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You received a letter from your lovely sister,Fatin Umairah who shall be sitting for her SPM examination in November.She is feeling nervous and desperately looking for correct formulae on how best to tackle her study methods and techniques.

Write a letter replying to her and tell her what are proper steps that she must take up to get herself ready for the SPM examination.

The following is the letter from Fatin Umairah.


                                                                                                      Lot 3555,Pinggir Sejati,
                                                                                                     17500 Pasir Mas,
                                                                                                     Kelantan Darul Naim.
                                                                                                    25th,June 2013.

Dearest sis,

How are you getting on?I understand from mum that you shall be joining an expedition to Mount Kinabalu in Sabah end of next week.Wow!this trip is certainly great.You remember,the pledges we had together during the primary school with our *PK Hem.Those were the sweet moments that we had together during our girl’s guides days.I still remembered your group emerged as champion on trekking Gunung Jerai during our mountain trekking expedition whilst my group was trailing behind.Now you are on the way to capture Mount Kinabalu.Awesome,isn’t it?

There is one thing I admire about you which is your continous spirit and determination whenever you want to do something.I don’t have this characteristics or rather I am always stuck half-way.This is the reason why I am always behind when it comes to academic study.So the fast approaching SPM examination which is another four more months  making me nervous and desperately looking for better ways to study.You have done well before and I think there is no other person who can give me good advises.Please help me.I always want to be like you active in sports,extra-curricular activities and excel in academic results.Tell me what should I do,how should I start and which one shall be my priority first.

By the way mum and dad extend their regards and ask you to take good care of yourself.So I guess you are always ready for your next examination after your Mount Kinabalu expedition trip.Your last examination,you were already on dean’s list so I guess the coming one, should be at the back of your hands.

Please dearest sis,there is nobody else who really understand me and can give better advises.I look forward receiving your letter soon.

Thank you.

Your loving sister.

Fatin Umairah.

Monday, 24 June 2013


Sir, this is real life experience happening in my kitchen.I hope your readers enjoy reading this interesting experience.

My Most Interesting Experience.

I strongly believed everyone must be having their  most interesting and exciting experiences in their lives.For me,I also had my best experience.It started during my last school holidays. On one glorious morning after having breakfast at home,my cousin,Ana and her family suddenly emerged at my home’s front door .Ana was smiling sweetly and as fast as lightning I invited the whole family to come in.Ana is my closest cousin.Naturally I  was very happy and delighted to have Ana with me since I would have no other friends or relatives during holidays.My other siblings are busy with their own programmes and activities.

That afternoon,my parents and Ana’s family decided to go to the shopping complex to buy some branded items on a big year-end sale at the mall.At home,Ana and I felt like butterflies fluttering in our stomach.Unfortunately,my parents did not prepare any  breakfast for us.I guessed they were too engrossed on items to buy at the mall so they thought the trip would not be that long.My uncle and auntie too were very excited to go shopping  so they too forgot about Ana. 

We  then saw a packet of flour at the top of the kitchen cabinet.So Ana suggested to bake  some pancakes.Ana told me that she seldom cook at home and baking a pancake is impossible for her.I told her I was neither  a good cook nor a good baker.I told her the funny things happened when I was a cook at the kitchen.When I fried some fish,they got burnt completely.When my parents tasted the fish curry that I cooked,they said that I did not put enough salt.Instead I put more turmeric.I smiled cynically when I recalled these funny incidences.But since we were very hungry,so I told Ana that we do not have much choice.

The whole episode started when Ana and I put the  flour into a special bowl.Since we were science student at our school,we decided to mix the flour with hot water so that there would be no bacteria in the mixture.After we kneaded the dough,it became hard and we could not press it a anymore.We were confused looking at our “pancakes”but we still put them  into a microwave oven. Within minutes,we looked at cooked pancakes and saw that the dough did not expand and they  got  burnt.However,we took them out .Oh gosh! We tried sharing a piece.Imagine our new “pancakes’.It was tasteless and very hard.We thought  we were eating parts of  steel.

Suddenly,we heard a car parked at the  front house.We knew our mum and dad together with  uncle and auntie had arrived home. Without our expectation,my mum and aunty went to the kitchen and screamed at the top of their voices when they saw  the messy kitchen.They also got shocked looking at our faces full of flour but at the same time they could not control their laughters.Without hesitation,my dad and uncle ran to the kitchen as they thought something bad had happened in the kitchen.Imagine they too laughed at us.Ana and I looked each other and we too laughed.Fortunately,my parents bought some breakfast for us as they knew that we would be starving.We took the food and  quickly ate them  in a dining room.It was very funny,interesting and memorable experiences I ever had in my life.I guessed next time I must take up cooking lesson,then I would not be starving anymore.  





DESCRIBING EVENTS: sad but meaningful.......

Yesterday, an unemployed man was standing at the top floor of an abandoned 16 storey office building, ready to jump down from the building. He was depressed for being fired from his job by his boss. When he was about to jump, he remembered his aged sickly parents who needed care.The thought of his hard working brother who supports them also came to mind. Suddenly,feelings of guilt and remorse began to fill his chest, as he choked in tears, slowly he stepped back and left the building, and went back home to take care of his parents.
     On the fifth floor, of the same building, a foreigner who had kidnapped a young girl, wanted to kill the child because he didn't get the amount of money which he had requested for from the child's parents. As he was contemplating whether to kill the child or not, thoughts of his only child who had been killed by a kidnapper a few years back flooded his mind. How he had cried non stop for five days and how sad and crushed he had been. Finally, the foreigner decided to let the child go. 
          Just below the building, around the corner, three youngsters were getting ready to race along the northern highway.They were illegal racers. As they were  getting ready to race, one of the youngsters started to think about his parents. How they worked hard everyday so that he could go to school and  get a formal education. He got down from his motorbike and walked away from the race, never to look back again.
     In a school, few meters away from the building, the mid-year examination had just began. Almost all the students were fooling around and were not serious about the examination, but one student was thinking about his uncle. How his uncle had raised him since he was a child.How his uncle had sacrificed his life, so that he can go to school and get an education. He didn't join the others but focused on his examination. 

In my classroom,I saw my classmate was crying.Then I asked him how could I help.He told me that his English writing essay assignment was not ready yet and scared would be humiliated again by the teacher concerned.He told me  repeatedly sometimes the teacher would ask him to stand on the chair.So he could not take this kind of punishment.Then I asked him  why he could write the essay.He kept mum and still refused to answer after much persusasion.I could not understand his rationality and wondered why he could not even write a few lines of English essay.Afterall we were trained by the same English teacher on the concept of Descriptive essay and Narrative essay.I could write english essay with ease  or whatever  titles that the teacher gave in the classroom.
I could recall how I  manage to acquire this expertise of writing english essay.Most of my classmates envied me.So it was quite normal for me when most of them boycotted me in the class.Only  a handful wanted to share my knowledge. I told him who was still choking with tears to learn this art from me.Firstly it is compulsory to have a dictionary  with a vocabulary exercise book.Learning a foreign language without a dictionary is going to be a waste as many new words needed to be referred and understand in mother’s tongue language.Secondly students need to do a lot of reading almost everyday at least for one hour.Reading alone is not enough but it has to be collaborated with a dictionary and a vocabulart exercise book.The source is on the various model essay books available in the market place.Thirdly students must be able to construct sentences of their own to express their understanding.By doing so,then they are able write better sentences in their essay writing.It is imperative students should try out their own initiatives by doing their own research to get as many titles as possible and practise essay writing.I told him I was lucky as my previous English teacher who trained me since in primary 4 was a very exceptional,committed and dedicated teacher.Again I told my classmate,he could go to my home and I am prepared to train him.  

