  the customers’ wallets and mobile phones. Meantime,I took the oppurtunity to run away from the scene  when one of them managed to grab me.He later pushed me to the side and hit me with the pistol butt.I felt the pain and collapsed on the floor.I could hear Akim’s voice when he suddenly lost his patience and decided to act.He immediately pushed one of the criminals and managed to grab his  gun.Then he used his leg to kick  the other criminal.One of  public believed to be a police officer quickly get hold of the third  criminal and handcuffed him.Within  minutes,the police party arrived and cordoned the area.Then the police arrested and hancuffed the other two criminals.

It was a very frightening experience for me.My mum and dad were so worried that Akim and me would be hurt and killed.Thanks  to the Almighty that Akim and me were still alive and kicking.The drama ended with most of the customers in the Bestari Market complemented us for our bravery.They also  gave us a round of applause.
This event was indeed the most unforgettable experience in my life.

Masrurah binti Abdul Malek

NARRATIVE EESAY-WRITE A STORY BEGINING WITH: I was standing alone in a dark place that i did not know where i was.......

This is my Narrative Essay :)

Write a story begining with:   I was standing alone in a dark place that i did not know where i was.......

  I was standing alone in a dark place that i did not know where i was. I was wondering and looking around to find out where i was and how did i get here.

Then i saw a white beautiful glittering light that i had never seen before. I tried to make a first step walking towards the light. Unfortunately, the light disappeared from my sight. I could not see anything around me that how i wish the light would  appear again. It made me frightened to be here alone and suddenly i was burst into tears. Without hesitation, i braved myself to find the way out through this darkness. I felt so low since i went solo. It was too cold and silent until i heard a crowd of screaming and yelling. I ran as fast as lightning towards the sounds and i was too worried that the sounds would  disappear like the  light had just now. Suddenly, i reached a place that the people around me was screaming at the top of their voices. I did not know what they were screaming for, but it was really loud that could deaf my ears. It was too weird as i was not in the darkness anymore and the place was absolutely different. The place was  full with glittering and  colourful lights which were too brightly lit. Then there  was a big stage-people yelled and seemed they were too crazy about it. I thought it was a music performance because the people were mostly teenagers. Their screamed were getting  louder when the  music band appeared from the backstage. It was so terrible as i could not see the band as the people were raising their hands up ! Then i tried so hard by jumping and  moving  closer to the stage. Only i knew what i felt when i saw One Direction Band was  performing on the stage. I could not  whisper even a word. I thought i had a heart attack when the singers  were singing in front of me! No wonder the teenagers were yelling non stop.

  Then One  Direction asked their fans who wanted to sing with them on the stage. Everyone were raising their hands  because it was such a great chance to sing with the five charming boys. I bet it was only me who did not raise hands up, as i was too scared and shy to be on the stage. Unexpectedly, the five boys were pointing at me. They ordered me to have a song with them on the stage. I heard the beat of my heart getting louder whenever everyone were looking at me. I kept shaking my head because i was too afraid to sing in front of others even to be on stage.

Then, Zayn Malik hold my hand and took me on the stage.It was unprecedented. He was really thrilling me that my heart will fall about. My idol was holding my hand ! I was standing on the stage and holding a microphone with a trembled knee. Harry Styles said that i should act so cool like it was no big deal. The words uplifting me and build up my confidence. As we started to sing, i felt my pants got wet ! I had pissed off  as i was very nervous. Everyone were laughing at me and unconsciously the tears streamed down my face. I really could not stand when i got ashamed. One Direction tried to bring back my spirit by shouting the words "Wake Up !" for three times.

 After then, i woke  up from my dream and found out my mother was beside me. She was the one who shouted "Wake Up" and not One Direction. My bed also got wet as i utterly pissed off  during sleep. Oh! i just had a dream that i was not sure it was  a nice dream or a worst nightmare. Whatever it is, i was obviously excited to meet my favourite band even just in a dream.I knew for sure it  would not come true.



Assalamualaikum sir, aisyahsufian here. This is my description of the event. I don’t know whether u told us to do an essay, or one paragraph, a story. Asyikin said to me, not do an essay about this. But, do an essay about the paper that u gave us, that u asked us to pick one and do the essay. I am not finished yet my essay sir. I just can send u this. I hope I can send my essay to u 2mrw.

