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DESCRIBING EVENTS: sad but meaningful.......

Yesterday, an unemployed man was standing at the top floor of an abandoned 16 storey office building, ready to jump down from the building. He was depressed for being fired from his job by his boss. When he was about to jump, he remembered his aged sickly parents who needed care.The thought of his hard working brother who supports them also came to mind. Suddenly,feelings of guilt and remorse began to fill his chest, as he choked in tears, slowly he stepped back and left the building, and went back home to take care of his parents.
     On the fifth floor, of the same building, a foreigner who had kidnapped a young girl, wanted to kill the child because he didn't get the amount of money which he had requested for from the child's parents. As he was contemplating whether to kill the child or not, thoughts of his only child who had been killed by a kidnapper a few years back flooded his mind. How he had cried non stop for five days and how sad and crushed he had been. Finally, the foreigner decided to let the child go. 
          Just below the building, around the corner, three youngsters were getting ready to race along the northern highway.They were illegal racers. As they were  getting ready to race, one of the youngsters started to think about his parents. How they worked hard everyday so that he could go to school and  get a formal education. He got down from his motorbike and walked away from the race, never to look back again.
     In a school, few meters away from the building, the mid-year examination had just began. Almost all the students were fooling around and were not serious about the examination, but one student was thinking about his uncle. How his uncle had raised him since he was a child.How his uncle had sacrificed his life, so that he can go to school and get an education. He didn't join the others but focused on his examination. 

In my classroom,I saw my classmate was crying.Then I asked him how could I help.He told me that his English writing essay assignment was not ready yet and scared would be humiliated again by the teacher concerned.He told me  repeatedly sometimes the teacher would ask him to stand on the chair.So he could not take this kind of punishment.Then I asked him  why he could write the essay.He kept mum and still refused to answer after much persusasion.I could not understand his rationality and wondered why he could not even write a few lines of English essay.Afterall we were trained by the same English teacher on the concept of Descriptive essay and Narrative essay.I could write english essay with ease  or whatever  titles that the teacher gave in the classroom.
I could recall how I  manage to acquire this expertise of writing english essay.Most of my classmates envied me.So it was quite normal for me when most of them boycotted me in the class.Only  a handful wanted to share my knowledge. I told him who was still choking with tears to learn this art from me.Firstly it is compulsory to have a dictionary  with a vocabulary exercise book.Learning a foreign language without a dictionary is going to be a waste as many new words needed to be referred and understand in mother’s tongue language.Secondly students need to do a lot of reading almost everyday at least for one hour.Reading alone is not enough but it has to be collaborated with a dictionary and a vocabulart exercise book.The source is on the various model essay books available in the market place.Thirdly students must be able to construct sentences of their own to express their understanding.By doing so,then they are able write better sentences in their essay writing.It is imperative students should try out their own initiatives by doing their own research to get as many titles as possible and practise essay writing.I told him I was lucky as my previous English teacher who trained me since in primary 4 was a very exceptional,committed and dedicated teacher.Again I told my classmate,he could go to my home and I am prepared to train him.  

  The next day on the way back home,I was on dad’s car when suddenly I saw an accident happened.It happened right in front of my eyes.A primary 2 pupil was dragged by a motorcyclist.She was crying in pain..............  

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She was crying in pain....

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