Sunday, 29 July 2012


Learning A Language

The world have changed. Everything nowadays have affected by globalization. All information are accessible border-less.  Even people mobility also went beyond our thinking. Human can communicate with each other from around the world via Facebook, Tweeter, Skype, and many more. In this scenario, a medium is extremely needed to ensure the communication can be established perfectly. The medium that has been used over the centuries by human being that we called as 'language'.

Prior to the globalization and important of language in human history, we are extremely encouraged to learn a language that we consider as third language because in Malaysia commonly Malay and English are the first and second language which have been used widely by all Malaysian regardless of age, race and religion.

Thus, I would like to emphasize some tips on how to learn a language. Nowadays, many languages can be learned such as Mandarin, Cantonese,Japanese, Italian, French, Germany, and many more. Hence, the first step you must take is to plan and choose which language that you would like to learn. The factors that you may take into consideration are the importance of learning the language and methods to learn it.

Once you have decided which language that you would like to learn, you have to evaluate the importance of learning. Is that worth to learn? Because not all language are importance due to its limit to use in our culture. Not to narrow down your choice but everything what we learn we should have objective and mission. For example, if we choose Japanese language to be learned, usually we aim to expand our study to Japan or even to watch Japan drama.

When the importance of the language is identified, we have to evaluate all the available methods to learn a language. As per latest practices, we can opt to prefer by having a teacher to guide us, or self-study, watching television programme, reading book, regular listening learning, or even living in a country of targeted language, or learning via tutorial software, or befriend with people who speak the language that we desire to learn.

To chose the method to pay a teacher to guide us to learn a language is a good decision. This is because the method is direct and two-way learning style. Usually this kind of method involve a student will be given a so called 'grammar book' to exposed the student to the art of the language such as on how to use the word, the tone and many more. In addition, the student will be familiar with speaking practice with the teacher. Slowly the student will be guided by teacher on how to speak step by step.

Other than that, we might also chose the method of self-study. Certain people could learn fast by studying him/her self by reading books. At the book store there is a lot of book for learning language. Those book are not so expensive and are affordable to obtain it. However, there is disadvantage of this method which is we cannot learn on how to pronounce word properly.

Learning via watching television is also interesting and attractive and could be consider as fast way to learn a language. By doing so, we might observe and listen the way the actors pronounce words and at the same time we could absorb the meaning of each words from the subtitle provided. This method exposes us to regular listening and from time to time we would make our ears familiar with the words of language.

Another way of learning a language is to live in a country of targeted language. This is also consider as one of fast method to learning. Can you imagine how to live in a country such as Brazil where English is so rare to be spoken and Latin is the main language of the country if we are not capable to learn it within a week? By hook or by crook, that language must be mastered in a few days or we might face many difficulties to live the country.

Other than that, learn a language via tutorial software is also one of alternative. There are many free software available in the Internet that can be downloaded and installed. Furthermore, being friend with the people who speak of targeted language is also one of method to learn. We may ask him or her to guide us on how to speak a few sentences and from that we will grow slowly better in speaking the language.


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