Sunday, 29 July 2012


One very exciting and interesting event took place in my life recently. It was the happiest day of my life. I shall never be able to forget it. It was the month of June, 1997. I had been counting days very anxiously for the day when result of our examination would be announced. At last the day came. Our fate was to be decided on this day. The High School result of the U.P Board has already been announced at Allahabad. It was expected on this day, at any moment, at Meerut.
Somehow or the other the day passed restlessly. At 8. P.M, I started with my friends for the Meerut City Stations. Though all advised me to keep patience till the next morning, yet we were bent upon seeing the paper at the earliest. There as a huge crowd of students of different institutions. Police arrangements has been made to control the excited youths. Different schools and colleges had deputed their proctors and senior members of the staff to check the students form creating hooliganism. Groups of students were standing in batches discussing their plans to get the paper at earliest opportunity.
As the time passed, our anxiety began to increase. To our dismay, we had been three trains one after another, but were disappointed every time. In the end, came the right train at 12.30 A.M. As soon as the students saw the newspapers, they ran towards it. But there were no papers for sale. They were under safe custody of the guard. No sooner did the students know this, than they surrounded the guards compartment. Had there been no police arrangement, it is certain that many would have received serious injuries due to their enthusiasm.
After a great struggle, the various agents could get their newspaper. They began to sell them like hot cakes. Some students tried to snatch the paper from them. After a lot for pushing forwards and backward, I could succeed in getting one copy for rupees ten though its price was only three rupee. My friends hurriedly looked into the paper. For a moment, it appeared to me as if the ground had slipped from under my feet. My heart began to palpitate. I was nervous, lest my Roll Number should not be there, though there was no ground for this fear.
The very next moment, I heard the voice of my friend telling me that I was the only boy from my school to have secured the first class. I wanted to see my Roll Number with my own eyes. But around us there was a huge crowd of other students. I took hold of my friend's arm and forced out my way through the crowd. We came outside, took our cycles, and started for our homes.
My father, mother, brothers and sister were all waiting anxiously. My friend showed the newspaper to my father. All were extremely happy to see my name in the first division. My joy knew no bounds. My friends refused to go home without sweets. I promised him a good party the very next morning. I could not sleep with joy the whole night.
The next morning my friends and relatives began to pour in. They all came to congratulate me. I was the hero, so to say. I had won the goal. Sweets were given to them. They were all happy.Some were discussion about my future programes or studies. Some relatives greeted me telegraphically. That was all very thrilling to me. My friends succeeded in persuading my father to allow us to see a cinema show that evening. We enjoyed the picture. Indeed, it was a day I had never enjoyed before.
Until  today, I often had that memory before me both at the  station and at home. Indeed, it was the most exciting day of my life.


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