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So if you wish to see the breakdown on descriptive essay,you may group them under three groupings which I had analysed them.Make your choice and attempt the one that you are strong at:


Examples from past years questions-analysis from  2003-2012.
1)Describing a situation or  place you visited /outings.
2012: Describe an outing with your friend.
2006:Describe an enjoyable weekend you have experienced.
2004:Describe a festival celebrated  in your area.

2)Describing a person  you admire.
2011:Describe a famous person you admire.
2010:Describe the most popular student in your school.
2008:Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.

3)Describing  your own experiences.
2009: Describe an unforgettable incident that you saw on your  way home from school.
2007:Describe an embarrassing experience in your life.
2005:Describe the biggest challenge in your life.
2003:A day you wished had never happened.

More questions extracted from Trial Exam papers and Internet
Describing a situation or  place you visited /outings.
1)Describe a  favourite place you have visited on your last holidays.
2)Describe an accident you saw and your role in helping them
3)Describe the scene at the shopping complex.
4)Describe the scene at “Pasar Malam”
5)A memorable visit at favourite Pasar Malam spot.
6)Avisit to the famous historical place.
7)Describe a wedding dinner you have attended.
8) Describe a Merdeka Event you had attended.
9)Describe a popular recreational centre you had visited.
10)Describe a foreign city that you had visited.
11)Describe any Malaysian fruits that you like.
12)Describe the scene at the busy shopping complex.
13)Describe my dream house.
14)Describe one of the cultural events in Malaysia.
15)Describe a visit to the orphanage home.
16)Describe a visit to the popular  hill resort.
17)Describe a scene on a rainy day.
18)Describe a hectic life in the city.
19)Describe a favourite member in the family.
20)Describe on your recent favourite activity .
21)Describe a popular tourist spot.
22)Describe a place which has special memories for you.

Describing a person  you admire.
1)Write about a person you admire most.
2)My favourite teacher.
3)My mother is my inspiration.
4)Describe your new teacher who just reported for duty at your school
5)Describe an interesting person you just met

Describing  your own experiences.
1)Describe an incident you remembered very well.
2)Describe your childhood years.
3)Describe an unusual experience you had during your last school holidays
4)Describe how you spent your last holidays
5)Describe your unforgettable working experience as a contract worker.
6)Describe an interesting  experience you had encountered.
7)Describe how an elderly person has changed your life.
8)Describe a funny incident at your school that you had experienced.
9)Describe the greatest moments of your life.
10)My most embarrassing moments.
11)An unforgettable experience in my life.
12)My first experience with the Malaysian Prime Minister.
13)An unforgettable experience at the Police Station.
14)Describe a moment where you were stranded on an island.

What do you think?

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