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                                               How to manage your stress
                                             By:Zulhilmi Yamin,Form 5 Abu Bakar..
Being stressful is so common among the SPM students especially when the examination is around the corner.Whatmore when you want to achieve the desirable results to please your parents and teachers.Therefore it is definitely risky to carry on your stresses as the examination is getting closer.So we as SPM students must avoid this habit of carrying these unwanted stresses and must be smart in managing our stress.I would like to  suggest the following ways of overcoming these stresses.

Firstly it is very important to plan your study schedule.Ofcourse you want to give proirity for every subject but you must weigh them according to the University requirement.So I suggest you focus on the entry requirement of every University where they have stated clearly  English language,Bahasa Melayu and Sejarah as their basic requirement for entrance.In short the planning of your study must include the above three core subjects which means you must get excellent results in these subjects.Next if you have plan to continue at medical faculty at  any one of the University,then your science subjects such as Physics,Chemistry,Biology and addittional mathematics must be given one hundred percent focus with regular revisions and reviews.Only after achieving good results in these science subjects,then you may be accepted as matriculation students in any of the matriculation colleges in the country.On the other hand,if you opted for non-sciences courses such as business,architecture,hotel catering and many others,then other subjects such as in modern mathematics,general science and pengetahuan agama islam(PAI) may help to push your entrance in the university apart from getting good results in the core subjects(BM/BI/Sejarah).For those who plan to study overseas such as Egypt,Jordan and other West Asian countries,then you must have good results in your SPM(U). So basically, you decides what subjects you want to focus and where are your  priorities.Apart from that,it is advisable for you to manage your time effectively such as when to take a break and what to do during your short break.Many students will use this valuable time to read Bahasa Melayu and English essays so as to enhance their grammars and vocabulary.Secondly it is worthwhile if you can conduct study group among your close friends.Research have proven that students who learn through grouping are achieving better results than those who study alone.But the rule here remains, that no-nonsense things take place along the line.This means the time spend on group study must  be really discussing on the focus subjects not doing other things such as chit-chatting on general issues such as gossiping about your friends,discussing about your favourite soccer players or singers and then later extending to current soccer matches and results or other issues which may distract your study schedules.On top of that,it is also practical to take turn conducting the study group among your friend’s residence.This make every parents happy to see their children focussing on the study as the examination is getting closer.

Thirdly many SPM Students are so stressful because they complain of not having enough rest and sleep.Whatmore with their food intake which is not regularly checked and take care of.This may create adverse effect on their overall performances which may distract their focus,attention and mood.So give priorities to these factors by telling yourself that you must have enough sleep and rest.By doing so,you are gearing yourself to achieve more in your study.Then watch out for your food intake as this is very important to give you strength,mood and determination.Normally well balanced diet food keeps you awake,focus and you are achieving more in your knowledge.It is good that you spend some time doing a short exercises such as jogging around your house compound or at the recreational parks over the weekend.This will keep you healthy all round. Are you also  thinking of taking a short break such as picnic at a beach with your family?This is a good way of relaxing and giving you the oppurtunity to sort out whatever personal problems you may have at school,home or your sorroudings.You can feel your stresses will be much reduced and having good time with your siblings will at least make you open,cheerful and relax.Apart from that,try to catch up with your teachers after classes on subjects that you are weak at which require more explanation.Certainly the short time that you sacrifice after school hours will be worthwhile as it helps you to understand the subjects in details.

Whatever that you go through in a day will never be complete if you never recite holy verses and perform special prayers.This kind of deed is encouraged to give you the mental strength and physical power for you to wade through the day.Do ask for the Almighty fulfillment in your prayers so that you can perform well in your routine study and subsequently help you in achieving good grades in your SPM examination.

In a nutshell,by all means avoid yourself from getting stressful.You should be thankful that you are not like others who slog out day and night but fade out when the examination starts.So follow these simple rules and do not get entangle with other unneccessary problems such as having affairs with your classmates or  having too much time spend on social networks such as facebook.Remember,it is you who decides what is better for you.So keep the stresses  out and enjoy your life as student.          



A recent survey conducted in your school showed that majority of the students do not read.Your school launched a campaign to encourage students to read more.As the President of the English Language Society,you have been asked to give a talk on:

“The benefits of reading and how it helps to write better essay”.

You may use the following points to assist you in your preparation of your speech:

*reading improves knowledge
*reading improves command of language-grammars and vocabulary
*reading provides relaxation and entertainment
*reading keeps track of current issues,inventions and innovations.
*reading heightens creativity.
*reading motivates ideas and  inspirations.

When writing the talk;
Address your audience appropriately.
Give a suitable introduction.
Elaborate on the points given.

Your speech must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.

Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  


Truncy has been a major issue in most secondary schools.You find some of your schoolmates often play truant.They skip classes and sometimes engage in unhealthy activities such as loafing and smoking.

Write an article,“Truancy and How to overcome  them”
Use the follwing points below to support you  in your article.

A)Causes of truancy:
1)lack of parents/guardian’s attention.
2)negative peer influence
3)financial problem
4)disinterest in learning
5)drug or alcohol abuse
6)fear of bullying

B)Effects of truancy
1)leads to juvenile deliquency-gangsterism
2)educational failure
3)school dropouts

C)Ways to curb truancy
1)warning and stern punishment
3)monitoring of students’ attendance
4)monitoring by parents
5)police patrols

When writing your article:
Give a title
Elaborate on the points
Include all the points

Your article must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.

Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  


The safety of students has raised many worries among the concerned parents.The school administrators are giving top priority by holding a student safety campaign to remind the students to take various precautions.One of the activities is a writing contest.The best article will be published in the school bulletin.

Write your article and use the following indicators supporting your article:

Precautions while walking
1)always walk in pairs or groups.
2)never walk or cycle alone
3)never take short-cut through lonely deserted areas.
4)never accept a ride from a stranger

Precaution while waiting for the bus
1)Watch if there is any stranger/suspicious character around
1)wait in line to board the school bus/public bus
2)do not push or shove.
3)have more patience-wait till the bus stops before you alighted.

Precautions while waiting for parents
1)preferably stay in the school compound/canteen/along the corridors.
2)If you have to cross the road,seek help from the road inspector or wait for your parents to come down and fetch you.
3)do not run infront or behind a bus/never hide behind a bus.

When wtiring your article,
Give a title
Use the article format.
Use all the points given

Your article must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.
Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  


Directed Writing-Article

You are requested by your class teacher  to submit an article entitled, “Spending  leisure time correctly” to be included in the school newsletter under the section on lifestyle.

Use the following points to assist you in the preparation of the article:

1)improve grammar,vocabulary skills and techniques of wriring.
2)improve general knowledge.
3)oppurtunity to learn many things about other countries,cultures and people.
4)exposed to many new innovations,ideas and inventions.

1) Reduce stresses.
2)Make  the body healthy.
3)Building circles of friends

C)Charity work.
1)At the homes for the diabled/blind/aged parents/orphanages.
2)Community work-cleaning drains/hall/beach cleaning

You may add two more interesting points of your own.

Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  


This is Ashraff of Maahad Pasir Mas.I hope you can tell me whether this essay really good.

Write a story ending with:I was so happy to see her again.

