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Assalamualaikum sir :) Heee first time hantar essay dkt sir ! Ohmyyy. My teacher sruh buat essay psl " It had been raining blaaa3..." mggu dpn dh kna htr. So, sir tlg check essay sy yg errr byk slh kot. Essay yg sir sruh buat tuh.. on the way. Haha. Thanks sir. Stay cute and keep awesome    -

Write a story beginning with : " It had been raining all day ..."

It had been raining all day, at times it rains like cat and dogs. At that moment, I slightly doubt the weather forecast since it forecasted  that the sun was going to scorch mercilessly.I sighed with relief and stared at the clock with bemusement. It was almost 6.00 p.m. but mom did not returned from the supermarket yet.The sky was getting darker. " Oh mom, where are you? " I was feeling a bit uneasy..

I dragged myself to close my bedroom's door. Out of the blue, a sudden crickling sound that came from the kitchen made me jump in fright. All of a sudden, I feel a surge of pure terror, my hearts started to thud in panic. I could not breathe easily knowing that there might be someone in my kitchen.Oh my god ! This thing cannot be happening to me, someone was breaking into my house? Nobody by my side for the moment and how could I tackle this.The fact that I need to face the person all by myself made me jittery  and wanted  to burst into tears. But, I took a deep breath plucking my courage and I grabbed my hockey stick.Then I  bravely went downstairs despite my hands were slightly  shaking.To my horror, my worst nightmare was answered.It wasn’t  what I expected. As I opened the kitchen's door, there was a big , plump rat staring nastily at me.Thus,made me screamed on top of my voice as though the rat was going to bite me. Now, it was between me and that nasty  rat. It would be another war. In a blink of an eye, the rat was on my foot and I ran around the dining table.Still it wasn’t enough for that nasty rat,it jumped on me thus making me yelled! Oh gosh!“This war is not going to be over yet” I quipped.Unknowingly, as the battle between the rat and I was  progressing, my  hockey stick which I held firmly hit one pile of plates on the table and the plates were scattered into pieces. As I was too engross to hit the plump rat, I accidentally stepped on the pieces of broken plates and the pieces hurt my feet.It was really bad. As my feet, was  prickling with pain, I sat down, defeated while rat took the opportunity escaped through a hole on the rooftop..My legs were trembling, my fingers twisted slightly. God, what a fiasco !

As I was looking for cotton bud and plaster to attend to my injured foot,the bell rang and the sound " I'm home, honey ", echoing in my ears. Then, mom went straight to the kitchen to put away the groceries.She stood rooted in disbelief. She looked at me with red eyes, looking at my bleeding feet and then looked at the kitchen before saying, '' What have gone wrong,my dear? " I told her the entire story while she was cleaning my wound. I was really terrified that she would  scold me but then she looked up and curved a smile, trying hard to refrain herself from laughing out loud. She told me that she had the same experience as I did.It  was even worse where she needed to battle with two rats.

The clock then striked at  7.30 p.m and  we were all done cleaning up the mess that I had unwittingly created. Without hesitation, I asked my mom, what about that nasty rat which certainly would come back.My mum confidently answered, " Don’t worry my dear,we will make sure this round the rat won’t escape..Maybe we will make the rat eat what it likes,the poison rat.” I smiled and hoped there would never be another titanic battle with the rat.But if ever the rat come back again,this time I hope it would face me and my mom.

 WanieyWahab ,

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