In my classroom, I saw my classmate was crying. Then I asked her how could I help. She told me that her wallet was missing while she was engrossed with her dance practice about an hour ago.Unfortunately, we are having a Chemistry lesson  right now.Therefore we could not leave the class.Without having  second thought, I grabbed her hand and dashed out heading to the dance class to find it. We search for the wallet  high and low  but we could not  find the pink wallet. Then, we went to the teacher`s room, who apparently  was teaching in the dance class. We asked her whether she came acroos with a Gucci wallet.She promptly replied that it was with another student –a student with her stylish pony tail.We knew that student who  had this  foreign look,charming,attractive and friendly.So we went to her class, and fortunately found her  engrossed with her History subject. I conveyed to her about my friend’s missing wallet .She replied promptly, “ Yes!! It is with me”. She further added that she wanted  to give it to the head master  not to steal it. We were grateful and thanked her.

The next day on the way back home, I was on my dad’s car when suddenly a little lass came over to  me with her gloomy face. Unfortunately, she was a beggar from nowhere.She asked me for some money. She said that she did not eat for days, and wanted to find some money to buy some. At that moment, I only have RM 4 to buy some food for  me to fill up my stomach. “What do I do?” I  thought, I better use it for myself rather than give it to her? I became confused. If I give it to her, I can ask my father to give me some money later.I was sorry to see her pale face. Without thinking, I gave the money to her. I knew that  it was quite  difficult for her  to get money.She thanked me and  disappeared while heading to a nearby food store.

The next day on the way back home, I was on my dad’s car when suddenly, I saw a primary girl was dragged by a motorcyclist. The little girl was crying in pain. I quickly dashed out of the car and shouted for help. Within a minute, people started surrounding  her. A few concerned fathers ran to the scene and lifted the girl to an open space. Also, a few concerned mothers, who were chatting  nearby rushed in and  fanned the girl.Later they took out tissue-papers  wiping out the little girl’s  blood on  the knees,elbows and face. One of the students immediately ran to the duty teachers and informed her. The teacher dashed  to the scene to identify the victim. After that, she telephoned  the victim’s  parents, ambulance, and the police. The motorcyclist that hit the girl tried to escape from the chaotic situation  but, he was caught by a few  concerned pedestrians. A few minutes later, the ambulance turned up and picked up the girl and  dashed to the nearby  hospital.The  police arrived a few minutes later.They then arrested the motorcyclist and  handcuffed him.The irresponsible motorcyclist was later brought to the police station.His  motorcycle was lifted by a few concerned youths and put it on the roadside to prevent traffic congestion. I went  back to my dad’s car after the tragedy.Incidentally I told the mishap to my little sister and advised her to be very careful on the road.



Sir ,this is Arradi from SMU Taqaddum,Pasir Tumbuh.,Kelantan.This is first  time I am submitting this essay for your blog.I hope this blog helps many students especially in form 4 and those to face SPM end of this year.I hope my essay is acceptable by your readers.

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Assalamualaikum sir,,Arradi nie.. i had finish my essay.. :) (SMU A TQM Pasir Tumboh)


Describing a person you admire. (My favorite Teacher)

                Teacher  is someone who inspires their  students to give their best.A good teacher is a teacher who never  feels disappointed at any point of time  and always arrives in school ready to share the knowledge with thousands of their students.So a caring  teacher is a teacher who is full of dedication,commitment and responsibility.Thus a teacher is considered as  a great individual to us after our parents.There are many teachers in my school.Each one  of them teaches us  different  subjects.They seem  like stars in the midnight sky of  our  life .It is quite difficult to choose among all these stars as everybody has their roles, different teaching styles and different approach of conveying the knowledge.Of course one of the stars who I carefully selected is like a diamond dancing brightly among all the stars.She is none other than  teacher Yasmin.
Literally,she is my practical teacher in my school.she has the most pleasing personality that I have ever met.To me she is an ideal teacher.She has all those qualities which a good teacher  is expected to have.She teaches  English,the subject that I love most.Teacher Yasmin is  well-built,quite tall and looks very beautiful  especially with her pinky scarf.She likes to wears pinky scarf as pink colour is her favourite colour.She has a small dimple on her oval face,that is  why I like to see her smile.Her smile is sweet and pleasant.She always wear her favourite  ‘baju kurung’ coming to school.Her looks  is very innocent added with her polite character and this reflected as a  pure malay woman.