  One fine day while I was reading my favourite story book,all of sudden my beloved mother had asked me to buy her some sour plums.My mother was actually pregnant,about six months.She had this  sudden crave so she pleaded me to go to the hawker’s  stall which was quiet far away from my home.As usual,I took the short-cut which was lined with shady trees.It was a perfect choice for a hot blazing day like this.I felt a bit nervous when I walked along the narrow and deserted path but my guts feeling told me,my mum’s crave is more important than anything else.So nothing to scare me and I walked ahead.The atmosphere was tranquil and serene.Therefore,I whistled away as I gradually  walked to uplift my flagging spirits.
Suddenly,I heard a faint,feeble cry for help.The cry aroused my curiosity.I stood rooted to the ground.My heart was palpitating wildly and I could feel the  adrenaline was rushing  through  my veins.Beads of  cold sweat formed on my forehead and I tried to calm down.After a while,I decided to investigate and searched around.To my surprise,I saw an old woman with grey hair and her  face was crisscrossed with wrinkles.She was lying in a deep,filthy and smelly drains.I guessed she must be a victim of hit and run. I panicked when I saw an ugly gash on her right leg.The wound was bleeding profusely and blood was gashing out like a fountain.I dragged her out of the drain using all the strength I  had.Without wasting time,I administered first aid to stop the bleeding .I tore my sleeves and bandaged the wound up from bleeding.She was still in agony and I could hear she was muttering a few words.This  old woman needed immediate medical attention.So  I dashed to the main road with all my strength.When I reached at the main road I was totally exhausted.I quickly  raised my hands and tried to stop the passing cars.But,none of them were paying attention to me and just zoomed past me.I felt very frustrated with the selfish attitude of the drivers.As a last resort,I rushed to the middle of the road.I waved frantically to stop one incoming  car.The driver applied the emergency  brake and his car was screeched to a halt.He got out of his car and walked toward me with his anguish face.I knew I had to do this and  explained to him about  my predicament.He felt sympathy with the old woman and agreed  to send her to the hospital. On the way to the hospital,the old woman was screaming in pain.I tried to console her that everything would be fine.
Then I asked her any  phone number that she could remember.She muttered a number which I could faintly hear then I borrowed the  hand phone from the driver to call the number.Her grandson answered the call.He was aghasted and shocked beyond words.He just could not believe each word that came out from my mouth.
Soon we  reached the hospital,the old woman was immediately rushed to the emergency room.I waited at entrance of the hospital.I was hoping the old woman’s grandson would show-off.I was lucky then when I noticed a young man who was walking  briskly.I braved my heart and called him.Then  I accompanied him to the emergency unit.He cried his heart out.The touching scene reduced me to tears too.A nurse walked in a told us that the old woman needed rest.So we adjourned to the canteen hospital.He thanked me for umpteen times.
Meanwhile I remembered about the sour plum that my mother had craved for.It  was quite late to walk back again  to that narrow path so I gave a call to my mum and told her on what actually happened.Before I left the hospital,I quickly peeped at the emergency unit.I told myself that I had saved somebody’s life and I  was so happy to see  her again.....


SPM NARRATIVE ESSAY:Write a story ending with: we did not expect it to happen but it was all over….

Sir,it's me Alisya of SIS Pasir Mas.I hope my colleagues enjoy this fiction.

I am a hardworking woman, very dedicated to my work and of course I do have a complete family. I have a charming husband named Wan Muhammad Zulhafizi and three little cute princesses. I do love my job as a manager at Bank Pembangunan. One day, my husband got a call from the hospital, “ Doctor Wan, there is a patient need you to do an operation right now”. Dr Wan answered unhesitatingly,“I’ll be right away”. Since the patient was in a critical stage,my husband needed  to rush to the hospital and left me a small note with a glass of milo. In the note, he said “sweetie, I have  to go earlier because I’m on call  and have  a job to complete. Wish me luck so that this patient can be saved.” I  smiled and quickly  sip a glass of warm milo.I was in a hurry too.I dashed to the porch and jumped into my car and straight drove to work. The road was  too packed  with vehicles.Usually it was not like this,so I was wondering  what went  wrong. I waited for the traffic to be slightly eased and by that time I never realized that I started to daydream about my past. I did not know how to get rid of that  ‘person’ in my life.
The story started when I was in secondary school and that person used to be my beloved boyfriend. He was a university student. We knew each other since my big brother introduced him to me at a ball room where all the seniors were there. I did notice him at the ball room but I just wanted  to be on a  low profile. But he was one of those persons who was very eye-catching. His name,Muhammad Safuan Naiem. I remembered the time when he tried to seduce me but those were histories.The first word that came out from his mouth is “Hi, would you like dance?” I was melted  with his sweet voice and without hesitation, I obliged. 
Since that ball function, we were officially couples.Many of my colleagues commented that  we both had  the same connection in our interest.I was thinking that those things were mere coincindences.Our relationship blosoomed and years flew by, he proposed to  me in front of my parents. He said that he wanted to live with me for the whole life and to have kids. I was too touched and I accepted  his proposal. My parents knew that he could be a good husband for me because he used to study in a tahfiz school. With such background,my parents and I  were assured that everything would be alright.It made me so confident that he could take care of me and to be a good daddy to my children. 
He is very caring, patient, responsible and the most I like about him are  his humorous characters. He loves to joke when I am in a sad situation. Not only when I am sad, but he is always around when I need his company. I love him so much because he knows what is the best for me and for my future. Currently, we always talks about marriage, having kids, and many other things. We have prepared a lot of things then about our upcoming wedding such as theme, dais,catering of food,decorations,guests and many more. I knew that he was sent from the Almighty to be my true love.
But one day, while I was on my way to campus, I saw him with another girl. That girl was quite familiar to me,maybe of the  same age as me.I knew her name is Lina. She also took the similar course like me and Naiem in the university. Naiem did not realize that I saw the whole episode. The next day,I bumped into Lina and asked her,“Hey, I understand that  Naiem and you are getting married soon-is this rumours or truth?” Then Lina confidently replied, “ Yes,of course I do! He is infact my my fiancee and we will be getting married next month.” As soon as I heard about that, I felt like the whole world tumbled down.I wanted to scream at the top of my voice  and cry as loudly as I can.
 But I remembered about my mom’s words who always  have this patience and reminded me of this truly good advice, “don’t judge a person by his  appearance-you have to give more time to see the real colours of him”.So I did not bother and told myself  let bygones be bygones.The next morning, he came to my house to pick me up and we went  together to fit the wedding dress. I could not  stand anymore so I made a decision and said “I want to break up with you right now.”  I never thought it was said in a haste and   I knew he would not be shocked.Then as quickly as lightning,he said “Well,if you insist,I have another girlfriend who is even better than you” I quickly told myself that this relationship should end now and there  was no way we could continue.His words were too deep for me.
Years flew by, he came to my house.He was totally a change person.With his jubah,he said “ I am so sorry for ignoring you. I shouldn’t do that to you.let us start all over again”.Again I melted and fell to him in pieces. I smiled and walked to him, “you are serious that you are coming back to me?” He nodded.The rest was history...
Then suddenly a  car  behind just  horned at me.I was truly  awakened from this sweet daydream and drove straight to office.Oh gosh! I quivered. I do hope that “the person” in my daydream just now must have enjoyed his life. Then a call came over my phone, “ sweetie,the operation is over.I am on my way home.”That was my beloved hubby,Wan.I guessed I was too choosy then.To me Wan is definitely better.
Thanks to Almighty, I had this loving husband but one thing for sure I am very confident that my daydream with Mohd Safuan never happened but both of us agreed , we did not expect it to happen but it was all over.




The SPM examination is just around the corner.Many students are feeling stressful and decided to burn the midnight oil to achieve flying colour results.This habit is so streesful and do not benefit the students on the long-term.Students may probably face black-out and may not have any chances at all to sit for their SPM Examination later.

In view of the coming SPM examination,you are requested to write an article for the latest edition of your school bulletin entitled “Managing your stress” for the benefits of SPM students. You may use the following point to assist you in your preparation of your article:

1)Plan your study time effectively.Know when to take a break and what steps to take.

2)Conduct group study preferably with friends that you are comfortable with.

3)Ensure that you have good rest,enough sleep and well-balanced diet.Perform light exercises to stay healthy.

4)Have more time with family especially your  mum and dad to ask for their guidance.If there is any personal problems,tell your parents.Refer to your teachers if you need further clarifications on topics that you have problems.

5)Recite holy verses,perform special prayers.Ask for Almighty fulfillment to excel in the examination.
When wtiring your article,
Give a title
Use the article format.
Use all the points given

Your article must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.
Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  

Sir,This essay is referring to your earlier question on speech by the President of Residents Association on How to prevent snatch-thefts and pick-pocketing in your neighbourhood.

A very good morning to all the residents of Taman Sejahtera.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am standing here this morning under the capacity as the President of Residents Association.Our neighbourhood lately has been struck with many cases of snatch-thefts and pick-pocketing.The recent case of our neighbour at Jalan 12/12,Halimah Abdul where her handbag was snatched by two local criminals still fresh in our mind.I was told Puan Halimah was still warded at the hospital after being coma for couple of days.Last night,there was another case of pick-pocketing at the bus-stop where one of our neighbours lost his wallet while boarding a bus.These situations were definitely worrying us and we have to come out with some counter-plans to prevent more recurrences.

May I remind the housewives and single working woman to be on the alert at all times as the police has confirmed that they are targetting this group as their victims.So I would suggest firstly  not to carry excess money in your handbag.It is appropriate at the moment just to bring enough money  to cover your regular expenses.On top of that,it is a good idea if the housewife can carry a whistle and use that when neccessary.Talking about handbag,it is better to use handbag with shorter straps.Hold it tight while you are walking to the bus stop or on the way to bank and pump station.Remember these snatch-thieves are everywhere and they are waiting to strike.

