Sunday, 2 June 2013


We  arrived in Kuala Trengganu on May 25th  about noon.Then we quickly checked into Primula Beach Resort,one of the most outstanding and beautiful resorts in town.We had our lunch at the Primula Hall.Incidentally there was a cultural show specially catered for newly arrived guests.We were so excited being given the opportunity to see local dancers from few cultural clubs in town performing the famous ‘Ulik Mayang’.Later we were entertained by a number of young and budding artistes who rendered  lovely old time hits.
There was also an exibition outside the Primula Hall.This exibition was specially held for the local and
overseas tourists on the promotion of ‘Visit Trengganu Year’.We managed to have some preview of the
 exibition despite of our tight routine.We were excited to learn from the exibition that there were many more
 tourist spots we need to visit.At about 4.00p.m we started our journey to visit the famous Batik factory in
 Trengganu which is in Kampung Sipitang Senja about 30km  from the town.It was so amazing to see the
 local residents displaying many colourful and attractive batik designs.The materials are mostly made of silk
 and rayon and the prices are quite affordable.We bought some souvenirs which includes silk scarfs and batik 

The next day on May 26th,we set our journey to Pulau Kapas,the popular tourist spot in Trengganu.This is
 a very beautiful island and no words could express the beauty and tranquility of the island. We enjoyed
 every  moments particularly snorkelling.A few of the members ‘got lost’ under water but they were saved
 by the oxygen tanks which they carried on their backs. It was really fun watching the marine lives under water.
Then we went for fishing.A few of the members managed to catch the famous jenahak putih some of which 
were more than 3kg.Later at night we had the moonlighting party.It was great and many of the members 
showed their hidden talents on singing,dancing,magic shows and story telling.

On the third day,May 27th, we started our journey to Rantau Abang,the famous spot for turtle laying eggs.
The beach was beautiful and mersmerizing and we took some time to stroll along the beach.We managed to
 get a glimpse of turtles laying eggs slightly after midnight.It was fun and breathtaking.Later we visited the
 keropok factory and observed how the local residents made the famous prawn keropok.We also took the
 opportunity to watch a few new boats under construction.There was one huge boat belong to a Royal family
which was still under construction and costing about RM3million.This royal boat could carry over 100 guests.   

On the fourth day,May 28th,this was the day of departing.It was such a memorable experience and there
 were so many beautiful moments that we could cherish together in this trip.

We returned to Kota Bharu almost noon and stopped by at Bandar Baru Besut for our lunch. It was such a 
tiring and most enjoyable and exciting moments for our school counselling club members.

We look  forward to visit probably Genting Highland next year.

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