  The next day on the way back home,I was on dad’s car when suddenly I saw an accident happened.It happened right in front of my eyes.A primary 2 pupil was dragged by a motorcyclist.She was crying in pain..............  

You may continue from here....

She was crying in pain....


It is imperative for students to learn describing events.Then from there on you will develop the art of expressing a situation.Only then you are in the position to narrow down your options in describing events.Watch the examples below.

DESCRIBING EVENTS: sad but meaningful.......

Yesterday, an unemployed man was standing at the top floor of an abandoned 16 storey office building, ready to jump down from the building. He was depressed for being fired from his job by his boss. When he was about to jump, he remembered his aged sickly parents who needed care.The thought of his hard working brother who supports them also came to mind. Suddenly,feelings of guilt and remorse began to fill his chest, as he choked in tears, slowly he stepped back and left the building, and went back home to take care of his parents.
     On the fifth floor, of the same building, a foreigner who had kidnapped a young girl, wanted to kill the child because he didn't get the amount of money which he had requested for from the child's parents. As he was contemplating whether to kill the child or not, thoughts of his only child who had been killed by a kidnapper a few years back flooded his mind. How he had cried non stop for five days and how sad and crushed he had been. Finally, the foreigner decided to let the child go.
          Just below the building, around the corner, three youngsters were getting ready to race along the northern highway.They were illegal racers. As they were  getting ready to race, one of the youngsters started to think about his parents. How they worked hard everyday so that he could go to school and  get a formal education. He got down from his motorbike and walked away from the race, never to look back again.
     In a school, few metres away from the building, the mid-year examination had just began. Almost all the students were fooling around and were not serious about the examination, but one student was thinking about his uncle. How his uncle had raised him since he was a child.How his uncle had sacrificed his life, so that he can go to school and get an education. He didn't join the others but focused on his examination.

In my classroom,I saw my classmate was crying.Then I asked him how could I help.He told me that he received a call from his relative that his father was involved in an accident.Now is admitted in an Intensive care unit.(ICU)The thought of fatherly love immediately filled my chest.I remembered how my dad had sacrificed so much for us.I couldn’t wait any longer to see my dad and hugged him.The school bell rang and I was ready to go.Immediately I dashed out of the classroom and ran straight to the school bus.How I wish the bus driver could pressed the accelerator pedal to the bottom so that I could reach home fast.The bus then stopped right infront of my house and I saw dad’s car. “What a relief!”I told myself.I called dad and he was at the door so I hugged him tightly and said, “I love you so much dad and dont ever get involve in the accident”.I told him I still need him to be with the family.My dad smiled sweetly much to the amusement of my mum who came out from the kitchen.

The next day on the way back home,I was on dad’s car when suddenly an aged and sickly women knocked at the glass window of the front door car where I was sitting My dad was chatting with his friend across the road.I looked at the sickly woman  with an open heart and wondered  how  I could help her. She was some what murmuring but I could understand her body language that she needed help.She carried on her feeling of despair towards her two married sons who failed to give her their monthly commitments.She had to survive by seeking symphaty from the public.I was touched and vowed to help her.When my dad arrived,I told him about this woman’s predicament.Dad promised to contact the Welfare department through his old friend to help this aged and sickly woman.

When I reached home,I hugged my mum tightly and told her that I would not allow her to seek symphaty from the public for her survival.Worst still sending her to the old folk’s home.I was wondering to myself with the current trend of too  many successful working sons and daughters are neglecting their old and sickly parents.If this trend continues,the country would end up with many more old folk’s home being catered to fulfill this phenomena.Again I hugged my mum and whispered to her, “ mum you are not going to go there at least when I am still alive and kicking”


Assalamualaikum sir :) Heee first time hantar essay dkt sir ! Ohmyyy. My teacher sruh buat essay psl " It had been raining blaaa3..." mggu dpn dh kna htr. So, sir tlg check essay sy yg errr byk slh kot. Essay yg sir sruh buat tuh.. on the way. Haha. Thanks sir. Stay cute and keep awesome    -

Write a story beginning with : " It had been raining all day ..."

It had been raining all day, at times it rains like cat and dogs. At that moment, I slightly doubt the weather forecast since it forecasted  that the sun was going to scorch mercilessly.I sighed with relief and stared at the clock with bemusement. It was almost 6.00 p.m. but mom did not returned from the supermarket yet.The sky was getting darker. " Oh mom, where are you? " I was feeling a bit uneasy..

I dragged myself to close my bedroom's door. Out of the blue, a sudden crickling sound that came from the kitchen made me jump in fright. All of a sudden, I feel a surge of pure terror, my hearts started to thud in panic. I could not breathe easily knowing that there might be someone in my kitchen.Oh my god ! This thing cannot be happening to me, someone was breaking into my house? Nobody by my side for the moment and how could I tackle this.The fact that I need to face the person all by myself made me jittery  and wanted  to burst into tears. But, I took a deep breath plucking my courage and I grabbed my hockey stick.Then I  bravely went downstairs despite my hands were slightly  shaking.To my horror, my worst nightmare was answered.It wasn’t  what I expected. As I opened the kitchen's door, there was a big , plump rat staring nastily at me.Thus,made me screamed on top of my voice as though the rat was going to bite me. Now, it was between me and that nasty  rat. It would be another war. In a blink of an eye, the rat was on my foot and I ran around the dining table.Still it wasn’t enough for that nasty rat,it jumped on me thus making me yelled! Oh gosh!“This war is not going to be over yet” I quipped.Unknowingly, as the battle between the rat and I was  progressing, my  hockey stick which I held firmly hit one pile of plates on the table and the plates were scattered into pieces. As I was too engross to hit the plump rat, I accidentally stepped on the pieces of broken plates and the pieces hurt my feet.It was really bad. As my feet, was  prickling with pain, I sat down, defeated while rat took the opportunity escaped through a hole on the rooftop..My legs were trembling, my fingers twisted slightly. God, what a fiasco !

As I was looking for cotton bud and plaster to attend to my injured foot,the bell rang and the sound " I'm home, honey ", echoing in my ears. Then, mom went straight to the kitchen to put away the groceries.She stood rooted in disbelief. She looked at me with red eyes, looking at my bleeding feet and then looked at the kitchen before saying, '' What have gone wrong,my dear? " I told her the entire story while she was cleaning my wound. I was really terrified that she would  scold me but then she looked up and curved a smile, trying hard to refrain herself from laughing out loud. She told me that she had the same experience as I did.It  was even worse where she needed to battle with two rats.

The clock then striked at  7.30 p.m and  we were all done cleaning up the mess that I had unwittingly created. Without hesitation, I asked my mom, what about that nasty rat which certainly would come back.My mum confidently answered, " Don’t worry my dear,we will make sure this round the rat won’t escape..Maybe we will make the rat eat what it likes,the poison rat.” I smiled and hoped there would never be another titanic battle with the rat.But if ever the rat come back again,this time I hope it would face me and my mom.