Apart from that,do not wear excessive jewelleries to show off what you have.Remember,these snatch-thieves may strike with long sword or ‘parang’ and they may slash your hands and probably cut off your hands to get the bracelets that you wear.So I think,wearing minimal jewellery is safe.In cases of wallet ,you may keep it under buttoned pockets.Ideally wallets to be placed at the front pockets.Maybe it is inconvenience but the wallet is guranteed safe.

Supposingly when the snatch-thieves strike,it is advisable that you keep your cool by not fighting back.Otherwise you may endanger your life as normally snatch-thieves are known to carry sharp weapons.What you do next is to scream after they have fled and remember to record the registration number of the vehicle,colour and make.Besides that,you are advised not to walk alone at quiet places.Never make an appointment meeting your frend at a secluded spot as snatch-thieves are eagerly waiting to strike on you.It is better to meet in an open public place.If your meeting has to be at night,then make sure your meeting place has street lights everywhere.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In conclusion,I think we need to work hand in hand to ensure our safety.Please quickly report to the police if you see any suspicious characters loitering on motorcycles and roaming our neighbourhood.I am proposing for a patrol unit to be setup in our area with the purpose of conducting week-end patrolling.On working days,we can request the police to send in their patrol cars and conduct patrolling twice a day-morning and night.

Again,I must say thank you for your presence this morning and let us work together to reduce these snatch-theft and pick-pocketting crimes in our neighbourhood.    

Thank you.


Sir,this is syafiq of Maahad Lelaki ,Kota Bharu.Does this essay meeting the criteria on the question,HOW TO CURB BULLY AND GANGSTERISM CULTURE FROM SPREADING IN SCHOOL.
I hope the SPM readers give their comments.

                    How to curb bully and gangsterism culture from spreading in school.
What do we do when our colleagues are being bullied in the school compound?Worst still when we see some of our junior students in lower secondary forms are threatened  to pay protection money to their seniors who act as bullies and gangsters.So do we want this cultureto spread in our school?
Certainly not because over the long term when the parents are informed of this situation,they will  withdraw their children from the school.Then,the school’s  name will be tarnished and the public will lose their confidence.The chain reaction will continue when the press put as headlines on their  daily newspapers.Ultimately,  the Ministry will  then  conduct an inquiry.So at the end of the day,the school will end up losing its name and reputation.Hence the culture of  bully and  gangsterism  activities are serious offences and must be dealt seriously by the school administration.The students who commited such offences  must be given stern warning ,suspended or at worst expelled.

If you notice incidences of bullying and gangsterism activities are happening right in front of your eyes,have no fears.You must quickly take action by reporting to the discplinary teacher,counsellor or even walk  in  straight to the Principal ‘s office.It is mandatory to act swiftly otherwise there will be elements of fears  among the students.Then,these  students will feel insecure and they  are no longer feeling  school as a conducive place to study.Apart from that  students who are directly involved in bullying and gangstrism  must be given counselling and consultation.Normally these students come from broken families and poor background.These students actually need attention as they do not have parental love.The counselling must be done regularly until the school is satisfied that the effected students have repented and ready to be together again with their other colleagues.The school administration must also punish offenders if they decide to turn back to these activities.They may either be transffered out  or expelled if the offences are too serious and heavy.  

Furthermore,the parents and teachers must work hand in hand and monitor their movements .The teachers will do their parts in school by making sure what these students do during recess time  and after school when they are coming back for the extra-curricular activities.At the same time,they can inquire through their colleagues who stay near their homes,what they normally do  at nights.On the other hand,the parents and guardians are also required  to monitor closely the activities of  their children especially during  school hours.Some play truant and absent themselves from  the classroom and instead loitering at other places such as snooker centres,shopping complexes and other vice places. Parents and teachers can also cooperate through PIBG.This can be finalised at meetings between the teachers and the parents which is held  normally once a month.

Close door dialogue such as motivational  talk is another good form of  curbing bullying and gangsterism.The experts can express their views for example  the head of police department  can speak about  topics related to  gangsterism in school and how gangsterism activities can destroy a student’s life.Thus the students will be exposed to the many facts,figures and knowledge of these cultures.So they will  have fears of  joining any gangster groups outside the school.Bullying and gangsterism are usually connected to drugs activities.So,it is appropriate to invite the experts from the drug agency and highlight to the students about the bad implications of getting involved with drugs activities.Maybe the personnels from the prison department can also brief the students what they expect to get when they are imprison for offences related to gangsterism and drug activities.
Having seen many pictures or even videos on the life in prison will make the students having second thought of getting themselves involved with  bullies  and gangsters.

In addittion, the students  must be encouraged to spend their time on recrational activities through their clubs and societies. Activities such as rock climbing, jungle trekking,beach outing and many other  forms of recreational activities help the student to get closer with their colleagues.Thus the fostering of friendship through these activities  make them flexible,understanding and patience. Students are taught to be independent,mentally strong  and building closer relationship.Hence, they have no time to be involved with gangsterism. In addition, weekend activities like football,netball and futsal  matches can be organised. I can also suggest that teachers who are  in charge of clubs and societies such as Tourism Club, Adventure Club to get their members involved with the community work. They can spend time visiting villages and conduct  gotong-royong.

I hope the measures that I have mentioned above remind the students  not to be involved with this negative activities. Remember to use our valuable time at its fullest.Focused  on  our study, maintain our good names, the school reputation, the teachers and of course our parents. Let’s join hand and say a ‘DEFINITE NO’  to the  activities of bullies and  gangsterism.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Write an essay ending with,I never realized that I had shot him….

We live in a housing estate that is normally quiet and peaceful. The residents are not actually rich but they have a fairly good income working as government servants or as supervisors and managers in private firms. The houses here are fairly big and most households have two or more cars.Suddenly the housing estate became the target of robbers. The robbers were believed to be foreign workers from nearby housing projects. Every night, a household would be robbed. So, my father took precautions. He had strong steel grilles put on all the doors and windows and he bought stout locks for all of them. So, we thought we were safe but it was not to be.

One night, my parents were watching television. My sister and I were doing our homework. Without any warning, there was a loud banging on our front door. My father opened the wooden door to see who it was. He thought with the strong grille locked, he could not be harmed. When the door was open, he saw a man pointing a gun at him.

'Get a member of the family to open the door for us or I'll shoot you!' the man outside hissed.My mother took the key from the altar and opened the door. Immediately, three men rushed inside. The man holding the gun kept pointing his gun at my parents. The other two were unarmed.'Search the rooms,' the man with the gun ordered the other two. He had to be the leader because the other two men did what he told them.

The two men ransacked the whole house. They did not find anything in my sister's room. They found only a few items of jewellery and a small sum of money in my parent's bedroom. My parents, especially my father, was aware of the risks of keeping a lot of money or jewellery in the house. So, they kept most of their jewellery and money in a safe deposit box at the bank.The leader of the robbers shouted angrily at my father, 'Where do you keep the rest of your money and jewellery? What we 'have found is too little! Rich people like you have a lot of money and jewellery! Tell me where you're keeping the rest?'
My father replied, 'I'm not rich and that's all the money and jewellery we have in the house. We keep most of our money and jewellery in the bank.''You're lying!' the robber chief snarled and slapped my father.'It's true, I don't have any more money or jewellery in my house my father insisted.The robber slapped my father a few more times. Blood was coming out of his mouth. My mother screamed with fright.'Stop screaming!' the robber chief shouted at my mother.
However, my mother was in hysteria  and so could not stop screaming. The robber chief turned towards my mother and raised his hand to slap her. Seeing this, I found the strength to act. I picked up the stool beside me and hit him on the head. He crashed to the floor and dropped his gun. Blood was pouring from the injury on his head. Seeing this, the other two robbers fled. The robber chief slowly got up and came towards me with arms outstretched.
Stop!' I shouted at him. 'Please go away. I'm giving you a chance to escape.'The man still came towards me. His face was black with rage. Then I saw the gun he had dropped. So, I took the gun and I never realized that I had shot him.


