Wednesday, 3 October 2012


                                                                                                               2977 Lrg Hj Mat Salleh,
                                                                                                               Kg Bunut Payong,
                                                                                                               15150, Kota Bharu,
                                                                                                               15 June 2012

Dear Amy,
Hi there! How are you? I hope you are doing well. I’m so sorry for the late reply on your letter. Recently, I’ve been busy with my school activities and stuff. Anyway, I want to congrats you on your mid-year exam result a few weeks ago. I heard from my parents that you passed it with flying colours. That is really good to hear! Your parents must be proud of you, right?

            To be honest, the main reason I write this letter is to share with you about my school trip to Pulau Perhentian last week on June 8th. That morning, all of us including 25 students and also 5 teachers gathered at school around 7 o’clock in the morning. The teachers ensure that all of us were there before boarded on the chartered bus. The next thirty minutes, our journey started and we arrived at Kuala Besut Jetty an hour later before headed to Pulau Perhentian by riding a boat.

            After 20 minutes ride, we soon arrived at Pulau Perhentian and checked-in at nearby chalets. I stayed there along with my best friends which consisting 5 people per room. We stayed there for three days and two nights. After some time packing and resting, we were called by our teacher to start our activities. We started our activities with snorkelling. We had so much fun feeding the fishes in the sea. Few hours later, we soon went out from the sea for lunch. We were told to rest after the snorkelling activity.

The next day, after having our breakfast, we continued our activities with scuba diving. Guess what? I had been waiting for this moment like years! It was the most things that I had been waiting for and wanted to do. Anyway, back to our story, my friends and I went to the beach to hear the instructions about the scuba diving. I never did scuba diving ever so the moment I heard the instructions, I could felt my knees started feeling weak and I felt a bit nervous.

            Thank God, I managed to dive in with the first trial but some of my friends were not because of nervousness. I guess I am a brave person, right? All of us were so delighted as we went through the deep blue sea and watch the beautiful creatures beside learning to know about it. The instructor guides us along the journey in the sea and told us what to do. You know what? I wish you were there at the moment! I knew you always wanted to do scuba diving.

            In the blink of eyes, we had been there for three days without realizing it as we were having so much fun there. The last day, we rode a boat and travelled around the island to see the breath-taking scene. We were amazed with that. 30 minutes of ride, we headed back to the chalets and packing our clothes, ready to go back. From the trip, it was not only fun, but we also managed to learn new things and see beautiful creatures and scenes.

            I think I need to pen off now. My mom is calling me to help her so I gotta go or else I will be in a hot soup. I hope to hear more news about you! Don’t forget to call me when you have time. Send my regards to your beloved family and tell them I miss them a lot! That’s all for now. Goodbye!

Your cousin,

Nur Hidayati Jamaluddin
SMK Kota
(class of sirrosdi)

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