Teacher  Yasmin is our English teacher.Although she is only our  practical teacher in my school but she teaches English with  her good knowledge,up to date  information and back-up with her versatile  experiences.She loves the subject that she teaches and has an in-depth knowledge of it too.I never see her open  her book whilst  teaching.It seems  like all the information is in her head, and she delivers the information to the  class confidently.She is exactly knowledgeable and brilliant person.Her confident in the class is like a rope that pull me out of my laziness.I  become so engrossed with English subject and that makes me  hardworking and exuberant  towards learning English.She is calm and cool teacher I ever have.I  have never seen her frown or lose her temper.She remains calm even when there is a crisis of any kind.For example,I heard that  Ibnu Khaldun class  students are very rude and never pay attention to any teachers in the  class.
Indeed,many other teachers complain of the same situation for this particular class.But my favourite teacher that I love the most responds divergently towards that class.Once I walk in front of the class going to toilet when I saw most of boy students were making noise  ignoring  her who was teaching in the class. But she is as cool as the icy lake in the winter,never get angry and calmly ask the  students to give attention to her.
There is a moment about me and my favourite teacher which I could not forget.Ms Yasmin is a practical teacher in my school so of course her lecturer  want to see her performance.She needs  my help to use the  Microsoft Powerpoint software  for a slideshow  to be presented to her lecturer.Apparently her lecturer is to assess the intensity  of  teacher Yasmin.She believes  and trust me as I had won first place in interactive multimedia competition that uses the same software.With my creative and briliiant idea ,I help her willingly.The slide show entitled “Pollution”.After 2 hour I had completed  building up  and designing  the slide show with a great content and interesting.Teacher Yasmin was  satisfied with my work  that  she said was very  awesome.

Tomorrow morning, her lecturer will be  coming  to evaluate her performance of her teaching style.I had save the slide show that teacher Yasmin had  to use safely. Teacher Yasmin hope to the Almighty that tomorrow everything will be fine and work as planned.The morning finally arrived and her lecturer was here.Her lecturer is very beautiful but she is forceful and assertive .My teacher has open her laptop to open the slideshow that I have created yesterday. Unfortunately the slideshow was  not working.Teacher  Yasmin is so  worried and afraid if her performance is distracted.I suspected the software was infected with “Trojan horse generic”. So she shutdown the laptop.I think she  was rather  disappointed  but she  was smart  by using her backup plan to recover this.Teacher  Yasmin then taught  us by forming groups.It was a very interesting learning process.Her lecturer smiled as all of us gave full attention in her teaching process.Her lecturer was very proud to her as she could recover the problem that happened  during her teaching process.Thanks to Almighty ,teacher Yasmin passed with flying colours.Now she is qualified to be a teacher.She said that she loves us very much.Teacher Yasmin expressed her thanks to me and said”Thank you Arradi  as you have done  a lot  to help me, I hope you be the best student  and Almighty will help you in your examination.”. I love my teacher very much.
This a special moment  for me and my favorite teacher which I could not forget.She is so outstanding for she has the alternative plan.She never show her tiredness in teaching me and my friends all the time.Again she islike a diamond in the midnight sky.All your sacrifices will always be as a spirit for me to succeed in my life.Thousand thanks  to my beloved  teacher.


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

SPM NARRATIVE ESSAY-WRITE A STORY BEGINING WITH:- I was standing alone in a dark place that i did not know where i was...

Sir,This is  Amirah Aqilah.I hope your readers like this.

Write a story begining with:   I was standing alone in a dark place that i did not know where i was.......

  I was standing alone in a dark place that i did not know where i was. I was wondering and looking around to find out where i was and how did i get here.

Then i saw a white beautiful glittering light that i had never seen before. I tried to make a first step walking towards the light. Unfortunately, the light disappeared from my sight. I could not see anything around me that how i wish the light would  appear again. It made me frightened to be here alone and suddenly i was burst into tears. Without hesitation, i braved myself to find the way out through this darkness. I felt so low since i went solo. It was too cold and silent until i heard a crowd of screaming and yelling. I ran as fast as lightning towards the sounds and i was too worried that the sounds would  disappear like the  light had just now. Suddenly, i reached a place that the people around me was screaming at the top of their voices. I did not know what they were screaming for, but it was really loud that could deaf my ears. It was too weird as i was not in the darkness anymore and the place was absolutely different. The place was  full with glittering and  colourful lights which were too brightly lit. Then there  was a big stage-people yelled and seemed they were too crazy about it. I thought it was a music performance because the people were mostly teenagers. Their screamed were getting  louder when the  music band appeared from the backstage. It was so terrible as i could not see the band as the people were raising their hands up ! Then i tried so hard by jumping and  moving  closer to the stage. Only i knew what i felt when i saw One Direction Band was  performing on the stage. I could not  whisper even a word. I thought i had a heart attack when the singers  were singing in front of me! No wonder the teenagers were yelling non stop.