Write an essay beginning with, “This is too much for you,somebody has to pay for this……

This is too much for you,somebody has to pay for this…I told my friend, Sidek,  when I visited him at his house. He had not been to school for four days.The whole class was curious to know what actually happened to him For any other student the school would not have bothered much but Sidek being the class favourite was the centre of attraction.He was the one who took his studies very seriously and would not be absent for so many days for frivolous reasons. All his classmates wanted to know what had happened to him. All of them thought that something very bad must have happened to him. I was given the assignment of finding out what actually  happened to him.

' I asked Sidek the question again when he did not answer me the first time.His entire body was swathed in bandages. His head, torso, arms and legs were all wrapped around with bandages. If not for the obvious seriousness of the situation, I would have pulled his leg and said that he closely resembled an Egyptian mummy. Hardly able to speak because of his swollen lips, he said with great difficulty, 'A mad road bully did this to me.'Wanting to know everything, I asked him to continue.

My friend told me this:

'I had driven my mother to market so that she could buy certain things she needed to prepare the reunion dinner that was to be held on Chinese New Year Eve. When we were at the market, we couldn't find any parking space. So, I stopped at the side of the road to wait for my mother to do her shopping. I did not get out of the driver's seat and kept the engine of the car running. I had also switched on the signal lights to warn vehicles coming from behind. I had stopped at a one-way street which was very narrow. I had left a space that was big enough for just one car to pass through.

'All of a sudden, a driver coming from behind started honking at me. I understood that he wanted me to drive off but I refused because I thought the space I had left for him was big enough for him to pass through. He continued to honk at me but I stubbornly refused to budge.'I was looking at the rear-view mirror all the time and suddenly I saw a burly man get out of the car behind me. In his right hand, he had a big baseball bat. I started to quake but it was too late to run. He strode up to my window.'He banged my car window with his right fist a few times and roared, "So, you think this street belongs to your grandfather!" After that, he raised the baseball bat and smashed my window. Then he put his hand inside to unlock the door. He caught hold of the collar of my T-shirt and hauled me bodily from the car. Then he threw me onto the street.As I lay stunned on the street, he used his baseball bat to rain blows upon me. He hit me on every part of my body. He brought the bat down on my head, torso, arms and legs again and again. It was as if he had gone berserk. I would surely have been killed if two policemen had not stopped him.
Haven't I always told you not to park at the side of the road where you're not allowed to park to wait for someone?' I reminded my friend. 'You should park your car where parking is permitted though it may be some distance from where you want to go. If you had listened to my advice, this would not have happened to you.'

My friend nodded his head and said, 'I was in the wrong. It was all my fault.I should have moved the minute when he honked the car.’
I symphatised Sidek with all those torments that he had to go through.It certainly will take months for him to recover.That means he will be missing a lot of classes.
I left his house with a very sad feeling and prayed to Almighty god for his quick recovery.


Write an essay beginning with,Are you sure this is really yours?
Are you sure this is really yours?' I asked Peter.Peter's father was just a petty trader at night markets and I did not think he could have bought such an expensive car for Peter. In fact, his father, himself, drove only a ten-year-old mini-van which he used to transport his goods and also his family everywhere.'Of course, it is,' Peter answered proudly.

'Your father just sells clothes at night markets,' I said. 'How could he have afforded it. Or,  
 is it selling things at night markets brings in a lot of money?'vYou would be surprised,'
 Peter said. 'Selling things at night markets does bring in a lot of money. My father gets
 about RM300 per night. A simple calculation will tell you that it is RM9 000 a month.
 Isn't that enough to buy a Mercedes on a hire-purchase basis?'

'If your father really makes that much money per day, then it is possible,' I said. 'He can pay the 10% deposit of about RM30 000 and settle the loan by monthly instalments of RM5 000. It'll take him only five years to finish paying for the car.''My father did not take a loan to buy the car/ Peter said, seemingly offended by the suggestion that his father could only have bought the car with a loan. 'He paid cash!'That's really great!' I said. 'I never knew that your father so much money. He doesn't look rich, you know, being dressed in an old T-shirt and shorts all the time. Now I know that the saying that we cannot judge someone by outward appearances is true.''Would you like to ride in the car?' Peter invited me.'Of course, I've never ridden in a Mercedes before,'I accepted his invitation with alacrity.I opened the door and sat in the front passenger seat. The seat was covered with pleasant-smelling leather and I sank into its luxurious padding. The padding in the seat formed a contour of my body and hugged it with just the right amount of pressure. Peter turned the key in the switch. The car came to life almost instantly. I had to listen very hard for the sound of the effortlessly tuning engine.Peter put the car into gear and we drove off. The ride was heavenly. The powerful engine was very quiet and willing, the air-conditioning was really cool and the absorbers were really fantastic. We felt nothing even when the car was driven into potholes. The ride was really smooth. When we took sharp bends at high speed, the car was still on an even keel. It did not roll.

Suddenly Peter said, 'We've to go back now. My father wants to'use the car.'I noticed fear in his face and I thought it strange. Peter turned the car to drive back to his house. After a few minutes, we reached it. Peter's father, shiftless and dressed only in shorts, was waiting outside. He seemed very angry.'You good-for-nothing boy!' he shouted at Peter as soon as he got out of the driver's seat. 'My "towkay" from Kuala Lumpir who supplies me goods had parked his car for hardly five minutes and you drove it off! Where did you go? If you have damaged the car in any way, who's going to pay for it? I don't have enough money even to buy one of its headlights!'Peter threw me a sheepish glance. He must have seen my smile although I had tried very hard to hide it. Peter's father had bought a Mercedes for him? That was the biggest lie Peter had ever told.


Write an essay with the ending :Behind the good look was the most evil person I have       ever known”

Eric was very handsome. In fact, he was the best looking man I had ever met. Like most other girls who had met him, I was very attracted to him. However, I went a step further and became his girlfriend. He took me everywhere and treated me like a queen. Of course, I fell more and more deeply in love with him. I felt that I was very lucky to have found a man like him -kind, generous and very good-looking.
When our relationship deepened, I left my rented apartment and went to live with him at his house. Life with Eric was heavenly. He was very attentive to my every need. He always asked me whether I was hungry and what I wanted to eat. He took me to posh restaurants and did not seem to mind the cost. Eric must be rich for he could afford to buy me expensive clothes and jewellery. He went on holidays to resorts which I could not have afforded to go on my own. However, there was one thing about him that irritated me a little.Whenever I mentioned marriage, he would say that we did not need a piece of paper to affirm our love and that we still needed a lot of time to discuss the matter.

One day, he told me something very strange. He said, There is a woman who comes here occasionally. She'll ring the bell at the gate and refuse to go away until someone opens it. She's of unsound mind. Don't open the gate for her. Being mentally unbalanced, she may do something to harm you. Remember that?'
I nodded my head but was very intrigued by what he had told me. I became very curious and wanted very much to see who the woman was!

One day, the woman made her appearance at the gate. She rang the bell at the gate and I parted the curtains of one of the windows to see who the caller was. I did not go straightaway to the gate to open it. Instead, I waited to see what she would do next. As Eric said she would ring the bell again and again. I looked at the woman but she did not look crazy to me. In fact, she was well dressed and appeared very normal to me. The only thing unusual about her was the look of extreme distress on her face. When she rang the bell for the seventh time, I went to the gate and opened it. Then, I invited her into the house. I knew I was acting against Eric's wishes but my instinct told me that I was doing the right thing.

The woman seemed familiar with the interior of Eric's house. Without being invited, she sat in an armchair and looked over the living room.
'Nothing much has changed/ she said, 'except the TV. Previously, it was a 29-inch Panasonic. Now it's a 34-inch Sony.'Then she looked curiously at me and I did the same thing to her. I was surprised that she was very pretty. In fact, I found the fact hard to accept but I thought that she was much prettier than I!
'You must be his latest victim/ she said pityingly. 'I was the victim before you. There were other girls before me.'Alarmed by her words, I asked her to explain.

'Eric is a playboy and I think you must have suspected that long ago/ she began. 'He plays with girls like other men play with motorcycles or cars. He changes girlfriends like other men change motorcycles or cars. At the beginning, he will treat the girls like queens. However, when he tires of them, he will discard them like a toy which does not interest him any more. He has done it to many other girls. He did it to me and he's going to do it to you.'Now I realized why Eric always avoided the question of marriage. He just wanted to play with me and when he was tired of me, he would just discard me like a piece of soiled tissue. He had done it to other women and he would certainly do it to me.

Behind the good looks was the most evil person I have ever known


Write an essay ending with “… with tears in her eyes, she hugged me tightly.”

