Sunday, 23 June 2013

A person whom I admire most is none other but my most lovely and affectionate mother.The essay is a bit too short but I hope is relevant to the title.Thank you sir for your willingness to edit my humble essay.

A person whom I admired most in my life is my parent especially my mother.This is because my mother is the one who knows what is best for me.Thanks to the Almighty,being born in this world is already a very great sacrifice by my mother.I could imagine  without my loving mother,I am not born in this world.As a pious child,I am grateful to the Almighty for the all graces that had been  given to me including having a loving,caring and affectionate  mother.I believed every child loves their mother.Those rebellious child who do not care and neglecting their mother are considered irresponsible and may face possible risks in their life whom the Almighty will show them to make them realise the sacrifices and great value of a mother.

In this world, my mother  is the only person that I loved most than anything else in my life. Although, sometimes she ran all her errands but I know in her mind, she never stopped thinking about us.We have problems but we settle them in a family way  as "  blood is thicker than water".My mother can also be depicted as a live wire because she is quite friendly and always shared her problems with us.Thank to the  Almighty as my mother is unlike other mothers who are pretty hard to approach.Furthermore,she also always being careful so as to make sure all in the family would be happy and living harmoniously.Otherwise if something goes wrong,it can make our heart sank in the boots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

In my life, I never see a best person who can be similar to my mother.My mother is incomparable.My mother never chided to us although sometimes we were out of the way such as being lazy whilst she continues her errands in the house.She never made any grunts and groans but always being patient with our bad manners.I realised so much sacrifices she had spent on us.I will endeavour to make sure my mother get the best treatment when I finish my study and start working.Even when I get married,I shall ensure my mother gets the best treatment from me. I would try best to emulate her in all aspects of life.How I wish later my children would adore and love me as what I had done to my loving mum.

Aisyah Abdullah.