Monday, 6 August 2012


 A very good morning to our beloved Principal, Tuan Haji Mansor Bin Haji Daud, senior assistants, respectable teachers and all my colleagues. This morning, it is my pleasure to speak on a very important subject entitled, “The Importance of Participating in Sports”.
     There is no doubt that sports is very important to us and have many benefits. The first reason why sports is important to us is that sports can produce well-rounded students that are capable of carrying out their daily activities actively. In addition, sports create linkages at all levels and outstanding students may be developed and polished up to the national level. On the other hand, through sports, the 1Malaysia concept could be achieved when various races are then united and we can see greater harmony and peace within community.
     Sports also promote fun and enjoyment among students besides keeping them away from stress. It also keep students away from involving with unhealthy activities such as loitering at the mall,chit-chatting and gossiping plus other social illness. Thus sports can lead us to a sound mind  instead of being sick all the time. Hence, students with healthy minds would certainly excel in their academic studies.
     There are some suggestions that might attract students to participate in sports. Teachers and parents will have to stress out the importance of sports to students so that they will be aware of it. Besides, parents should also be supportive towards their children who are active in sports. With that, students can  be active in sports without any worries of any hindrance from closer  people that might hold them back from participating and enjoying sports activities.
     Furthermore, the school should employ qualified trainers.Students who are already active in sports may develop  good exposures, advices and motivations from the professionals to strive more and improve themselves. For sure,when students who bear fruits of  achievements, then this may woo other students who are not having any interest in sports to  join them. In addition if  the school itself takes iniciative by upgrading the existing facilities or providing new and well equipped facilities, then many more students are expected to participate and enjoy sports activities.So we can see more participations from students hence more practices on the ground.
     We should also try to promote intra- and inter- school sports such as competitions and matches.Many budding sportsman and sportswoman will certainly like to get themselves involved with these kind of open competitions and matches.Hence  each school will have wider selection of good and potential athletes and sportsman.Thus the spirit of sportsmanship among them prevail and we have more harmonious relationship among the students and schools at districts and states level.
     All said and done, students should not treat sports as a burden to them instead as a healthy activity that  should be participated as often as possible. Thank you for being good listeners and remember healthy and sound mind comes from healthy and fit body.

Laili Nadhirah-Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan.


  1. Alhamdulillah , lastly I could got the sample essay for trial tomorrow . Wish me luck , sis Nadhirah ! I'm also from MMP and will sit for SPM this year .. in Shaa Allah

  2. Alhamdulillah , lastly I could got the sample essay for trial tomorrow . Wish me luck , sis Nadhirah ! I'm also from MMP and will sit for SPM this year .. in Shaa Allah