It was the wettest December I had ever experienced. The torrential rains had ruined my holiday plans as floods continued to wreak havoc in several states. I had pleaded with dad to allow me to go to the east coast with my friends but he had been unyielding. The thought of having to stay indoors for the next two weeks was not only depressing but also unbearable. Television did not excite me anymore. I was fed up of watching the same old movies on cable television. Even the other channels had nothing exciting to offer. Finally, I decided to go into the attic to retrieve some books which I had not read for a long time.
The attic was surprisingly clean – a sign that mum had finally completed the chore that she had kept putting off. I looked around and noticed a teak chest that I had never seen before. Curiosity got the better of me and I walked towards it. I lifted the lid slowly and was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of things in it – all of them reminders of my childhood. I looked nostalgically at the clothes I had worn as a child and the toys I had played with. ‘Bobo’ the teddy bear, which I had slept with until I was ten, had been dry-cleaned and kept in a box which also contained the first Mother’s Day card I had made myself. I was not prepared for what I saw next. Lying at the bottom of the cardboard box was an old black and white photograph of a young woman. I stared at it incredulously. It was as if I was looking at a female version of myself. All sorts of questions and dreadful thoughts flooded my mind. I held the photograph tightly in my hand and dashed out of the attic, only to bump into my mother.

“Mum….who is this?” I asked in a quivering voice.
From the look on her face, I knew it was a question she did not want to answer. Quietly, she held my hand and led me towards the study where dad had been working all morning. She knocked on the door once before opening it. Dad looked up, and his expression of annoyance disappeared when he saw the photograph in my hand.
What I heard that day is something I will never forget for the rest of my life. The woman in the photograph was my mother, my biological mother — Lily Lee.
“Son, Lily loved you very much; just as much as Janet here loves you.”
Dad’s use of the past tense made me uncomfortable. It took a great deal of effort on his part to narrate the painful past.

My biological mother was six months pregnant when the incident happened. She had been walking towards her office when a motorcyclist came from behind and grabbed her handbag before speeding off. As a result of the sudden assault, she had lost her balance and fallen on the kerb. The head injuries she had sustained had a devastating effect on her health. The only option was to perform surgery, but due to her condition, this option was risky. The doctors had wanted to terminate her pregnancy to save her life but she had refused. A month later she fell into a coma. Although the doctors had given up hope, Lily continued to live, though in a comatose state. It was as if she was not giving up on life till her baby was born. When the doctors deemed it safe, they performed an emergency C-section. Lily breathed her last the moment I was born into this world.

Dad sobbed softly as he finished relating the heart-wrenching story. All sorts of emotions consumed me. I was sad, confused and angry. Was I adopted? What about my father? Who was he? Had he abandoned me? After a while, I braved myself and stated what I thought was obvious.

“So, that means you are not my real parents. I am adopted!”

“No, son. You are not adopted. I am your father. Lily was my first wife. She made me promise her that I would marry her younger sister, Janet, so that you would not grow up motherless.”

The sense of relief that I felt at that moment was indescribable. I looked at mum and I saw the pain and anguish in her eyes, as though she was anticipating rejection. Quickly, she looked down.
Slowly, I got up from my chair and walked towards her. I went down on my knees and held her hands in mine. Her eyes remained downcast, fearful of rejection.

“Mum, I know I am only seventeen but I am more mature than you think. You might not have given birth to me but you are and will always be my mother.” I comforted her as much as I comforted myself.

She looked up slowly, her eyes searching my face for sincerity. Then with tears in her eyes, she hugged me tightly.

                                                                                   Lot 666,Taman Kurnia Jaya,
                                                                                   Jalan Padang Tembak,
                                                                                   15000 Kota Bharu,
                                                                                   Kelantan Darul-Naim.
                                                                                   December 21st,2012.

Dear Fira,

What a pleasant surprise I got when I came across news of your recent mid-year examination results while I was glancing through the Facebook. Wow! You really scored  A's in all the core subjects especially English Language, Bahasa Melayu and History. I am really proud of you. I think it is worthwhile,  burning the midnight oil for the examination as you got flying colours.I guessed by now you have planned to go for a trip with your buddies. I hope you and your family are in the best pink of health then.
Anyway, I am writing this letter to inform you about my special school trip to Rantau Abang, Terengganu, where you can find the best 'kerepok lekor' in the world. The trip is organised by our Nature Society. We went there on August 10th to 14th, about two weeks ago and boarded a chartered  bus. There were 20 male and 20 female students. Also, three teachers accompanied the trip. All of us assembled at Dataran Kijang at about 8.30 a.m. and departed half an hour later. We finally reached Rantau Abang beach before noon.
The first thing we did when we reached there was, we checked in at the nearby chalets, Indah Permai Chalets. Our programme started at 5.00 p.m. on the first day. We started with treasure hunt programme at the beach with formation of  four groups of which each group comprising of 10 participants. There were a lot of obstacles  to reach at the last point such as compiling  giant puzzles, and searching for man-made golden eggs.The winners were then awarded with goodies of  hampers and  RM 200 cash.Then we had a sumptous dinner with grilled chicken,prawns and meat.The night continued with the perfomances of hotel guest band and few local established singers.Gosh !At last I saw my favourite singers rendering their songs live!We too had our presentation with magic shows and sketches.I didn’t know that some of my colleagues were so talented!Truly it was entertaining and fun.We dispersed almost midnight and gear up for more interesting and exciting programme the next morning. Right after midnight  I could hear many female  “lions” were  snoring heavily  from one bed to another.Most of them slept like  dead logs.Oh gosh!,they must be extremely exhausted!

The next morning immediately after  our breakfast,we started with games of telly matches. We were given free hands to choose our own partners.The winner would then be  awarded with  two sets of breakfast  the following morning. Again we had a whale of time,so enjoyable and we could feel our stresses were over.The game continued until the last round,and guess what? My group emerged as champion.!

After our lunch and solat,we  did a volouteer work in the evening together with the hotel staff and management plus the residents.We were invovled in a small campaign of “Keeping the Beach Clean”.So we started  the “Beach cleaning” voluntarily.Again it was fun.All of us walked on the beach with a large black plastic bag each strolling the beach,singing songs and then collected as many  empty bottles,tin-cans,used plastic sheets,dry leaves and tree’s bark .We managed to cover about 2 kilometres of the beach.Finally we managed to collect over 100 black plastic bags full of these rubbish. We were satisfied to do this work as part of our community responsibility.
The next day,the last in our iternary.Certainly it would be a sad moment because we were going home the next morning.We were given free time of our own to do some souvenirs shopping.I bought a few key-chains for my siblings.Then our thrilling moments started at night.Our programme was watching turtle laying eggs at the beach. It was a memorable occasion for all of us. For the final touch, we helped the local workers collecting the eggs and put them in the bucket.Then we transferred the whole eggs to the safe area.We want to make sure that these endangered species are protected.

We headed home the next morning.The trip was not only fun but  we also learned about team building and most importantly, forging  closer relationship with classmates and other  friends. We also have to motivate ourselves so as to convince us that motivation really help us during stress period.Beside,being  independent is another good lesson for us throughout this trip.

 I have to pen off now.Congratulation again and best wishes to  you. I really hope to hear on how you spend your vacation then.Send my regards to your family especially to my gorgeous aunty. Be a good girl and always keep in touch.
                                                           Your cheerful cousin,


  You have just returned from a school trip during the school semester break recently.Write a letter to your cousin telling him/her about the trip.

Use the notes below to write your letter.
*where you went on the trip.
*the date of the school trip.
*how many people went on the trip.
*how you travelled to the place.
*where you stayed.
*how long you stayed.
*accomodation situation
*activities you did during the trip.
*what you learned during the trip.