 WanieyWahab ,

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Natasya was very sure that she didn't do it. She tried to explained it but Miss Raudah didn't trust her. She had no idea who took the money. She could not hold back her tears when the teacher accused her stealing the money.
The story began  when Miss Raudah, Natasya's English teacher entrusted her to keep an eye on her  purse. Then, the teacher went to the ladies and left Natasya alone in the class. When Maria passed the class, she saw Natasya sat lonely while studying and a black elegant stylish purse beside her. Maria had  an idea to frame on Natasya.She was so jealous of Natasya since the first day Natasya reported to school.
Indeed Maria was a jealous girl.She envied that Natasya always being praised by the teachers. Maria was considered as a wet blanket and sometimes labelled as a black sheep in her class.Nobody in the class liked her. Then, she entered the class and spoke to Natasya. She told Natasya that someone wanted to see her outside. Natasya  immediately stood up and went outside. Maria was so happy that Natasya believed her.Immediately she  took a lot of money from the purse and put it into Natasya's bag. When Maria was taking the money, she didn't relised that Aliya saw her from a small window on the other side of the class.
 Aliya tried to leave the place secretly but Maria stopped her. Maria quickly held Aliya's hand and said "hey ! Just pretend that you didn't know anything about this." Aliya got scared and nodded her head.A few minutes later, Natasya entered the class and continued her reading.Then Miss Raudah came into the class to take her purse back and thanked Natasya. While walking out of the class, Miss Raudah found  out that the zip where she put the cash in was unzipped.She went back to Natasya and said, " Oh gosh ! where is my money ?".Then she asked Natasya. Natasya denied taking the the money.Miss Raudah was a bit mad and told herthat she had to refer the case to the Principal. Then, Maria came in and told  Miss Raudah that she saw Natasya unzipped the bag and took the cash.

The things was made worst when Miss Raudah threatened to take Natasya to see the Principal.So the three of them went and see the Principal. Miss Raudah reported about her lost money.Then Maria volountered to check Natasya’s bag in her classroom.

The Almighty was the greatest.Maria fell into a drain while running excitedly to get the money from Natasya’s bag.She didn’t realise that Alya had earlier took the money and was on her way to the Principal’s office to hand over the money to Miss Raudah.

 Aliya saw Natasya and she  could not hold back her tears when looking at the innocent Natasya who had been accused.Then Aliya handed over the money to Miss Raudah and explained the chronology of the events.The Principal ordered Maria to quickly come to his office.

Maria was walking in pain and could not hold her tears.She was feeling ashamed and apologised to Miss Raudah and Natasya for the incident. Since that day, Maria moved to another school as she could not take the embarrasment anymore.



So if you wish to see the breakdown on descriptive essay,you may group them under three groupings which I had analysed them.Make your choice and attempt the one that you are strong at:


Examples from past years questions-analysis from  2003-2012.
1)Describing a situation or  place you visited /outings.
2012: Describe an outing with your friend.
2006:Describe an enjoyable weekend you have experienced.
2004:Describe a festival celebrated  in your area.

2)Describing a person  you admire.
2011:Describe a famous person you admire.
2010:Describe the most popular student in your school.
2008:Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.

3)Describing  your own experiences.
2009: Describe an unforgettable incident that you saw on your  way home from school.
2007:Describe an embarrassing experience in your life.
2005:Describe the biggest challenge in your life.
2003:A day you wished had never happened.

More questions extracted from Trial Exam papers and Internet
Describing a situation or  place you visited /outings.
1)Describe a  favourite place you have visited on your last holidays.
2)Describe an accident you saw and your role in helping them
3)Describe the scene at the shopping complex.
4)Describe the scene at “Pasar Malam”
5)A memorable visit at favourite Pasar Malam spot.
6)Avisit to the famous historical place.
7)Describe a wedding dinner you have attended.
8) Describe a Merdeka Event you had attended.
9)Describe a popular recreational centre you had visited.
10)Describe a foreign city that you had visited.
11)Describe any Malaysian fruits that you like.
12)Describe the scene at the busy shopping complex.
13)Describe my dream house.
14)Describe one of the cultural events in Malaysia.
15)Describe a visit to the orphanage home.
16)Describe a visit to the popular  hill resort.
17)Describe a scene on a rainy day.
18)Describe a hectic life in the city.
19)Describe a favourite member in the family.
20)Describe on your recent favourite activity .
21)Describe a popular tourist spot.
22)Describe a place which has special memories for you.

Describing a person  you admire.
1)Write about a person you admire most.
2)My favourite teacher.
3)My mother is my inspiration.
4)Describe your new teacher who just reported for duty at your school
5)Describe an interesting person you just met

Describing  your own experiences.
1)Describe an incident you remembered very well.
2)Describe your childhood years.
3)Describe an unusual experience you had during your last school holidays
4)Describe how you spent your last holidays
5)Describe your unforgettable working experience as a contract worker.
6)Describe an interesting  experience you had encountered.
7)Describe how an elderly person has changed your life.
8)Describe a funny incident at your school that you had experienced.
9)Describe the greatest moments of your life.
10)My most embarrassing moments.
11)An unforgettable experience in my life.
12)My first experience with the Malaysian Prime Minister.
13)An unforgettable experience at the Police Station.
14)Describe a moment where you were stranded on an island.

What do you think?


After so many mistakes,finally I would like to share this essay with your readers.I hope the idea is good.Thank you

Write an essay begining with :It was the first time I saw her and...

It was the first time I saw her and I decided to approach her . I was in the library doing a research for my English project. She was there, sat at the secluded area in the library. She was wearing a big with a thick, black rimmed spectacles. Her hair was tied in a messy bun with a long fringe at the front that cover most of her forehead. She was a new student in my class and was popular because of her nerd personality.She was just a typical grade A student. Nobody wanted to befriend her because she tend to sit alone.She was Farah.
“Hello, can I sit here?” I asked. She was looking at me with a blank face. She just nodded her head and went back to read. I put all my belongings on the table and sat in front of her. After a while, I started to feel boring. I peeked at her book title and she was reading a thick history book. “Wow, she is really a nerd.” I thought. I tried to start a conversation with her but she was either nodding or shaking her head. I was frustrated and stopped my conversation with her. She was hard to approach. After that, I just went out of the library after I said goodbye and got no replies.
“Urgghh! I hate physic!” I screamed inside my heart. I was at the second question and I still cant solve it. I was frustrated with myself. “Dina, come on. Lets go to the canteen.” My bestfriend, Maria asked. I told her that I am still full. She went to canteen with my other classmates. I was still trying to solve the ‘easy’ question. I looked around and found that there was only Farah and me in the classroom. Out of the blue, I thought why dont I use this opportunity to ask Farah about the Physic’s question and maybe befriend her.
“Hi. Umm... Can you help me to solve this problem?” She looked up and nodded. She began explaining to me how to solve the problem. Her explaination was so clear that I ended up solving it in just 5 minutes. She helped me go through my other problems and we didnt realize that the bell just rang. I thanked her and she just smiled. After that day, I always refer to her if I had any problems in my studying.
One day, I arrived an hour early to school because my father had to go somewhere for his business trip. I was walking lazily to my locker and got my books. On the way to class, I heard a very nive voice sang Waiting Outside The Lines by Greyson Chance. I stopped walking and peeked through the door of an empty class. I was greatly surprised when I found that the voice belonged to Farah. I walked slowly towards her. After a momant, she realized that I was behind her and was flustering. Her cheek was in a tint of pink and she was blushing. I told her that her voice was heavenly. She just whispered a small thank you.
Suddenly I got an idea. As a music club’s member, I thought that she was perfect to be the lead vocalist for our school’s music club. The music club was looking for a new lead vocalist for the national competition. I told the idea to her and she was hesitated. Before I could persuade her, the bell rang. I told other music club members about Farah and they agreed to listen to her before accepting  her as our new lead vocalist. I began pestering her for about a week and at  last she agreed.
I brought her to the music room. Our school was a private school for the rich and the students who got scolarship only so it had a really big music room full of music equipment like piano, drum, cello and many more. After Farah sang, they all clapped and agreed to take Farah as our new lead vocalist. We began practicing every day for the national competition and I began to spend more and more time with Farah.
Me and Farah became bestfriend in a matter of time. I always hanged out with her. I didnt realize that Maria was jealous of our friendship. I admitted that it was partly my fault and Maria began to give me cold-shoulders. What i didnt know was Maria bullied Farah behind my back. Luckily it was not too severe. She only told Farah to do all her homeworks, bought lunch, and ran all her errands.
I knew Maria’s wrong-doings when she slipped her tounge. I was surprised and scolded her. She told me that she was jealous and crying. She ran and crossed the road without looking. There was a car came fast but it was too late. Luckily Farah managed to grab Maria’s hand and pulled her to the side. I ran and hugged both of them, thanked God for saving their life. Thankfully, they just got minor scratches. Maria was crying and hugged Farah. She was thankful towards her. From that day onwards, we became bestfriends.
The national competition day came fast. Maria was there to support us and she was sitting in the front row. I was playing the piano and Farah sang.Meanwhile the other music club’s members played other instruments. Our heart was beating fast waiting for the results. At last, they announced the winner and we got first place.We were hugging and congratulated each other.Maria came and congratulated both of us. We hugged and took as many  pictures  together.



