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After so many mistakes,finally I would like to share this essay with your readers.I hope the idea is good.Thank you

Write an essay begining with :It was the first time I saw her and...

It was the first time I saw her and I decided to approach her . I was in the library doing a research for my English project. She was there, sat at the secluded area in the library. She was wearing a big with a thick, black rimmed spectacles. Her hair was tied in a messy bun with a long fringe at the front that cover most of her forehead. She was a new student in my class and was popular because of her nerd personality.She was just a typical grade A student. Nobody wanted to befriend her because she tend to sit alone.She was Farah.
“Hello, can I sit here?” I asked. She was looking at me with a blank face. She just nodded her head and went back to read. I put all my belongings on the table and sat in front of her. After a while, I started to feel boring. I peeked at her book title and she was reading a thick history book. “Wow, she is really a nerd.” I thought. I tried to start a conversation with her but she was either nodding or shaking her head. I was frustrated and stopped my conversation with her. She was hard to approach. After that, I just went out of the library after I said goodbye and got no replies.
“Urgghh! I hate physic!” I screamed inside my heart. I was at the second question and I still cant solve it. I was frustrated with myself. “Dina, come on. Lets go to the canteen.” My bestfriend, Maria asked. I told her that I am still full. She went to canteen with my other classmates. I was still trying to solve the ‘easy’ question. I looked around and found that there was only Farah and me in the classroom. Out of the blue, I thought why dont I use this opportunity to ask Farah about the Physic’s question and maybe befriend her.
“Hi. Umm... Can you help me to solve this problem?” She looked up and nodded. She began explaining to me how to solve the problem. Her explaination was so clear that I ended up solving it in just 5 minutes. She helped me go through my other problems and we didnt realize that the bell just rang. I thanked her and she just smiled. After that day, I always refer to her if I had any problems in my studying.
One day, I arrived an hour early to school because my father had to go somewhere for his business trip. I was walking lazily to my locker and got my books. On the way to class, I heard a very nive voice sang Waiting Outside The Lines by Greyson Chance. I stopped walking and peeked through the door of an empty class. I was greatly surprised when I found that the voice belonged to Farah. I walked slowly towards her. After a momant, she realized that I was behind her and was flustering. Her cheek was in a tint of pink and she was blushing. I told her that her voice was heavenly. She just whispered a small thank you.
Suddenly I got an idea. As a music club’s member, I thought that she was perfect to be the lead vocalist for our school’s music club. The music club was looking for a new lead vocalist for the national competition. I told the idea to her and she was hesitated. Before I could persuade her, the bell rang. I told other music club members about Farah and they agreed to listen to her before accepting  her as our new lead vocalist. I began pestering her for about a week and at  last she agreed.
I brought her to the music room. Our school was a private school for the rich and the students who got scolarship only so it had a really big music room full of music equipment like piano, drum, cello and many more. After Farah sang, they all clapped and agreed to take Farah as our new lead vocalist. We began practicing every day for the national competition and I began to spend more and more time with Farah.
Me and Farah became bestfriend in a matter of time. I always hanged out with her. I didnt realize that Maria was jealous of our friendship. I admitted that it was partly my fault and Maria began to give me cold-shoulders. What i didnt know was Maria bullied Farah behind my back. Luckily it was not too severe. She only told Farah to do all her homeworks, bought lunch, and ran all her errands.
I knew Maria’s wrong-doings when she slipped her tounge. I was surprised and scolded her. She told me that she was jealous and crying. She ran and crossed the road without looking. There was a car came fast but it was too late. Luckily Farah managed to grab Maria’s hand and pulled her to the side. I ran and hugged both of them, thanked God for saving their life. Thankfully, they just got minor scratches. Maria was crying and hugged Farah. She was thankful towards her. From that day onwards, we became bestfriends.
The national competition day came fast. Maria was there to support us and she was sitting in the front row. I was playing the piano and Farah sang.Meanwhile the other music club’s members played other instruments. Our heart was beating fast waiting for the results. At last, they announced the winner and we got first place.We were hugging and congratulated each other.Maria came and congratulated both of us. We hugged and took as many  pictures  together.


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