When writing your letter,you should remember to include the following:

For your letter,you will receive up to 15 marks for the format and content points and up to 20 marks for the quality of the writng


                                                                                            Lot 1371,Lorong Masjid Al-Amin,
                                                                                            Batu 2,Jalan Pengkalan Chepa,
                                                                                           15400,Kota Bharu,
Dear Faizul,
               How are you doing?How's your life lately?Are you happy?I really hope that you are always cherished with the best moments in your life.How about your poem writing?Still going smoothly?Have you sent certain of your poems to the magazines?I should say that your poems are really good and interesting.By the way,I really miss Sarawak,Oh gosh!That land made me want to fly there as often!I love to visit especially Bandar Raya  Kuching and Kota Samarahan.Thank you so much for inviting me to your hometown.Come over to Kota Bharu then.I am sure you love to see many places here.I was also busy lately  that I had to attend my guitar classes every weekend.Also  I had to cope with  my driving lessons.Stressful,wasn't it?
 I want to share with you about my participation in a seminar this week.It is called the Career Guidance Seminar.The seminar is organised by the Kelantan State Education Deaprtment. The seminar is held in Negeri Sembilan as the organiser  wanted to make bring new ideas and innovations for  participants from  all over the country.I am so glad that I had attended such a  good programme in a such a good place like Golden Strait Villas Resort,Port Dickson.It is a beautiful resort.The seminar is held for two days.Most of the participants are the SPM and STPM holders like us.The speakers comprises of 4 great personalities.They are Dr.Hm Tuah Iskandar,Dr.Shukri Abdullah,Prof.Madya Hamedah Wok Awang and Prof.Stephen R.Covey from the United States.They were all fantastic.
        There,I found the content of the seminar very informative and useful.On the first day,two speakers presented  the programme.It was divided into  two sessions.The first session was taken over by Dr.Hm Tuah Iskandar,from Ministry of Higher Education.Dr.Iskandar spoke about the minimum qualifications on the entrace to local universities.It seemed that it is compulsory set good results in Bahasa Malaysia,English Language and Sejarah.He also spoke about many male students who failed to register themselves in universities due to the monopoly by the female students.So,take your part guy!Make them wrong!And the most interesting part was  the announcement of the  lacking of Bumiputera students in the field of language,engineering and medicines.So this is good for you and me as we are going to pursue our education in language faculty,aren't we?
The next speaker is Dr.Shukri Abdullah.He is the Head of Linguistic Department,University Malaya.His talk was about the various challenges that one has to pursue.Hmm,interestng was't it?Perhaps,it would be more fun if you were able to sit there with me since I know you may have a lot of questions to ask them,don't you?Anyway,the question and answer sessions were most interesting.We had the oppurtunity to ask many questions regarding course fee,soft skills studying overseas,scholarships,loans,internships and many more.
The next day,we had two more presenters.The first speaker was a female speaker.She is Prof.Madya Hamedah Wok Awang and she is a Kelantanese.Prof.Hamedah is from Human Resource Department of UITM Shah Alam.So,she was just more like an educated motivator.She gave us very interesting talk as much as her knowledge could deliver.One of her best parts was how she motivated us to achieve our dreams,compete and beat the rest!I felt like I had the spirit to start to a career.The last speaker was Prof.Stephen R.Covey.Well,he is the most good-looking and very fashionable guy there.No wonder everyone was very focus and concentrate when he was giving the talk.Anyway,Mr.Covey talked about the scholarship for Malaysian students studying  abroad.He briefed us that lots of bodies from government and  private sectors offered scholarship to excellent students who manage to score straight A's in SPM and STPM exams.Among them are MARA,JPA,Bank Negara,Sime Darby,Petronas, TNB,PNB and many others.This information and knowledge of scholarships inspired me to study harder to get straight A's and hoping to be offered scholarship to study abroad.That is my big dream.Those are all the most exciting activities of the seminar.Certainly I am over the moon andI have no complaints.I felt yet the lacking of time to communicate more with the speakers.But,I did make a lot of friends there and they were really fun.
I look forward to hear from you then.
                                                                                                                     Yours sincerely,                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                                     Alya Nasuha


QUESTION: Write a story with the ending, "If only I had been more careful, that wouldn't have happened". Your story should not be less than 350 words.

Tonight was a cold and stormy night. The doors slammed shut as the rustling sound of the leaves could be heared. The storm had been like this for the past three days. I sat on my bed thinking if I had upset the Gods above in heaven. As I lay my head down soft and gently on my comfy pillow, I wondered if mom and dad were ok. They had gone for a vacation to the bahamas and I had to stay back because of my exams. I wasn't worried about it as I've stayed alone many times.
Suddenly, the lights went out. My heart raced in agony as the storm got worse. I could see lightning lashing onto my gate and the roaring sound of thunder that came along. I pulled myself together and realised I needed to light some candles. So I headed downstairs with my trusty torchlight and worked my way to the storage room. I found the candles and begun to light them all over the house. I couldn't stand the fact that the darkness was playing games with my mind.

An hour had passed till I realised something wasn't right. I felt as if something else besides me was in the house. I panicked. My mind filled with fear but I had to be sure I was right. So, I searched all the rooms on the same floor and found nothing. So I carefully walked down staircase. As I was walking, I realised all the candles that I had lit were put out. I was surprised but aware that there could be someone else in the house. My mind pondered as to how i was going to sneak around without alerting the possibly dangerous stranger.

Then, it happened. As I hid behind one of the room's doors. I saw someone walk by me. He was a huge muscular guy who wore a beard and had hair that was so curly a fly could get stuck if it went through it. I was puzzled. Why would someone want to break into my house, I asked myself. I noticed the man had a huge revolver on his belt. The same one the cops used. I didn't want to stick around and aak questions. I had to call the cops. So I crept towards the phone and thank God it was still working. I made a distressed call and the cops said they would be at my house in five minutes.

As I crept back upstairs, I accidently knocked over a small lamp and it broke. By this time I knew the stranger had been alerted. I was scared and feared for my life. My fears turned into my worst nightmare as I heard a loud noise. I was shot in the chest. I could feel blood oozing all over my shirt. The stranger walked towards me while mumbling words I just couln't understand. I thought I was a dead man. Then a miracle happened just as the stranger was about to finish me off. I heard a second gunshot and the stranger was down. It was the cops who had arrived.

I was rushed to the hospital and the doctors commenced emergency surgery on me to remove the bullet. I was then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit(ICU) as the bullet had hit my lungs and I was unable to breathe properly. My parents rushed back as soon as they got the news. I was lucky to be alive. The doctor had explained that if the bullet had hit me a bit more to the left , it would have hit my heart and I would be dead. Nobody knew who the stranger was or what he wanted. If only I had been more careful, that wouldn't have happened.



In my classroom,I saw my classmate was crying.Then I asked him how could I help.He told me that............
He received a call from his relative that his father was involved in an accident.Now he is admitted in an Intensive care unit.(ICU)The thought of fatherly love immediately filled my chest.I remembered how my dad had sacrificed so much for us.I couldn’t wait any longer to see my dad and hugged him.The school bell rang and I was ready to go.Immediately I dashed out of the classroom and ran straight to the school bus.How I wish the bus driver could press the accelerator pedal to the bottom so that I could reach home fast.The bus then stopped right infront of my house and I saw dad’s car. “What a relief!”I told myself.I called dad and he was at the door so I hugged him tightly and said, “I love you so much dad and dont ever get involve in the accident”.I told him I still need him to be with the family.My dad smiled sweetly much to the amusement of my mum who came out from the kitchen.

The next day on the way back home,I was on dad’s car when suddenly an aged and sickly women knocked at the glass window of the front door car where I was sitting My dad was chatting with his friend across the road.I looked at the sickly woman  with an open heart and wondered  how  I could help her. She was some what murmuring but I could understand her body language that she needed help.She carried on her feeling of despair towards her two married sons who failed to give her their monthly commitments.She had to survive by seeking symphaty from the public.I was touched and vowed to help her.When my dad arrived,I told him about this woman’s predicament.Dad promised to contact the Welfare department through his old friend to help this aged and sickly woman.

When I reached home,I hugged my mum tightly and told her that I would not allow her to seek symphaty from the public for her survival.Worst still sending her to the old folk’s home.I was wondering to myself with the current trend of too  many successful working sons and daughters are neglecting their old and sickly parents.If this trend continues,the country would end up with many more old folk’s home being catered to fulfill this phenomena.Again I hugged my mum and whispered to her, “ mum you are not going to go there at least when I am still alive and kicking”.


Few illustrations below:
Case 1
Yesterday, an unemployed man was standing at the top floor of an abandoned 16 storey office building, ready to jump down from the building. He was depressed for being fired from his job by his boss. When he was about to jump, he remembered his aged sickly parents who needed care.The thought of his hard working brother who supported them also came to mind. Suddenly,feelings of guilt and remorse began to fill his chest, as he choked in tears, slowly he stepped back and left the building, and went back home to take care of his parents.
 On the fifth floor, of the same building, a foreigner who had kidnapped a young girl, wanted to kill the child because he didn't get the amount of money which he had requested for from the child's parents. As he was contemplating whether to kill the child or not, thoughts of his only child who had been killed by a kidnapper a few years back flooded his mind. How he had cried non stop for five days and how sad and crushed he had been. Finally, the foreigner decided to let the child go.