My name is Safuan from Mardhiah Panchor.You may please understand that I am from an Arabic school.So I guess there will be a lot of mistakes in my essay.I hope your readers like my storyline.Thank you.

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Write a story begining with Natasya was very sure that she didn't do it..

Natasya was very sure that she didn't do it. It was not her fault that the televisyen screen has broken into pieces  this morning. She recalled that she had a small arguement with her twin,Natisya.This pair of twin is definitely different from the other twins as normally  twin  relationship is like tongue  and teeth.Unlike this one, Natasya and Natisya are always at logger heads.They like to be on their own and seldom see each other  although staying in the same house. They liked to do their own bussiness. They can't see each other,everytime when  they meet they will fight like dog and cat. The televisyen was indeed  the new one when their  mum got it on the eve of her birthday.Their father presented to mum on their 25th anniversary.

 The incident happened when Natisya came home."tap, tap, tap",the sound of Natisya's footstep walking entered the  house. Natisya,headed straight to her room and  looked for her new Blackberry phone. Natisya took a longer time to find her phone as everyone knows her bad behaviour. "Where's my phone?" she yelled. Then, her eyes was focused at one item on the table.It was her phone. "Yeah" Natisya was happy when she found her phone. As she grabbed her phone,the phone 'scream'. "Bit,bit,bit" it was a message from Sofwan,her  boyfriend. Natasya viewed  the message "Hi  baby, from  today onwards,our relationship is off”. Natisya was baffled.Her tears  started to roll down her cheeks. Soon she pondered and tried to figure out what went wrong.  Everybody in her circles  knew that Sofwan was such a  successfull playboy, and this time Natisya had it."Why,why, why" Natisha screamed at the top of her voice.

At the other end of the room,her twin sister ,Natasya overheard the scream.Then she hurriedly ran to Natisya's room." What's wrong with you?, Are you out of your mind?” Natasya quivered. Natisya  did not reply but her furious face  did.She stood up and slapped Natasya "Ouch!" Natasya yelled in pain.She dashed out of the room but Natisya followed her.At the living room ,another heated arguement  happened.Suddenly Natisya  took her mother's vase and threw it towards Natasya. Natasya  managed to avoid it and the vase  strucked  the  televisyen at the corner end. "Oh my God".Natisya felt so scared and  guilty. She  ran to her room and locked the door. Natasya then called her mother at her office."Hello mom,came home quickly something bad happen".

"Brum,brum,brum." Puan Siti, the twins mother  arrived home. "Natasya go and get some water and a clean towel at the kitchen" Natasya complied  the order. After a few minutes,Natisya   awakened and still felt dizzy. After everything settled down ,then Puan Siti asked,"Who  actually causing all this messy?" Natasya nodded her head silently trying to cover up for her sister.Puan Siti gave a stern warning and then decided to cut Natasya’s  pocket money. Natisya felt very uneasy and realised that Natasya had sacriced so much for her. "Why do  you do this for me?"Natisya asked Natasya. Natasya smiled and answered "It' okay .I  know you have problem with your boyfriend,Sofwan.I just want to ease your problem". Natisya hugged Natasya tightly and it was the moment they befriend like other twins.



I am a student from Arabic background.So my essay going to be many mitakes.Could you please put my essay in your blog.I want to see as many comments from my close friends.Actually I only did the finishing part which was extracted from your blog.I hope my idea is acceptable.
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Lina was nervous when the door opened and she heard clearly her name being called “Cik Haslina, please follow me to the meeting room”. Dato’ Tajul’s secretary, Irena then led the way and told Lina,” You are the last interviewee for today, the fifteenth and I hope this number bring your luck”.”Thank you”, Lina responded without hesitation.
            The meeting room was so cool that Lina could feel her fingers were trembling. There were three gentlemen and ladies, all are waiting eagerly to pose as many questions to Lina. Lina was again nervous she could feel the drumbeat of her heart. Suddenly Dato’ Tajol broke the silence and said, “We thought of hiring you, your academic and curriculum activities suits our requirement but we need to have your commitment, are you willing to work late and travel overseas?”. Lina promptly answered  “Anything you say Dato”
            Lina started her first day work at Mersko Tour and Agency Services wearing a stunning red blouse with a white denim .She looked gorgeous. Dato Tajol told Lina “Irena will be on 90 days maternity leave  and you shall take over her functions from today onwards” Soon the telephone rang and Lina took the message from  Irena’s husband .Indeed Irena was already admitted at Puteri’s Medical Centre at Bandar Baru Kubang Krian.
            Months flew by and Lina was already about 4 months at Mersko Tour and Agency Services. Her relationship with Dato Tajol has been extraordinary. It was no more of an employer and an employee relationship. Lina realize this but she was adamant of continuing this relationship although she knew that Dato Tajol’s son, Ikhwan was also interested in her. It would be foolish for   24 years old pretty lass having an affair with a 55 years old boss. But Lina could not care less. She saw many Malay and Korean dramas potraying such story-lines and in fact many ended with marriage. So Lina was determined to follow suit. She dreamt of having a comfortable house, loving and caring husband and of course with few good children.
            On Sunday morning at her apartment, an unexpected visitor knocked at her door. Lina refused to open up the door when she saw Ikhwan through the peeping glass of her front entrance door. Ikhwan was furious as Lina was adamant to open the door. Ikhwan left the apartment sinking in his boots. He left a small note at the door. It reads “My dad is too old for you, he has four siblings to take care of. I am your definite choice”. Lina could not believe what she saw and quickly tore the note. She knew Ikhwan would do this to her as he had been trying hard to lure Lina. The 26 years old Ikhwan was no match to her as Lina wanted a more stable and matured man to lead her life.
            Lina remembered on her first date with Ikhwan when he spoke about ailing mum. Apparently Ikhwan’s mum is a Dutch lady where Dato Tajol met her at London University 27 years ago. She is bed-ridden now after a heart attack a few years ago.
            This is clearly a first love for Lina and she could imagine the physical sufferings faced by Dato Tajol. She loved Dato Tajol due to his tender and loving care and at the moment Lina felt that nobody could change her opinion on Dato Tajol
            Lina stayed whole day indoor. She spent her rest day reading newspaper, magazines and in between she watched cable television. Lina felt asleep on the sofa when suddenly at about midnight she heard a deaf sound. Her guess was right. It was a familiar sound that she heard before-the sound of an alarm from a car parked at the basement. Then somebody knocked her front door entrance. “Your car alarm system is disturbing other people” her neighbor, Fazleen who just finished her shift work returned and told Lina to quickly rushed to basement. “Thank you Fazleen, I’ll go down and check, give me a few minutes” Lina quipped immediately.
            Lina dashed to the basement and saw a figure was meddling her new Myvi car which Dato Tajol gave to her as a birthday present. Lina was scared to move nearer until suddenly a loud shot was heard. The bullet went through Lina’s head and there Lina was lying motionless. Pool of blood was seen at Lina’s forehead and Lina was still breathing, slowly but she was dying. Soon a crowd gathered and somebody was seen calling an ambulance and a patrol car. There was a figure unknown to the crowd, Ikhwan, he was seen holding a handkerchief weeping quietly and walking away from a crowd.

