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Write a story begining with:Lina was nervous when the door opened.....

Lina was nervous when the door opened and she heard clearly her name being called.“Cik Haslina,please follow me to the meeting room”.Dato’ Tajul’s secretary,Irena then led the way and told Lina, “You are the last interviewee for today,the fifteenth and I hope this number bring you luck”. “Thank you”,Lina responded without hesitation.
The meeting room was  so cold that Lina could feel her fingers trembled..There were three gentlemen and a lady,all  waiting eagerly to pose as many questions to Lina.Lina was again nervous,she could feel the drumbeat of her heart.Suddenly Dato Tajol broke the silence and said, “We thought of hiring you,your academic and curriculum activities suits our requirement but we need to have your commitment,are you willing to work late and travel overseas”?. Lina promptly answered,“Anything you say Dato”
Lina started her first day work at Mersko Tour and Agency Services wearing a stunning red blouse with a white denim.She looked gorgeous.Dato Tajol told Lina,“Irena will be on 90 days maternity leave and you shall take over her functions from today onwards”.Soon the telephone rang and Lina took the message from Irena’s husband.Indeed Irena had been admitted at Puteri’s Medical Centre at Bandar Baru Kubang Kerian.Months flew by and Lina was already about 4 months at Mersko Tour and Agency Services.Her relationship with Dato Tajol had been extraordinary.It was no more of an employer and an employee relationship.Lina realised this but she was adamant of continuing this relationship although she knew that Dato Tajol’s son,Ikhwan was also interested in her.It would be foolish for a 24years old pretty lass having an affair with a 55years old boss.But Lina could not care less.She saw many malay and korean dramas potraying such story-lines and infact many ended with marriage.So Lina was determined to follow suit.She dreamt of having a comfortable house,loving and caring husband and ofcourse with a few good children.
On Sunday morning at her apartment,an unexpected visitor knocked at her door.Lina refused to open up the door when she saw Ikhwan through the peeping glass of her front entrance door.Ikhwan was furious as Lina was adamant to open the door.Ikhwan left the apartment sinking in his boots. He left a small note at the door.It reads, “My dad is too old for you,he has four of my siblings to take care of. I am your definite choice”.Lina could not believe what she saw and quickly tore the note.She knew Ikhwan would do this to her as he had been trying hard to lure Lina.The 26 years  old Ikhwan was no match to her as Lina wanted a more stable and matured man to lead her life.

Lina remembered on her first date with Ikhwan.He  spoke about his ailing mum.Apparently Ikhwan’s mum is a dutch lady where Dato Tajol met her at London University 27 years ago.She is bed-ridden now after an unexpected stroke  a few years ago.
This is  clearly a first love for Lina and she could imagine the physical sufferings faced by Dato Tajol.She loved Dato Tajol due to his tender and loving care and at the moment Lina felt that nobody could change her opinion on Dato Tajol.Lina stayed whole day indoor.She spent her rest day reading newspaper,magazines and in between she watched cable television.Lina felt asleep on the sofa when suddenly at about midnight she heard a deafening sound.Her guess was  right.It was a familiar sound that she heard before-the sound of an alarm from a car parked at the basement.Then somebody knocked her front door entrance.“Your car alarm system is disturbing other people” her neighbour,Fazleen who just finished her shift work returned and told Lina what she heard..“Thank you Fazleen,I’ll go down and check.”Lina quipped immediately.Lina dashed to the basement and saw a figure  was  meddling with  her new Myvy car.This lovely car, she was specially given by Dato Tajol  on her  birthday..Lina was scared to move nearer until suddenly a loud shot was heard.The bullet went through Lina’s head and promptly she dropped and  laid  motionless.Pool of blood was seen at Lina’s forehead but  Lina was still breathing,slowly.She was dying.Soon a crowd gathered and somebody was seen calling an ambulance and  patrol car.Between the crowd there was a figure unknown walking slowly. He was seen holding a hankerchief weeping quietly and walking away from a crowd.
Meanwhile the crowd had grown to bigger numbers.Within minutes two  patrol cars and an ambulance arrived.Lina’s body was carried onto the ambulance.There were some police officers interviewing the public including Fazleen.Lina’s  black elegant Myvi car was towed to the police station.Fazleen told the police that Ikhwan was at Lina’s apartment 24 hours before she was shot.
At the hospital,Lina was admitted to Intensive Care Unit(ICU).Dato Tajol and his son,Ikhwan were seen loitering at the hospital lobby.Lina’s parents and close families were also present.A few police officers arrived and quickly nabbed Ikhwan and told him to keep silent and asked him to call his lawyer.Ikhwan acted like he knew nothing and maintained that he was innocent.But Ikhwan forgot one vital thing,the short note he wrote to Lina.The police found the notes and it was strewn on the floor outside  Lina’s apartment..The shattered notes were collected by the police with Ikhwan and Lina’s fingerprints all over the papers.Ikhwan was dumbfounded but nobody could help him now not even Dato Tajol.
Lina was pronounced dead  exactly 12 midnight.Gone is a woman who has managed to win Dato Tajol’s heart.But will there be another Lina to continue the lonely life of Dato Tajol....? 

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