Case 3

 Just below the building, around the corner, three youngsters were getting ready to race along the northern highway.They were illegal racers. As they were  getting ready to race, one of the youngsters started to think about his parents. How they worked hard everyday so that he could go to school and  get a formal education. He got down from his motorbike and walked away from the race, never to look back again.
     In a school, few meters away from the building, the mid-year examination had just began. Almost all the students were fooling around and were not serious about the examination, but one student was thinking about his uncle. How his uncle had raised him since he was a child.How his uncle had sacrificed his life, so that he can go to school and get an education. He didn't join the others but focused on his examination.

Now try this:

In my classroom,I saw my classmate was crying.Then I asked him how could I help.He told me that............


Model Question: Describe my dream house.

I wonder whether I can afford to have this dream house.Most of my friends told me, “You can keep on dreaming”.I told myself if only I can dream now and own this house later,it would be good enough.So I braved myself and walked straight to the hotel balcony on the 16th floor.I could see the completed house and it is stunning.I  do not hesitate or have any more second thoughts.I told myself, “This is my real dream house”.
It is on the island about 10 acres big.The majestic house stood on the south-end of Pulau Langkawi island.I am delighted that this dream house is opposite the distinquished villa of my idol.He is none other than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed.Who would  dream  to  have such a house opposite to the very well-known statesman.As I approach the island on which my dream house awaits,I catch a quick glimpse of it.It is huge,beautiful,mesmerizing and most noticeable.I walked through a heavily wooded path leading to my dream house.

I can see beautiful floras surrounding the house and some of the colourful bougivilla  plants were imported from beautiful  districts of Korea and Japan.It is now just 8.00 a.m in the morning ,it is rather peaceful and serene and  I could hear the sounds of birds chirping and small forest creatures frolicking in the nearby well cut bush. I continue to make headway to my dream house,as it becomes closer,I could hear my own drumbeat.It is unbelievable and  name on the mahogany door which reads,” “Villa Casablanca”.It’s official that now I see  my house for the first time up close.This house I have added the final touch on designing .The grandeur is mesmerizing. It is a double storey bungalow on a huge ten  acres lot. As I approach the stairs at the entrance to the house I am surrounded by four columns leading to the most elegant doors I have ever seen. They are made of mahogany and have a stained glass window in the centre. The handles and the frame are made of  brass. As I continue around the house I come across three windows overlooking the entrance to the house. There are black shutters on each window. As the porch continues to the south side of the house I am now looking over the ocean.  As I look down and observe the ocean I see two piers jutting out into the sea. On either side of the piers are huge boulders protecting the coast line from erosion. The walls of the house are made of stucco and it has an old fashion shingles that are a clay color. I walk toward the west side  and I first come across a basketball court. To the east side of the basket ball court is a tennis court. There is a bar in between the two to take a break at between games. On the opposite side of the yard there is an in-ground swimming pool that is connected to the pool inside the house. As my journey comes to a close I notice a white gazebo off to the east of the house. It is in a position such that you can see anyone entering or leaving the lot if you are sitting in it.

I confidently told myself,  "Yes, this is my dream house."

Tera -Tasya



Most Malaysian consumers are spendthrift.They overspend unneccessarily and left with little money to continue for the upcoming months.Many of them have to turn to unlicensed money lenders to make end meets.This is the current trend and should be put to a stop.

You have just attended the seminar on consumerism organised by your school,Consumer Club Association entitled: “How to be a smart consumer and save your money”.You wish to share the ideas with your colleagues in your school and decide to include this interesting issue  in the latest edition of your school bulletin.

Use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the article;

*Plan thoroughly what you want to buy and what you need before you walk in to markets,supermarkets and groceries shops.

*Buy items of neccessity only and do not be tricked with promotional items and big discounts.
  Priortise your requirement and remember not to buy unneccessary item which may
  land you in a tight budget for the upcoming months.

*Compare prices so that you get the best bargains.Buy in quantity that you really need to
  avoid wastage.

*Know your rights as consumers.In cases when you purchased  faulty items,you may report to the authorised association/ministry if you,your families and friends have encountered such incidences.

*Advisable to use cash only for purchases.Never pay on credit cards.Debit cards
  are encouraged.

*Check the expiry date,produce of the items and halal logos.(for muslim consumers)

*Never turn to unauthorised money lenders to borrow for your purchases.

Your article must not be less than 450 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.

Your readers are mostly your counterparts in lower secondary and upper secondary forms plus teachers and parents.

Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  



Many cases of snatch-thieves victims ended with coma and some even deaths.The statistics revealed by the City Police Crime Unit confirmed that snatch thieves and pick-pocketing are considered as one of the highest crimes committed by both local criminals and illegal foreign workers.

You are the President of the Residents Association in your neighbourhood and is  requested to present a SPEECH on, “How to prevent snatch-thefts and pick-pocketing”

You may use the notes below to amplify your points:

a)Do not carry excess money especially in public places/shopping complexes.
b)Use handbags with shorter shoulder straps.
c)Wear minimal jewelleries/do not show-off.
d)Keep wallets in  buttoned pockets.
e)Do not try to fight back if you are the victim.Record whatever particulars you can remember.
f)Avoid being alone at quiet and deserted places.

Your article must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.

Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  



Bullying and being actively involved in  gangsterism are considered serious offences in school.Many students felt insecure and depressed whenever they were confronted with such situations.Those involved with bullying and gangsterism would be given stern warning,suspended or at worst expelled.

Write AN ARTICLE describing on how to curb bullying and gangsterism culture from  spreading in school.Suggest  on how to assist affected students so that they will feel secure and happy hence the school can be  a conducive study environment.

Use the following points to assist you in your preparation of the essay.

*Report to displinary/counsellor if there is evidence of bullying and gangsterism.
*Consultation/counselling for those commiting offences.
*Close cooperation between teachers and parents.
*Organise closed door dialogue in school calling the experts to express their thoughts.
*More programmes for students interactions over the weekend and school holidays.
*Heavy punishments  for serious/repeat offenders.

Your article must not be less than 350 words and you are allowed to add any other interesting points.
Maximun marks shall be alloted for all the points mentioned with clarity,good use of language and presentation.

Answers to be written in paragraphs.  

Sunday, 28 July 2013

SPM NARRATIVE ESSAY-WRITE AN ESSAY BEGINING WITH: until today I could never forget that event..

Write an essay starting with, until today I could never forget that event.....

Untill today, I could never  forget that event. It happened last year when I wanted to be a singer.So I decided to join an audition.I felt so excited because  it was my ambition to be a famous singer since my childhood days. I was even  more excited when the contest offered very attractive prices.So my dream started...
On that very morning, I woke up late because my alarm clock did  not ring.My parents were not at home.The auditions was suppose to begin at 8.30 a.m but I woke up  rather late about half an hour later.Imagine I was panicked and searching all my personal items and rushed to the washroom..I felt  hesitated initially but I wanted to go because this was my only chance.I  knew I would be late but  still I  wanted to show up for the audition.Finally I dressed in  a simple orange T-shirt and jean.When I looked at the clock,it was already 9.30 a.m.Oh gosh! What a bad luck.How I wish I could turn the clock.

I went out of the house feeling jilted but still I built up my confidence to be at the audition centre  and wishing there would be some technical delay over there. I would like to go there with my beloved motorcycle but it was  hopeless,I could not start  my motorcycle. I made a decision to wait  for the the bus or taxi  then.I was so unfortunate after 30 minutes of waiting both neither the bus nor  the taxi showed up.I felt so discouraged  and then I made a heavy decision to use my  my old bicycle.I would feel  embarassed if I reached  the centre when other “singers” would stare at me with my old bicycle.But I could not care less.My dream is my priority and nothing could  stop me.I  would do  do anything to satisfy my desire and my ambition.

While riding my bicycle,I felt so thirsty. So I stopped at a stall to buy a bottle of drink and I left my old guitar with my bicycle at a parking lot.After  a short stop at the 7-11 outlet,I went to the parking lot and found my guitar missing.I could not express the amount of emotional  pain I had and tears flowed down my cheeks.Today is really a bad day for me when everything go wrong. This guitar means a lot to me because it was my father’s present after I scored 9 A’s in my recent PMR examination.My confidence was shattered and I was totally lost.My dream took a drastic turn.I could not perform without my guitar.So I gave up. Suddenly ,I saw my guitar on a pavement about a few yards away.I was wondering why the thief decided to leave my guitar there.