 Within minutes the ambulance arrived.Lina  was admitted to ICU unit USM Hospital, Kubang Kerian. Her condition was so critical and she was in coma. Dato Tajol was shocked after being told of this tragedy.He  suffered a heart attack and later died.

Detective Aasim Wenger and Detective Alan Cardiff were assigned to investigate on who shot Lina.They started their investigation beginning with the location of this tragedy.They managed to locate some items that were strong proofs belonging to the  suspect. While walking  to the car, they accidentally found a woman’s watch with  mysterious fingerprints on the watch.A check on the DNA sample with the chemistry department confirmed that the fingerprint was none other than Datin Nava Emerton, the late Dato Tajol’s wife.Both Detective Aasim and Alan were puzzled how could a bed-ridden woman like Datin Nava could move around.This make the case very complicated.Soon they were at Dato Tajol’s residence and questioned Datin Nava.Datin Nava denied having invoved with this mysterious case.

Ikhwan  then remembered everything when the handbag she was supposed to give to her mum,she gave it to Hanim,her secretary.Now she knew why Hanim did this to his family. Detective Aasim dashed to Hanim’s apartment and quickly arrested Hanim and her boyfriend.He found a revolver in Hanim’s bedroom,the revolver that her boyfriend used to shoot Lina.Hanim and her boyfriend was then charged and jailed.
 After a few months, Lina woke up from her coma.Ikhwan was the first person feeling very happy and he thanked  the Almighty that Lina is now safe.Lina’s friends also said that Ikhwan always visited her during her comatose situation and brought bouquet of flowers and recited holy verses every night.Ikhwan has replaced the place of the late Dato Tajol and he is now the Chief Ececutive Officer of  Mersko Tour and Agency Services

Soon,Lina and Ikhwan were married.Lina has found her true love with Ikhwan.They had beautiful twins.Lina finally achieved her dreamt of having a comfortable house, a loving and caring husband and   good children. Now, she lived happily and safely with her lovely husband, Ikhwan.


assalamualaikum sir rosdi. i am from dinamis tuition centre class 22, my name is ain atiya azmi from maahad muhammadi perempuan, and i want to try my skills at narrative essay writing. firstly i want to apologize becsuse i know its going to be bad. :(

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Write a story ending with: 'No one would believe this but this is the real truth'

I am at the park now. The same park that I went about twelve years ago. Nothing changed much over here. A bunch of  kids  are too engrossed playing with  the slides,fighting  among themselves on who will go down first. I almost laughed at the image of a scrawny little girl pushing an elderly plump girl on the swing,looking rather exhausted. Children are running all over the playground, their delight shrieks fill my heart with joy and warmth. Deep down, I am green with envy. Being an eighteen years  old teenage girl that I am now, I've never had a such a carefree,smooth childhood. And it is all due to what happened in this park years ago.
 "Mom,mom,I want to play over there", I pulled my mom's long sleeves,ignoring the fact that she was busy talking on the phone. Well,not exactly talking, she was literally yelling on top of her lungs at someone. I didnt really remember who it was. I was six and nothing I cared more than wanting to join kids of  my age at the playground. I tugged at her sleeves once again, only to be rewarded by an annoyed stare from my mom's beautiful chocolate brown eyes before she said, "Honey, go first. I'll be watching from here okay?"
I leapt in pure joy and excitement. It didnt take long before I got lost in my own happy world,playing the amazing see-saw,the swing, the slide and many more. Being a friendly child I was,I even made a playground friend. I noticed she looked lonely,sitting on the bench at the far side of the park. "Hey, want to play with me?", I smiled sweetly. She was blushing and rather shy at first,but I managed to persuade her to join me. Later on, we were on cloud nine and having a whale of time together. She even told me that her name was Sara .
   I didnt keep track of time when I noticed that the sun was setting on its horizon and the park was nearly empty except for me and Sara. I was sad,knowing that it was time to go as I said goodbye to her. We even made a silly vow to be playground best friends forever. She smiled at me,cute dimples flashing on her cheeks. I quickly ran the length of the field to catch on my mom who was already in the blue Volvo car parked at the main entrance. Apparently, mom was still on the phone. Then, I turned my back to take a last glance at my new friend only when I noticed something extremely terrible and the blood drained from my face.
   I was speechless. There, I saw with my very own eyes, a figure of a tall muscular man wearing all black, black trousers,black shirt, black glasses and a black cap pulled over  covering  half of his face. He was edging closer to Sara,saying something nasty.Then only I realised that Sara told me earlier that she came to the park alone as her house was just a stone's throw away. So that person couldnt be her parent, could he? The expression on Sara's face was of pure shock and terror as the muscular  man tried to grab her small frail body.
  Gosh!,Sara was in deep trouble! Only God knows who the man could be. A kidnapper,a child molester, a rapist or a killer. I need to help her. Do something! My inner voice screamed. But I could only stare as I stood rooted at the far edge of the field. I could only stare helplessly as Sara screamed,at  high-pitched voice echoing through the emptiness. I just stared hypnotized by  the muscular  man who  placed a handkerchief over Sara's nose.Again  I saw her small body  was lifted  before two cursed hands which  grabbed her back. I was just like  a statue when Sara got carried roughly into the back of a van, which then was driven away in the speed of light.
   I flinched back at the memory. The memory which was the reason I lived my childhood in fear. The memory which changed me from a gregarious and happy-go-lucky person to the reserved and self-conscious kind of girl. My mom noticed this swing in personality but as always, she was too busy to atttend to me. Day by day, the effect of the guilt and the burden of the horrendous secret had a negative effect on me. I became too scared of strangers that I developed a social anxiety disorder.
  I am now an awkward teenager,with hardly any friends. I am sad and pathetic. I sigh as the children enjoy their time at the park, fully unaware of my intense scrutiny. After twelve years, I'm not sure whether opening up and telling another soul about this may help. No one would  believe this but this is the real truth.



I hope this essay fit into the title.


