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Parents were born to be with kids. But what happen when they disobey this responsibility ? Yes, without guidance and love from parents,the children’s life would be lifeless.. Now everyone has to admit that being parents is not as easy as ABC, it is about paying your full attention to the children as if they are gifts for you to take a good care of them  until your last breathe. See, the impact of being neglected by the parents has bring many bad effects and no doubt that our country is reaching the highest statistic of social problems among youth. What has make up this things ? It is all from parents.
Living in the era of globalization , yet have shown us that people are too busy working and chasing after money , money and money without knowing that a fool and his money are soon parted. Pathetic. Children here and there being neglected at home for these parents working for long hours and have no time for children. There is no hesitation of exhaustion feel by the parents which will make them too tired to interact with children. These children who feel very neglected will lead to many social problems or delinquency as i said earlier. The worst part is when the children start to mix with bad company and bring them to low moral .
Seriously , I could not believe my eyes if these are what parents want to see . Can they accept the changes from their children ? Are the children or the parents who have to change first ? So, don’t let the damage been done. Here are some pieces of advice from me.
Parents should spend quality time with children as good man says that the best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day. Parents also must show their love,care,affection and concern. Actually this is the utmost important thing as without love from parents,children will easily mix with bad people and lead them to always being pleasure-seeking with other youth . Thus, the children will happen to get less fondness from their parents. Other things that parents can do tighten their relationship with children by planning meaningful activities to do together.Alternatively  parents can go travel to some sightseeing places with them.Parents also must not forget to give guidance, advice and religious teaching as if there will be no more people who will care about children except parents. This is because parents are the closest people in children’s life.
As what P.J O’Rouke said that everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them. As a conclusion, let’s just hope that these ways can help us to have happier and more loving families. As I said earlier, these are the ways to have better family relationships. As proverb says that a stitch in time saves nine, parents can have less social problems among children when they have give their full affection to the children. Hence it will bring to more love and respect between parents and children. Lastly, a harmony family will bring advantages to everyone and it benefits our own country too.

Nur Sharmile Binti Nisar 
SMK Zainab (1)  

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