I quickly cycled  and my hope look very faint. Finally, I arrived at the audition centre.Then I looked at my watch and it showed 11.30 a.m.I guessed the audition was all over as  I was very late.Nobody was there anymore.What a disappointing morning and what an unfortunate moment for me. 'My dream'as a singer had finally dashed off.

My eyes stared at the notice which clearly read, “ The Audition will be postpone to next week due to unforseen circumstances".”Am I reading the right notice”,I asked myself. I was rather speechless.Oh  Almighty, Thank you,I still have my chance now.. With all the blessings from you,Almighty,I could still dream to be a singer.Thank you again my Almighty.
That was the most interesting experience that I had ever come across.This experience had taught me the value of patience.

Thank you Almighty.


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our beloved Principal, Tuan Hasan Mat Tamat, respectable teachers and all my fellow friends.

 First and foremost, I would like to thank our Principal for giving me a chance to present this speech on welcoming our new brothers and sisters to Sekolah Menengah Ugama Taqaddum Al-Maarif. I would also like to congratulate our new form one students for passing the entrance test with flying colors. All of you have struggled very hard to enroll into this school and believe me you are the creams from the remaining 5000 students who failed to enroll due to very stiff competition.
As the Head Prefect of this school, it is my duty and responsibility to ensure that the dicipline of this school is  maintained. Therefore, you must strictly abide to the rules and regulations stipulated by the school administration.

Firstly, you must uphold the good name of the school by instilling a good dicipline. It is not easy to be a well-diciplined student. You must adhere to the discipline of our school regulations especially your attire and conduct. To create a good impression, you must always be dressed neatly in your school, complete with white shoes and white socks. You also must always iron your shirt  before you wear them.The shoes, you must wash it, at least once a week to make it looks clean and not smelly. In addition, do not come to school late, or the teacher will be furious and give you a stiffer punishment. For instance, the principal will cane 3 times for first offence.

Demerit points will be awarded to the students who breach the code of conduct and punishment such as staying back in school, canning and suspension will be implemented. It is very crucial for our school to do that in order to make the students respect  the school regulations. If your demerit points has reached 20 points and above, you will be called by the Principal  with your parents along. Also, proper attire at all times are required  so that it reflects your high discipline.No punk hair or  coloured  hair  and  should always keep  hair short and neatly combed. No cellular phone and other banned items are allowed  in this school.Other incisive items such as knife,scissors,external disk and potraits of famous artistes are strictly not allowed and  if you bring them, they will be confiscated.

Apart from that, you all must enrol in a club, sports and socities activities. It is encouraged that  you are active in any one of these. You will be given certificates and these are useful for  your references when you go for higher studies.Besides with your talents and potentials,you will be selected to represent the school,then the district level and finally the state level.Our school name will be known by many others and many will be interested to join us  because of our fame.Joining the sports will keep your body and mind healthy. As the saying goes, a healthy body give a healthy mind and that is our priority.Moreover, this school has a good academic record.There fore you must excel in academic studies so that you help the school  to be among the top schools in Kelantan.

As a conclusion.please keep in mind  on the various things I have mentioned above.I do hope you have found my talk helpful. Thank you for listening attentively.




Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to our beloved principal, Tuan Hj.Mohd.Mansor Hj.Daud, respectable teachers and all my fellow friends. First and foremost, I would like to thank our principal for giving me a chance to present this speech on welcoming our new form one students who had successfully joined  us. Once again, we  welcome our new brothers and sisters to this prestigious and glamorous,Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Falahiah.I would also like to congratulate our new form one students for passing the entrance exam with flying colors. All of you must have struggled very hard to enrol  into our school and believe me you are the creams from the remaining 5000 students who failed to enrol due to very stiff competition.

As the Head Prefect of this school,it is my duty and responsibility to ensure that the discipline of this school is maintained. Therefore, you must strictly  abide to the rules and regulations stipulated by the school administration. Firstly, you must uphold the good name of the school with good discipline. It is not easy to be a  well-disciplined student.You must show that you really are such as coming  early to school and latest to be at the school gate by 7.30a.m. For those late-comers a penalty shall be imposed such as washing toilet and cleaning litters around the school compound.Beside that your school uniform must be clean and neat.All shirts must be tucked-in and for female students,all shawls must be ironed.Anyone who does any modification,repaired or altered their trousers will be dealt accordingly by our PKHEM.Your shoes must be white too.These are our daily routine check and students will be hauled up if above rules are not adhered.Meanwhile you are reminded to behave properly and talk politely to your seniors in upper forms.Likewise you must be polite and show your best behaviours to the outside visitors.They will surely bring the good things about our school outside. For those studying in hostel,it is very good that you are close to your seniors as they will help you many things especially in the management of your time in hostel and also your daily learning process.

Demerit point system will be awarded to any students who breach the code of discipline.You are not allowed to dye your hair or color your nails.Proper attires must be maintained and students are encouraged to wear their sports attires if they are involved with physical education in the morning. I would like to inform you on the strict rule of cellular phones.Nobody is allowed to bring or keep any mobile phone in the classroom,hostel or anywhere in the school compound.The usage is strictly prohibited.You may use the public phones provided by the school.There are plenty of them and most of them are in good order.Please report to the prefects if you see any of the public phones not working.Spot checks will be carried out from time to time.
Once again,if we do a spotcheck and if any mobile phones are found then,we will confiscate them.Your parents will  have to appeal if you want back the cellular phone but this is only done by year end.

For your information,this school encourage students to be active in sports,club and societies.Any students who are talented and potential in sports will be selected to represent the school to compete at district and state level.It is advisable too that you enroll in extra-curricular activities held by the school such as club and social activities.The clubs and societies in this school also conduct exciting and meaningful trips,campings,forest and mount-trekking,beach trip and many others so that students can feel the excitement and happiness during your stay here.

My dear brothers and sisters,
Our school has been in the limelight over the last 7 years achieving outstanding results in PMR and SPM.We have very good teachers here who can guide us to excel in our academic studies.So with our very conducive study environment,I do not see any excuses for us not to perform well in our PMR and SPM examination every year.For the record,our school has been the top 5 schools in Kelantan over the last 7 years.So don’t let this good reputation goes off from our hands.
That’s all I can share with you and thank you so much for lending your ears.

Laili Nadhirah
Head Girl,SMKA Falahiah.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013



Cheating in examination is a common issue. Every time when the examination is held, you hear cheating cases  among the students.These phenomena is happening among students in the last classes of any schools.But that does not stop students from the front classes to do the same.This cheating is unethical and the school authorities must stop this nonsense.Otherwise we may see unqualified students walk away with top student  awards and this is surely embarrasing.On the other hand, there are many sincere and hard working students who do not cheat.This category of students should be saluted for their ethical and responsible deeds.
Sometimes it is very frustrating to see the weaker students score higher marks than the smarter students because they have the oppurtunity to cheat or copy from resources known to them only.

I think students have their own reasons why they cheat in examination. The sole reason is they are not ready to accept failures.Although they do not slog  hard in their studies but they have strange egoes  to protect their reputations.There is a strong possibility that they want to protect themselves from getting punish by their parents.On the other hand,they also feel embarass with neighbours and friends from another schools.Some cases of students studying at the eleventh hour  having stressful moments so they have to resort to copy or cheating.

 There are couple of ways of cheating.They usually write the answers on their palms and wrist and also in their kopiahs. Also,today’s  technologies enable them to  photocopy the answers in smaller forms and they hide them somewhere at their waists or stash somewhere in the smaller pockets. Toilet walls also become their references  to cheat. They write on them early before the exam begin. Besides, they also write the answers on ringgit notes.

 This unethical habits must be prevented.I suggest the  invigilators to be more alert,attentive and strict so  that students are scared if they want to cheat. The invigilators should warn students that they are disqualified from the examination  if they are found copying or cheating. In examination hall, the students should not bring pencil cases. Only pen and  other required  stationaries to  be allowed into the hall. Going to the washrooms also must be escorted so that students do not have any chance to cheat.Ofcourse they are many other forms  of cheating that we do not know or come across.So it is better not to know them.

 Finally remember the phrase, 'Once you fail, it does not mean you fail forever'.It is good that students learn to face failures now because when they go for higher education,cheating may pose a bigger problem to them.So avoid cheating at all times.

Maahad Lelaki Kota Bharu