Last school holidays, Persatuan Sains Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kota Bharu had organized a school outing for the first time.The outing was very useful as it was created to establish a  personal experience for each participant who join the trip.All  the members of Persatuan Sains had put  up their heads together to discuss about all the necessary things required for the trip and other primary requirement required for the trip.One of the itenaries was a visit to the Science exhibition  at Subang, Kuala Lumpur. The members were informed of  an open programme after the science exibition visit where we could wander around Kuala Lumpur  city in groups.This is surely a fantastic open programme for me.I can take this oppurtunity to enjoy myself.So make hay while the sun shines.

Before we srtarted our journey sharp at 8:00 a.m, we had been informed to gather at the school's hall to obtain some informations and guides from our duty teacher Puan Harlina. This is very important  to ensure our plans going smoothly.We truly hope not to confront any mishap along the journey.It was quite a long journey but we all look forward to reach early.

After a tiring 8 hours journey, we reached our destination.We checked into the hotel and unpacked our things.After about an hour,we were ready to experience the best science adventure.Our first stop was at the Dinosour section.We were shocked to see huge man-made dinosour about five of them with very long names.I could imagine these dinosours had bewen on this earth million years ago. It was very fantastic as we had learnt something new.This is part of our knowledge and scientists in America are still making surveys to find out more about dinosours and why dinosours are no more existing in this earth.We felt very comfortable as this place has many world class facilities such as wifi outlets,fast-food centres,shopping mall,musola and many others.There was a slight change in the programme whereby the teacher in charge has decided to keep us altogether instead of in a smaller group.This was because our teacher planned to take us to a mini festival at the famous Raja Chulan Street.The mini festival entertained the local and international visitors on wayang kulit,art exibition,calligraphy and many others.The festival  has been very interesting and exciting.We also watched the entertainment slots put up by the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

There was one instances when one of our seniors had lost in a crowd.But actually she was outside the shopping comples meeting her senior who happened to be her neighbour.It was a short tense but we manage to keep everybody intact.

Before we all leave Kuala Lumpur, we felt fully  satisfied.The trip was very exciting and we cherished every single moment in it. We felt happy and have a thought to come here again  maybe with our family the next time.We had gain many experiences especially about the lost of our senior in the festival. One thing for sure the trip made us to be more independent and more confident.


A person whom I admire most is none other but my most lovely and affectionate mother.The essay is a bit too short but I hope is relevant to the title.Thank you sir for your willingness to edit my humble essay.

A person whom I admired most in my life is my parent especially my mother.This is because my mother is the one who knows what is best for me.Thanks to the Almighty,being born in this world is already a very great sacrifice by my mother.I could imagine  without my loving mother,I am not born in this world.As a pious child,I am grateful to the Almighty for the all graces that had been  given to me including having a loving,caring and affectionate  mother.I believed every child loves their mother.Those rebellious child who do not care and neglecting their mother are considered irresponsible and may face possible risks in their life whom the Almighty will show them to make them realise the sacrifices and great value of a mother.

In this world, my mother  is the only person that I loved most than anything else in my life. Although, sometimes she ran all her errands but I know in her mind, she never stopped thinking about us.We have problems but we settle them in a family way  as "  blood is thicker than water".My mother can also be depicted as a live wire because she is quite friendly and always shared her problems with us.Thank to the  Almighty as my mother is unlike other mothers who are pretty hard to approach.Furthermore,she also always being careful so as to make sure all in the family would be happy and living harmoniously.Otherwise if something goes wrong,it can make our heart sank in the boots.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

In my life, I never see a best person who can be similar to my mother.My mother is incomparable.My mother never chided to us although sometimes we were out of the way such as being lazy whilst she continues her errands in the house.She never made any grunts and groans but always being patient with our bad manners.I realised so much sacrifices she had spent on us.I will endeavour to make sure my mother get the best treatment when I finish my study and start working.Even when I get married,I shall ensure my mother gets the best treatment from me. I would try best to emulate her in all aspects of life.How I wish later my children would adore and love me as what I had done to my loving mum.

Aisyah Abdullah.


This essay I did with some references from the internet sources.Thank you sir for pushing me to complete this essay.-Aisyah Nadirah-SMKA Aisyah Amilin-Kota Bharu,Kelantan.

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Date: Thursday, 16 May, 2013, 6:59 AM
          DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY       
Question: Write a person you admire most.              

      I was about 12 years old when I first read about Bill Gates . I was inspired by his biography of outstanding achievements and have admired him since. He also inspires me because he is a very successful business man. Also, he is a great leader for his Microsoft Company, and he is very generous. Gates is not selfish he cares about other people who need his help.
            Bill gates was born on October 28, 1995. He was born into a family with a rich history of business, politics and community service. Gates’s great-grandfather was the state legislator and mayor, and Gates’s grandfather was the vice-president for the national bank. William H. Gates, Bill Gates’s was the prominent, Seattle defensive lawyer. Mary Maxwell Gates, Bill Gates’s   mother was the school teacher and the chairperson for the United Way Charity. Gates has one older sister, Kristianne, and one younger sister, Libby. He was fourth of his name in his family, but was known as William Gates III or ‘Trey’ because his father had the ‘II’ suffix. Early on his life, Gates’s parents had a law career in mind for him.
            During his elementary school life, he surpassed all of his classmates, especially in Science and Mathematics. As soon as his parents noticed his intelligence, they enrolled Gates to Lakeside School which is a private school. This school was known for its intense academic environment. Also, this school was first introduced Gates to the computers. Bill gates said “When I was thirteen, my school(Lakeside School) installed a teletype machine that connected in downtown Seattle. From that point on, my friends and I spent most of our free time writing programs and figuring out how to make this computer do interesting things.”
            On January 1, 1994, Gates was accepted to Harvard University. In Harvard, he met Paul Allen, who became Gates’s close friend. They got obsess with the computer that they were late for some of their classes. They even skipped some classes to be in computer lab. Unfortunately, their computer time finished after spring. However, they didn’t graduate in Harvard.
             Allen and Gates had to leave their time as a student because want to devote their energy full time to Microsoft which later became a very successful and thriving company. They had a belief that the personal computer would be valuable too on every office desktop in every home. Gates and Allen began developing software for personal computers. They collaborated together to make the language basic on the first microcomputer, and on 1975, they started the Microsoft Company.
            Currently, Bill Gates is the chairperson of Microsoft Company. The reason why they made this company is that they wanted to develop software for personal computers. Because of this company and his effort, he became a very wealthy man. He earns about thirty billion dollars annually. During his career at Microsoft Company he also remains the largest individual shareholder, with 6.4 percent of the common stock. He continuously works hard to make his Microsoft Company better and convenient for the people, not only just Americans, but the whole world. He made the new computer operating system called “Wow”. Obviously, this system is very successful like all of his other works.
         In 1987, Gates was listed as a billionaire in the pages of Forbes ‘400 Richest people in America issue’, just days before his 32ndbirthday. As the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, he was worth 1.25 billion dollars, over 900 million dollar which is more than he’d been worth the year before. Time magazine also named Gates one the 100 people who most influenced the 20th Century, as well as one of the 100 most influential people of 2004, 2005 and 2006.
            In 1994, he was honoured as the twentieth Distinguished Fellow of the British Computer Society. Gates has received honorary doctorates from 8 universities all over the world. Gates was also made an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth in 2005.
            In November 2007, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda were awarded the second most generous philanthropist in America. They having given over 28 million dollar to charity. They also plan to eventually give 95.5 percent o their wealth to charity. He is consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people and was the wealthiest over all from 1995 to 2009, excluding 2008 when he ranked third. But in 2011 he was the wealthiest American and the second wealthiest person over the world.
             Many people over the world make Bill Gates as their role model. His kindness also makes many people loved him so much. He will be the person I always admire most in my whole life.

