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My name is Safuan from Mardhiah Panchor.You may please understand that I am from an Arabic school.So I guess there will be a lot of mistakes in my essay.I hope your readers like my storyline.Thank you.

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Write a story begining with Natasya was very sure that she didn't do it..

Natasya was very sure that she didn't do it. It was not her fault that the televisyen screen has broken into pieces  this morning. She recalled that she had a small arguement with her twin,Natisya.This pair of twin is definitely different from the other twins as normally  twin  relationship is like tongue  and teeth.Unlike this one, Natasya and Natisya are always at logger heads.They like to be on their own and seldom see each other  although staying in the same house. They liked to do their own bussiness. They can't see each other,everytime when  they meet they will fight like dog and cat. The televisyen was indeed  the new one when their  mum got it on the eve of her birthday.Their father presented to mum on their 25th anniversary.

 The incident happened when Natisya came home."tap, tap, tap",the sound of Natisya's footstep walking entered the  house. Natisya,headed straight to her room and  looked for her new Blackberry phone. Natisya took a longer time to find her phone as everyone knows her bad behaviour. "Where's my phone?" she yelled. Then, her eyes was focused at one item on the table.It was her phone. "Yeah" Natisya was happy when she found her phone. As she grabbed her phone,the phone 'scream'. "Bit,bit,bit" it was a message from Sofwan,her  boyfriend. Natasya viewed  the message "Hi  baby, from  today onwards,our relationship is off”. Natisya was baffled.Her tears  started to roll down her cheeks. Soon she pondered and tried to figure out what went wrong.  Everybody in her circles  knew that Sofwan was such a  successfull playboy, and this time Natisya had it."Why,why, why" Natisha screamed at the top of her voice.

At the other end of the room,her twin sister ,Natasya overheard the scream.Then she hurriedly ran to Natisya's room." What's wrong with you?, Are you out of your mind?” Natasya quivered. Natisya  did not reply but her furious face  did.She stood up and slapped Natasya "Ouch!" Natasya yelled in pain.She dashed out of the room but Natisya followed her.At the living room ,another heated arguement  happened.Suddenly Natisya  took her mother's vase and threw it towards Natasya. Natasya  managed to avoid it and the vase  strucked  the  televisyen at the corner end. "Oh my God".Natisya felt so scared and  guilty. She  ran to her room and locked the door. Natasya then called her mother at her office."Hello mom,came home quickly something bad happen".

"Brum,brum,brum." Puan Siti, the twins mother  arrived home. "Natasya go and get some water and a clean towel at the kitchen" Natasya complied  the order. After a few minutes,Natisya   awakened and still felt dizzy. After everything settled down ,then Puan Siti asked,"Who  actually causing all this messy?" Natasya nodded her head silently trying to cover up for her sister.Puan Siti gave a stern warning and then decided to cut Natasya’s  pocket money. Natisya felt very uneasy and realised that Natasya had sacriced so much for her. "Why do  you do this for me?"Natisya asked Natasya. Natasya smiled and answered "It' okay .I  know you have problem with your boyfriend,Sofwan.I just want to ease your problem". Natisya hugged Natasya tightly and it was the moment they befriend like other twins.


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