  Then One  Direction asked their fans who wanted to sing with them on the stage. Everyone were raising their hands  because it was such a great chance to sing with the five charming boys. I bet it was only me who did not raise hands up, as i was too scared and shy to be on the stage. Unexpectedly, the five boys were pointing at me. They ordered me to have a song with them on the stage. I heard the beat of my heart getting louder whenever everyone were looking at me. I kept shaking my head because i was too afraid to sing in front of others even to be on stage.

Then, Zayn Malik hold my hand and took me on the stage.It was unprecedented. He was really thrilling me that my heart will fall about. My idol was holding my hand ! I was standing on the stage and holding a microphone with a trembled knee. Harry Styles said that i should act so cool like it was no big deal. The words uplifting me and build up my confidence. As we started to sing, i felt my pants got wet ! I had peeved off  as i was very nervous. Everyone were laughing at me and unconsciously the tears streamed down my face. I really could not stand when i got ashamed. One Direction tried to bring back my spirit by shouting the words "Wake Up !" for three times.

 After then, i woke  up from my dream and found out my mother was beside me. She was the one who shouted "Wake Up" and not One Direction. My bed also got wet as i utterly peeved off  during sleep. Oh! i just had a dream that i was not sure it was  a nice dream or a worst nightmare. Whatever it is, i was obviously excited to meet my favourite band even just in a dream.I knew for sure it  would not come true.


Sunday, 7 July 2013


Sir,this is Nor Amirah of SMKA Amalin Aisyah.My apology,it is rather late submitting this task.But I am glad that I managed to overcome that magic word,PROCRASTINATION.

Dear Fauzana,
Firstly, I must congratulate you for passing the examination with flying colors.  I was very proud to hear that you are achieving all A’s in your subjects. But, unfortunately, what about your English language subject? How can it be?  By the way, I am very impressed with your perseverance. I too believed in the proverb that really motivated you-if there is a great determination, certainly there is a way.  On the other hand, actually we are in the same boat. I was having a similar experience as you were. But for me, it was even worst, my embarrassing moment in English language happening when I was in form 2. I was asked to read a text taken from New Straits Time in the classroom. So, I stand up and confidently read but I was stutter on certain words like enjoyed, travelled, referred and tricked. I did the same mistake like you were by pronouncing as enjoy-ed, travel-ed, refer-ed and trick-ed. Oh gosh! That was total embarrassment or me when my classmates started laughing at me like I was in free show or other. Nevertheless, that was history. I put my ego aside and went on to attend class tuition.
Now, I am an improved person. I read a lot of English Language materials and always referred to dictionary to help me. As a students, dictionary looks too synonym to us. Then, my vocabulary has improved by leaps and bounds. I must thank my great teacher who has managed to guide, motivate and push me to the maximum. Here are some recipes for you to consider and I hope it works on you.
First of all, do a lot of reading on English materials. There are so many English materials in the market nowadays. You can choose whatever you want. As for me, I love to read novels and magazines. If you read a novel, it can give you a special version of reading. It is a combination of imagination and reality. Then, magazines. I love to read magazines like Reader’s Digest and many others because the materials included were very simple and very appealing.They were also easier to keep in mind. It would be my choice, what about you? Moreover, it is like killing two birds with one stone. It is because, while you are reading, you can try to pronouns the bombastic words as –procrastinate and others. It will help you to improve your communication skill as well. So, reading on English materials not only give you a pool of knowledge but, it will accustom yourself to be good in communication skill.
Secondly, do a lot of practice at least one or two hours a day. You need to do practice on grammar, vocabulary and writing. While you are practicing for example on grammar or vocabulary, you can also grab this chance to memorize the words or grammatical items. You know? It is one way that you can use to enhance your English language. If you are repeating the same way to improve your English language, I am sure no doubt… you can score the highest mark and your English will never be a setback  to stop you from achieving  straight A’s in your examination.Furthermore, some students take this as a simple work... But actually it is very important.
Thirdly and never be forgotten, as I said from the starter; always make a habit to refer the dictionary. Then, you can take the other alternative task such as  jotting  down the unfamiliar words to your vocabulary book. It is the best leap to enhance your vocabulary. Every time you want to read English materials or doing some practices on grammars or others,surely it helps.Make sure your dictionary  is adjoining to you! It will simplify your work and make your work more efficient and effective.
In a nutshell, you know what Fauzana, hard work really pays off. I am glad; I am able to change my attitude towards English language. I pray to the Almighty, I can continue to carry this great motivation and enthusiasm until the end of this year especially for my SPM examination.

Good luck to you and hopefully you can score well on all your subjects. Take care.

                                                                                                          Your friends,