Aisyah Nadirah
SMA Tengku Amalin A'ishah Putri


Dear Fifth formers,
I have this problem of writing good English essay since I started in secondary school 4 years ago.I can learn other critical subject like physics,chemistry,biology and add.maths very fast but not English Language.Is there any formula involved?How then can I write good essays?Please help me!You know my SPM examination is just not far away.I must act fast.Please give your comments,formulae or anyother things.I need them fast.Thank you.
We were classmates in a primary school.I remembered we were studying together in SK Panji from year one to year six.Today we are still together in the same school, SMKA Naim Lilbanat and our friendship is still intact and as close as ever.We had many  experiences to share.Please believe us,if not because of our close relationship,we have never gone this far.

We are just like sisters and nothing could spoil our friendship.Azlin is such a wonderful friend.What makes our friendship so knitted together?It started with a simple assignment given by our mathematics teacher.Firstly we were blank,we know next to nothing as we do not have interest at all in mathematics. Thus it is impossible for us to solve any  mathematical problems given to us.We decided the best step to start  was to consult a few best students in our class who are real genius in mathematics.We waited for the extra class session in the afternoon.Then we continued asking for clarifications,find out  simple and fast methods of doing them  until we really understand how to solve  them.Now after thorough and regular  practises,mathematics is no longer a difficult subject for us.We  can tackle any mathematics questions whether there are algebra,angles,trigonometry,equations or any things under the syllabus of mathematics.We are now considered as mathematics genius in our classroom.
Our other colleagues began to wonder how did we manage and what were our  recipes.The mathematics experiences then had opened our eyes on other subjects.Without hesitation,we did the same approach on other subjects like chemistry, biology,physics and additional mathematics.It really worked.

We recalled about the great proverb,if there is a great determination-certainly there is a way. That proverb had given us spirit and enthusiasm  on improving ourselves.We thought if we sat down and do nothing,then we would lose everything.So it was a great motivation for both of us.We could see lights at the other end of the tunnel.Again when  we recalled of our bad  attitudes few months back,we wouldn’t think,we would  be like these.Our academic results were fantastic.We never expected  to score straight A’s for all these.The recent monthly tests in April  had proven that with determination and hardwork, things would be easier and simpler.Azlin and I are now top three students in our class.We considered ourselves experts and many of our colleagues referred to us on assignments and homeworks on those tough subjects such as biology,physics,chemistry and additional mathematics.

But then  we were wondering whether we could do the same approach on another tough subject which is English Language.How I wish I can use the same method and approach to improve on my written English.My seniors told me  learning English would be on  a different approach altogether.It is a subject where I must sit down and start reading consistently  at least one hour a day.It is a subject where I must constantly  refer to dictionary.The subject that requires a collection of  vocabularies.These are the things which I hate to do in my class carrying a thick dictionary and then start building up my vocabulary in another exercise book.I never like English Language.It is a traumatic subject for me.I remembered how my English teacher humiliated me last year when I failed to pronounce a simple word such as walked,jumped and talked.You know what I pronounced them as walk-ed,jump-ed and talk-ed.It was a very embarrassing experience for me.Begining that day,I never bother to “touch” any English materials anymore.I totally boycotted  English Language for the whole of last year.This is to show my protest to my English teacher.When I recalled the incidences,I told myself I was too egoistic.Last year my results on English was horrible.So I asked myself,who is on the losing end? Unlike Bahasa Melayu which is my mother tongue language I am confident,I can pass the examination even without doing much review or  study.

So to tackle  English Language, it would be  entirely another set of approach.I must get myself ready to answer comprehension questions, building up my own vocabulary and try to express in my own words what I feel and think of the materials that I read.Worst of all, I must know how to write essay,the thing which I hate most now.How can I do this?I am so good on other subjects but not English Language.Can somebody help me now before it is too late for my SPM November examination.

SMKA Naim Lilbanat.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY-Describe an unusual experience you had during the last school holidays

During my last school holidays,I spent a few days at my cousin’s house at Pantai Irama, Bachok,a well-known resort in Kelantan.On the first day when I arrived,my cousin promised to me that he would make my stay a very interesting and exciting one.Firstly he asked me  whether I have the experience of rowing on a raft.Certainly  I like to be on the raft,what more on a famous resort in Kelantan.We collected  some tree trunks from the nearby beach and  started to construct the raft.My cousin,Hashim is an expert on building up of  any items   relating to sea products,so  building a raft is not actually a problem for him.We completed building up a simple but strong  raft late in the evening.I was so eager to row the raft and enjoy the morning breeze the next day.

On the second day,early in the morning,I was so excited to see the scenic views of the sea.Then I could hear the chirpings of the birds and see some flowers  beautifully blooming up.It was even more interesting watching small group of fishermen  packing and  preparing themselves  to go out to the sea.They were pushing their boats towards the sea and many were hoping to spend  at least couple of days on the sea before they come back with ladens of fish, crabs and prawns.Hashim and I carried the raft to the sea.We were happy that the raft floated quite well.So I started rowing the raft single- handedly while Hashim was at the other end trying to balance the raft.We spoke about many things on the raft including our ambitions and what we planned to do after the  SPM examinations.

Suddenly we felt the raft was shaking.I was worried and my body trembled as I did  not know  how to swim.I shouted at Hashim and told him that I  might probably end up drowning  in the sea.Hashim was much calmer and did not show any sign of panic.He screamed back and asked  me to hold tight to the raft..But it was too late then.A thunderstorm had occurred and soon heavy rain started to pour in.I could feel the flow of the wind.It had grown stronger. The dark cloud had move towards  our direction thus making the sky partially dark.Then flashes of lightnings strike followed by deafening  roar of thunders .It was very frightening moment and I could feel death was a few inches away from me.The tide had build up so swiftly and  within minutes our raft had turned turtle.Again  I screamed at the top of my voice.Then I saw many boats and small vessels were destroyed by the ferocious wind.Earlier many houses,trees and electrical  poles were down haphazardly.It really  shocked me  when I saw some smaller vessels overturned completely  and a few dead bodies  were seen floating and coming towards  my direction.It was absolutely a frightening, horrible and painstaking sight.We were as if like little ants scurrying for protection from this savage tragedy. On the other hand while I was holding tightly to the raft ,I could hear turmoil all over the places on the land.Many women and children were running helter-skelter in search of protection and I could hear cries and screams from the children.Row of houses were badly destroyed and  swept by the ferocious wind.In the midst of this chaotic situation,one of electrical poles had fell down unfortunately  hitting  a crowded  petrol station which then struck fire.There was chaotic situation everywhere.Almost half of the village was on fire.The situation was totally  out-of control.

I knew a small tsunami had occurred.It was just beyond anybody expectation that a Tsunami was actually happening in the east coast of Kelantan.Soon the situation was seen a bit more relieved.The thunderstorm  had  subsided,the tide had turned normal and the darker clouds had moved slowly  to the other direction.The sky looked slightly brighter.It was truly a dramatic battle.A  battle of  survival on life and death. The five minutes dramatic encounter was really nail-biting and near death experience.
Thanks to the Almighty,I could see some search and  rescue personnels heading towards us.We were extremely exhausted and later given medical treatments.I could recall this tragic moments as moments of life and death.  It was a near-death experience for me celebrating  this holiday at Pantai Irama,Bachok which historically was free of any forms of  catastrophe.

