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Ethan was nervous when the door opened. He thought it was that old landlord asking for rent again. He hadn’t got any money so he stopped strumming his guitar and stayed silent for a while. Fortunately it was just his friend, Jake who came bolting in. Jake was breathing quite heavily when he came in to Ethan’s living room as if he had run a mile to come to his house. He stared at Ethan with his piercing blue eyes. Ethan was sitting on a sofa with his hands on his precious guitar. Suddenly, Jake blurted out “ Is it that hard to open the front door?!...I mean come on , you just have to take like three steps to get  there”. Ethan replied promptly “ I’m busy. ” while gesturing towards his guitar. “Ermm...By the way, how dit you get here?”. He can’t help but wonder how did his friend got into his house. “Well, your backdoor was open”. said Jake casually. Ethan made a mental note to lock the backdoor. He didn’t want any intruders to come in. Jake grabbed a stool nearby and sat facing Ethan with a rather serious expression on his face. Jake put his hands together .“Did you hear about Lizzie?” asked Jake out of the blue. “She’s getting married today.” he continued.

Lizzie. The name echoed through Ethan’s head. She is getting married. Today. Everything was so surreal. Lizzie, his best friend whom he forever have a huge crush on and had lost contact for nearly four years had suddenly showed up once more.

“Owh, almost forgot...Here’s the invitation card.” said Jake, while searching his pocket. Ethan took the card with his rather trembling hands. “Lizzie asked me to give it to you a few days ago but I forgot about it.” said Jake while running his hand through his jet black hair. Jake mumbled something about running late to his workplace. Unfortunately, Ethan did not hear a word of what Jake had just said. He was engrossed in reading the glittering wedding card. The event will start in the afternoon but where? He flipped the card in his hands several times, trying to find a slight hint. He looked up and was about to ask  Jake , but he was nowhere to be seen. Ethan put the card on a coffee table nearby and stood up to check the backdoor. Sure enough, it was ajar. He locked it. On his way to the living room, he saw a glimpse of his own reflection in a large mirror down the hallway.

 He walked towards it and looked at himself. There he was, a twenty five year-old guy. Tall and gangly. He was so thin that he may topple if a gust of  wind blows by. Oh well, as long as he got his good looks nothing else would matter. Except for Lizzie. His thoughts strayed towards Lizzie once again. They practically knew each other since they were kids and throughout high school. Plus, they were neighbours so they would always hang out to their favourite ice cream parlour with Jake on weekends. The trios would sit on the same park bench and talking for hours and hours about their days were like. They all went to their separate ways after graduated from University of Minnesota. It was a sad experience.

                All of a sudden, Ethan’s eyes hurt by a ray of light. He put a hand over his eyes and looked around. His eyes fell on the card which he left on the coffee table. It reflected the sunlight which was coming from a window near it. He took the card and read it again but this time, more slowly. He stopped reading. He felt like wanting to laugh out loud on his own stupidity for not seeing it before. The place of the event was stated clearly at the bottom of the card. He looked at his wristwatch, and said “Well, it won’t hurt to visit a friend ”.

 It did not took long for him to reached Lizzie’s house. He parked his car at the driveway. As soon as he stepped out of his car, he could feel people started to give him curious looks. He felt uncomfortable and looked down. He only wore a black T-shirt, blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. He looked around and saw that everyone wore glittering dresses and tuxedos, looking at their best. Ethan acted cool and walked with his head held high towards the backyard. There, a huge white tent was set up. Without hesitation, he walked straight towards the entrance door.

 He took a seat in the far corner and looked around. The place was decorated with vines and white roses. After all, Lizzie is a nature-lover. He smiled while thinking of the things Lizzie told him when they were in middle school. She had once described of her dream wedding would be like and it turns out that her dream came true. He could hear footsteps coming closer and closer. Sure enough, the room was slowly filled with the invited guests. As soon as the melodious wedding song had been played,  everyone turned their heads towards the door and so did Ethan. It was as if all the air had sucked out of his lungs. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There she was, looking more beautiful than ever in her white flowing dress. She walked so serenely towards the aisle. Although she was wearing a veil which covered most of her face, he could tell that she was not smiling. Instead, she looked quite sad which puzzled him a bit. Suddenly, she raised her head and met his eyes. Time stops. Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few seconds. As soon as Lizzie stood beside the bridegroom who is several years her senior, Ethan’s mind had gone haywire. He knew that they would up saying those ‘ I dos ’. He couldn’t stand the pressure anymore. He need to get out of the place. It will be now or never.

 He stood up. He pushed his way through the many people while avoiding their stares. After he got out into the bright sun again, he heard a commotion started to issue from inside of the tent. He did not look back until he heard running footsteps coming from behind him. It was Lizzie. She looked at him with her soothing brown eyes. Tears started to flow down her puffy cheeks. She was going to say something to him. Then, the words came out of her mouth.

“I’ve been waiting for you this whole time.”

That was it. Ethan was downright happy to hear that. He felt like wanting to punch his fists into the air. Before he could do anything, people started to come out of the tent including the bridegroom. Ethan offered his hand to Lizzie. She took it straight away. Both of them ran out of the backyard as fast as their feet could carry them. In the distant, he could hear people desperately calling for them to turn around and come back. He could only managed a smile. He knew he had made the right choice to be with her.

PTD 11 ( class of sirrosdi )

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