Tuesday, 25 June 2013


You received a letter from your lovely sister,Fatin Umairah who shall be sitting for her SPM examination in November.She is feeling nervous and desperately looking for correct formulae on how best to tackle her study methods and techniques.

Write a letter replying to her and tell her what are proper steps that she must take up to get herself ready for the SPM examination.

The following is the letter from Fatin Umairah.


                                                                                                      Lot 3555,Pinggir Sejati,
                                                                                                     17500 Pasir Mas,
                                                                                                     Kelantan Darul Naim.
                                                                                                    25th,June 2013.

Dearest sis,

How are you getting on?I understand from mum that you shall be joining an expedition to Mount Kinabalu in Sabah end of next week.Wow!this trip is certainly great.You remember,the pledges we had together during the primary school with our *PK Hem.Those were the sweet moments that we had together during our girl’s guides days.I still remembered your group emerged as champion on trekking Gunung Jerai during our mountain trekking expedition whilst my group was trailing behind.Now you are on the way to capture Mount Kinabalu.Awesome,isn’t it?

There is one thing I admire about you which is your continous spirit and determination whenever you want to do something.I don’t have this characteristics or rather I am always stuck half-way.This is the reason why I am always behind when it comes to academic study.So the fast approaching SPM examination which is another four more months  making me nervous and desperately looking for better ways to study.You have done well before and I think there is no other person who can give me good advises.Please help me.I always want to be like you active in sports,extra-curricular activities and excel in academic results.Tell me what should I do,how should I start and which one shall be my priority first.

By the way mum and dad extend their regards and ask you to take good care of yourself.So I guess you are always ready for your next examination after your Mount Kinabalu expedition trip.Your last examination,you were already on dean’s list so I guess the coming one, should be at the back of your hands.

Please dearest sis,there is nobody else who really understand me and can give better advises.I look forward receiving your letter soon.

Thank you.

Your loving sister.

Fatin Umairah.

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