 I am now strong mentally and ready to take up worst encounters than this.I told Hashim  that I wanted to come back to have another horrifying experience in the next holidays.Hashim smiled cynically and  told me to take up swimming first.Then he said, I could come back and face a second tsunami experience if ever it will come back again in the next holidays.

Maisarah Baharum
SMSPP,Kota Bharu,Kelantan

Tuesday, 11 June 2013


   Narrative essay: Write a story beginning with:I felt so nervous when I walked  into the room…..

I felt so nervous when I walked into the room, it’s the counsellor room, in my school, SMK Gong Dermin. I was in my class engrossed with my English essay when suddenly a student came over to my class.She conveyed the news that the  counsellor  wanted  to see  me  in  his room.Immediately I could recall something was up his sleeve.This was because every student knew that the counsellor is not a kind and approachable teacher.I always told myself that I would be the last to see him if ever I have any problem in the school.His face is not friendly and none of my friends like to confront  him. Even with other teachers, he did not smile that often. Everyone knew that when they were called by him, they were absolutely in a hot soup.No excuses and no matter what kind of trouble they had or had done,they have to face the consequences.I was definitely worried because I was not in his good book.I always skipped classes, slept in the class, and frequently not finishing my homework or assignment given by the teachers.

So there I was in his room.He wanted to know what my problems were and any good reasons to support my case.Surprisingly he mentioned that he wanted to help me if my case is justified.Since I was in that room, my eyes kept staring at the clock hanging highly on the wall and it was 9 o’clock in the morning. There were just the two of us in the room which I considered would be full of tense.At first, I was hesitating to open up to him about my problems.Then I build up my courage. I told him, that I was born in a family which basically living from hands to mouth.We were all considered as the very unfortunate group.A group I considered living among the ranks of poor people.
I have 9 siblings and me, being the eldest sister must be a role model for my other sisters and brothers. Five of them are still schooling in primary school and the rest are not schooling yet. I am in form five now. I will be having a big exam, SPM, this year, and my daily routines are full of  domestic works and ofcourse the school homework and assignments.I often skipped classes after ten in the morning, because I had many domestic works to do at home.I helped my parents selling our hand-made cupcakes.It was a regular routine almost everyday where I had to skip classes and went out of the school through the back gate and nobody would see me from there-not even the security guards. I walked to my house as it was just a stone’s throw away. When I reached home, I quickly help my parent packed our hand-made cupcakes and carry them in my dad’s van.Then we dashed to morning market at Wakaf Che Yeh in Kota Bharu. Although my dad’s van was just a second-hand van and looked like  an old scrap,it was a very strong and tough van.The van is considered like an old and experienced soldier who always obeyed my dad’s instruction and it could fit in 1000 hand-made cupcakes plus other relating stuff. When we reached the market,the first thing I did was pitching the tent and immediately put on our cupcakes on display.Our hand-made cupcakes were very popular among the  customers and they were quickly sold as fast as the lightning.Sometimes my dad and I did some extra jobs like washing the plates in the restaurant. At times I also served as the waitress.We have to earn whatever extra money when we have the oppurtunities.We reached back home about midnight.
 We were completely exhausted and went to bed. At 3 o’clock in the morning,I had to be awaken again to help my mom. We baked about a thousand cupcakes ready for the next morning sales at Wakaf Che Yeh.Eventhough I was dead tired,I tried  hard to complete with mum the numerous cupcakes before the clock strikes 7.I needed to get ready for school otherwise the teacher would be furious if  I reached school late.
Since our  business was doing quite satisfactorily,my parents had thought carefully to open up our very own cupcake bakery. My mom’s cupcakes were tasty and good just like the other well-known cupcake bakeries but the only problem we were facing was the financial problem. That was why we just sold our cupcakes along the street. I did not pay much attention towards my studies because I cared for my siblings  more. If we have enough money then, we could afford for my siblings to further their studies. Therefore I have to help my parents to get as much money as possible.That was why I sacrificed mine for them.For almost an hour, I told him my life story and finally I said, “Those are the routine in my everyday life.” My teacher gave a low sigh and told me, “It’s alright Aisyah,why don’t you tell me earlier about all of this? Maybe I can help you to get some money. We can do a charity sale or run for charity! I can also ask the headmaster and other teachers to help you. Then you can focus your examination the end of this year. I’m proud of you Aisyah.” After that, he gave me his big smile that no one ever seen it before except for me on that day. He looked at the wall clock, it showed that it was almost ten, and he said, “Let’s go Aisyah! I’ll help you and your parents selling the cupcakes.”

The counsellor had help me a lot. I did not know how I can ever thank him. In the end, I passed my SPM examination with flying colours. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I was looking at my results. My parents then had their own cupcake bakery called ‘Big Family Cupcakes’.
My family lived happily ever since I  stepped into the room.

Aisyah Sufian,Form 4 Ibnu Sina,SMUA Taqaddum Maarif,,
Pasir Tumbuh,Kelantan.

Sunday, 2 June 2013


We  arrived in Kuala Trengganu on May 25th  about noon.Then we quickly checked into Primula Beach Resort,one of the most outstanding and beautiful resorts in town.We had our lunch at the Primula Hall.Incidentally there was a cultural show specially catered for newly arrived guests.We were so excited being given the opportunity to see local dancers from few cultural clubs in town performing the famous ‘Ulik Mayang’.Later we were entertained by a number of young and budding artistes who rendered  lovely old time hits.
There was also an exibition outside the Primula Hall.This exibition was specially held for the local and
overseas tourists on the promotion of ‘Visit Trengganu Year’.We managed to have some preview of the
 exibition despite of our tight routine.We were excited to learn from the exibition that there were many more
 tourist spots we need to visit.At about 4.00p.m we started our journey to visit the famous Batik factory in
 Trengganu which is in Kampung Sipitang Senja about 30km  from the town.It was so amazing to see the
 local residents displaying many colourful and attractive batik designs.The materials are mostly made of silk
 and rayon and the prices are quite affordable.We bought some souvenirs which includes silk scarfs and batik 

The next day on May 26th,we set our journey to Pulau Kapas,the popular tourist spot in Trengganu.This is
 a very beautiful island and no words could express the beauty and tranquility of the island. We enjoyed
 every  moments particularly snorkelling.A few of the members ‘got lost’ under water but they were saved
 by the oxygen tanks which they carried on their backs. It was really fun watching the marine lives under water.
Then we went for fishing.A few of the members managed to catch the famous jenahak putih some of which 
were more than 3kg.Later at night we had the moonlighting party.It was great and many of the members 
showed their hidden talents on singing,dancing,magic shows and story telling.

On the third day,May 27th, we started our journey to Rantau Abang,the famous spot for turtle laying eggs.
The beach was beautiful and mersmerizing and we took some time to stroll along the beach.We managed to
 get a glimpse of turtles laying eggs slightly after midnight.It was fun and breathtaking.Later we visited the
 keropok factory and observed how the local residents made the famous prawn keropok.We also took the
 opportunity to watch a few new boats under construction.There was one huge boat belong to a Royal family
which was still under construction and costing about RM3million.This royal boat could carry over 100 guests.   

On the fourth day,May 28th,this was the day of departing.It was such a memorable experience and there
 were so many beautiful moments that we could cherish together in this trip.

We returned to Kota Bharu almost noon and stopped by at Bandar Baru Besut for our lunch. It was such a 
tiring and most enjoyable and exciting moments for our school counselling club members.

We look  forward to visit probably Genting Highland next year.